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  • If you press down when you are on the last entry it will go to the first entry -in the cheat selection submenu you can keep a button pressed and it will automatically repeat so you can scrool large code list in less time -Now dump are endless they will be made in different files till you finish the free space on memory stick then it will start again with the first dump -added 33 mhz for cpu and 16mhz for bus -added an enable usb function

  • This application permits you to use cheat in every game you want! you just need to make codes for the game! At the moment there are 620 cheats inside the database but in the future we will add more (and if you want you can also contribuite to it) This prx has a lot of function other than cheating
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  • info: CHEAT CC PS2 CODE

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  • Then after you have done that enable this code L1, R2, Right, Square, L3 (on the left analog stick)

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  • zo moet een racespel zijn Dj_Kriz at 13:46, Mon 9 Feb 2004 It's the coolest game ever!!! hardcorekid at 15:56, Mon 9 Feb 2004 who needs codes just beat it yourself violence_is_badass at 06:41, Tue 10 Feb 2004 too cool!! This game is sweet to the max and playin it wit my fwiend is too cool and this game is tight man

  • done it 7 times great game must have ProudClod at 19:13, Fri 13 Feb 2004 Well, we finally got some PC code in so I gave it a shot

  • andrew at 09:10, Sun 21 Mar 2004 I am stuk on the 81 track or 89th trak do you have any tips please thanks camilla at 18:07, Sun 21 Mar 2004 could someone send me entire code for this game? mind_warp at 01:08, Mon 22 Mar 2004 RE ANDREW: to pass levels easy just down grade your cars performens to stock and because your speed is decreased it is easier to take corners an avoid trafic and other obsticals good luck andrew ARE U STUCK????? at 23:53, Mon 22 Mar 2004 are you STUCK on a particular race? HATE THOSE 6 lap courses and to be in the lead all 6 laps and then to hit a car at the end? TIRED of throwing your controller out of fustration????? WELL HERE IS A HUGE HINT FOR YOU!!! SWITCH CARS!!!!! it is as simple as that

    Reviewed by Greg Kasavin [7.4/10]. Features screen shots, cheats and hints, and
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    "While I wouldn't call Marvel vs. Capcom the most balanced fighting game in the
    world, it makes up for its shortcomings by simply being a whole lot of fun.

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