Global Carbon Cycle - The Woods Hole Research Center
A look at carbon and land use, missing carbon sinks, and how forests sequester
carbon dioxide. Includes...

Ensor Sink Natural Area
Photos of this city-owned area and text of the interpretive signs that explain
the role of sinkholes...
Offers information on sinkholes including facts, signs, who to contact, and a
sinkhole support forum.

  • These collapse sinkholes are the ones that make the news

  • Fortunately these collapse sinkholes are the rarest kind of sinkholes in Florida

  • Unfortunately the far more common dissolution and subsidence sinkholes can be as ultimately catastrophic if they occur on your property

  • This Website is dedicated to supporting home owners with sinkholes

    Environmental Problems in Karst Lands
    Brief review of the engineering and environmental concerns of occupying karst
    terrain, including mitigati...

  • info: SINK HOLES

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    Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst
    Information about past and future conferences held by PELA based in Tennessee, USA.

    Deploying and Using Sinkholes
    Configuring and deploying Sink Hole Routers, which are the network equivalent of
    a honey pot.

    Rembco Geotechnical Contractors
    Knoxville firm specializes in soil stabilization and foundation supports, including
    compaction grouting,...

  • We are experienced in these applications: micro piles, mini piles, sinkholes, pressure grouting, soil nailing, chemical / compaction grouting, soil anchors

  • Specializing in slope stabilization, foundation support, and sinkholes, we use a problem-solving approach in geotechnical portions of buildings, bridges, water plants, towers, sewage plants, tunnels, and roads

  • Our specialties are rock anchors, chemical / compaction grouting, mini piles, shoring, remediation of sinkholes, micro piles, and soil nailing

    Florida Cave Diving
    Locations, pictures, and conditions relating to cave diving in the Florida Springs

  • Benefits

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    Škocjanske Jame
    Features description and photos of the karst area situated in the municipality
    of Divaèa. Included...

  • With the shifting of sink holes in the geological past, numerous collapsed dolines have formed at the contact point where flysch meets limestone under the caverns

    Abel Tasman National Park
    A perspective of the Abel Tasman National Park from Detailed
    information with images,...

  • In Takaka Hill and Canaan Downs the many karstic features include caves, sink-holes (dolines), disappearing streams, and karren (surface dissolution features)

    Fossil Collecting Localities in Florida
    From the Florida Museum of Natural History.

  • These voids are known commonly as caves, sink-holes, solution tubes, or other named features of carbonate rock

  • Caves, sinkholes, solution tubes and other karst features attract animals in numerous ways

    Dead Sea on death bed

  • And there are giant sink holes here, dozens of them

  • 'Is there another example anywhere in the world where sink holes are developing at the same speed and at the same rate?, ' Dr

  • 'As far as we know, this is an exception, ' The sink holes, scientists say, are just the symptom of a much bigger ecological problem


    A 'Smoking Gun' for Dinosaur Extinction
    NASA JPL article on the Chicxulub crater. An image from the Shuttle Radar Topography
    Mission shows...

    Building a Pitcher Plant Bog
    Article by Ron Determann at the Atlanta Botanical Garden on the construction of
    a bog garden: materials,...

  • Remember that garden tools and sticks can poke holes in the liner so don't move the liner about with tools

    Mystery Pit of Oak Island
    Features history, photos, and offers various theories as to the pit's origins.

  • A number of holes were drilled in an attempt to locate the treasure and better understand the geological nature of the island, but no gold was recovered

    The Oak Island Enigma: A History and Inquiry into the Origin of ...
    A 1953 article by Penn Leary that offers a detailed history of the island and
    expounds on a theory...

  • Blair's company bored five inch holes haphazardly near the beach in an attempt to block the tunnel

  • On it were written with a quill pen the script characters 'v' and 'I.' Had a message been left behind with the treasure? Blair tired of boring holes into the chamber and began sinking more shafts around it

  • He seemed to have a theory that if enough holes were dug the water would finally drain out of the pit and leave the treasure high and dry

    Aquatic Ape Theory: Sink or Swim?
    A critique of the aquatic ape theory, with examples refuting the basic premises
    of the theory.

  • Quite frankly, when I first read the work done on the AAT/H, I saw some big holes in the reasoning, but I did think that the evidence which was (sometimes) given was probably accurately and fully reported

  • (This does, of course, assume they're trying to do a good, accurate job at what they're saying.) It may not sit well with everyone, but quite frankly, I find it really annoying when good science is taken to task for not accepting a theory which is so full of holes and mistruths, and which is argued for so dishonestly

    Taino Timucua Tribal Council, Tampa, Florida
    This page provides an ethnohistoric overview of the Timucua of Florida and their
    Taino relations.

  • In particular, spectacular finds from Florida sink holes may date from the end of the Wisconson glaciation in about 10, 000 B.C

    Mississippi Palisades State Park
    Located near the confluence of the Mississippi and Apple rivers 3 miles north of
    Savanna in Carroll...

  • Caves are evident as are dangerous sink holes-limestone caves that go straight down

    Water Resources of Seneca County
    Factsheet providing information on water resources and drinking-water quality in
    the county.

  • Most of the wells that tested high for nitrate content were in the northeast corner of the county where there are numerous sinkholes

  • Sinkholes enable water to rapidly enter ground water systems, and do not provide any filtering of contaminants


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