Romance as a Genre: Some Notes
Discussion of Romance and the Romantic novel and traditions in English Literature.

  • Romance as a Genre: Some Notes By Professor John Lye Want a plain copy to print? Go here Romance has a very long and complex history

    Romance Genre Articles
    Series of articles exploring different romance subgenres and aspects.

  • | Romance Genre Latest Articles Oct 1, 1998 Part 1 of Suzette's series for the 'Moonlight Madness' event is available here

  • 'For Aug 1, 1998 Tall, Dark and Handsome: The Themes, Symbols and Imagery at the Romance Genre's Heart PART 2/SUITE 101 by Suzette L

  • Mako (Continued from last time) 'Tall, dark, and handsome.' In those few words (which, by the way, are rarely - if ever - used in Romance unless with tongue firmly in cheek), this description draws Jul 1, 1998 Tall, Dark and Handsome: The Themes, Symbols and Imagery at the Romance Genre's Heart PART 1/SUITE 101 by Suzette L

  • In the short span of hours from sunrise Jun 1, 1998 Goddesses of Love: How the Romance Genre Has Embraced Feminine Myths and Archetypes PART 2/SUITE 101 by Suzette L

  • These were females who did not submit, but rather shared with the May 1, 1998 Goddesses of Love: How the Romance Genre Has Embraced Feminine Myths and Archetypes PART 1/SUITE 101 by Suzette L

  • He had travelled through time, from modern-day Manhattan to the side of a medieval Apr 1, 1998 Alpha Amours: The Roles of the Alpha Male Hero and Alpha Female Heroine in the Romance Genre PART 2/SUITE 101 by Suzette L

    Romance Writers of America
    RWA provides its members with the opportunity to share experiences with other
    writers, to gain insights into publishing, as well as the art and craft of writing ...

    Romance Films
    Extensive look at the genre from Rudolph Valentino to the present.

  • Film Noirs: Destructive Romances [See genre section on various femme fatales and lethal romances.] Two representative romance/ noir films, taken from James M


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    All About Romance: Janet Evanovich on her Stephanie Plum series
    Features a one page interview with Janet.

  • (In order, the series is comprised of, Two for the Dough, Three to Get Deadly , and Four to Score .) Most intriguing about Evanovich is that she is a rare breed of romance author who has left the genre and yet not alienated her many romance fans

  • Indeed, she seems to have brought a great deal of what is good in the romance genre into her mainstream writing, including a strong heroine and wonderful wit

  • Many romance authors who leave the genre end up alienating their old readership, but you didn't

  • I might poke fun at my own shortcomings as a romance author but I would never trash the genre

    All About Romance Novels: Quickie with Kay Mussell: Are Feminism ...
    Are Feminism & Romance Novels Mutually Exclusive?

  • She is a long-time reader of my column, but first came to my attention when I read Jayne Ann Krentz's Dangerous Men & Adventurous Women , which is a series of essays written by romance novelists about the genre

  • Support our sponsors In DMAW Kay is footnoted several times, and the impression I had was that she was a critic of the genre, albeit less staunch than some other scholars

  • Twenty or so years ago, when academic feminists first became interested in the romance genre, there was wider agreement among feminists themselves on what the feminist agenda should be - and conventional romantic relationships, widely assumed to be discriminatory toward women, were not part of it

    Authors on the Web - Romance Author Roundtable
    A website dedicated to book lovers and writers who want to learn more about
    authors than what they read on the back flaps of books.

  • Read their comments about the genre responsible for more than 50% book sales each year

  • How do you keep track of what your characters have done to ensure that your storyline stays true? AOTW: Do you visualize your characters as anyone in particular? A celebrity or a significant other? AOTW: If you write historical romances, how do you do your research? AOTW: Level with us --- how easy or difficult is it to write a love scene? AOTW: Which do you think readers prefer, the more erotic/graphic romance or the old-fashioned romance that leaves most everything to the imagination? AOTW: In the publishing business, do you feel there is a stigma attached to romance novels and, by extension, romance authors? Are the subgenres that are being used to define novels today --- romantic suspense, historical romance, romantic mystery --- an attempt to eliminate any stigma attached to the romance genre? AOTW: What do you love about your fans? Tell us about a memorable encounter with one of your readers while on tour, or via your website or email

  • AOTW : Have you ever written a book outside the genre? AOTW : What do you think is the future trend for romance novels? AOTW : What are you working on now? (c) Copyright 2002, - Romance: Buy The Book
    Weekly reviews of the latest romance novels with exclusive author interviews.

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  • Overbooked specializes in providing timely information about literary & genre fiction as well as readable nonfiction

  • - what to read next & good reads (lists and links) Adult Books for Teens All Stars Debuts Genres Literary Subjects If You Like

    Canadian Romance Authors' Network - Home
    Profiles, publications, and a list of romances set in Canada.

  • About CRAN: CRAN, the Canadian Romance Authors' Network, is a collective of Canadian authors, all published in the romance genre, joined together to promote romance to readers, and the media

    FictionDB: Romance Novel Database
    Database consisting of over 9000 authors and pseudonyms, 50000 titles, reviews,
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    Romance Novel Reviews - Smart Bitches: Come for the Dominican ...
    Snarky reviews of romance books and covers.

  • There are some out-of-print titles set entirely in France Far Pavilions MM Kaye And the mother of all sites showcasing a particular genre of romance:


    Romantic SF & Fantasy Novels
    Reader resource (reviews, interviews, forthcoming titles, author links, discussion
    board) on sf, fantasy, and horror novels with strong romance genre appeal.

  • Did I mention I’m sick of werewolves? If I never meet another alpha werewolf again it will be too soon!! Also, I feel rather disappointed in what I see as Briggs taking up the “genre of the month, ” though I’m sure I would have forgiven her if it was a genre I enjoyed

    PNR ParaNormal Romance
    Includes vampires, shapeshifters, mystical, time travelers and science fiction.
    Reviews, links and the monthly paraphernalia.

  • PNR is: T he official homepage for the ParaNormalRomance Groups designed for lovers of the paranormal romance sub-genre

  • T he home of ParaNormal Romance Reviews - the official book review site of the paranormalromance list; and PARAPHERNALIA, our monthly feature containing romance news and interviews with top genre authors

  • PNR Groups reader discussion for writers updates, news, reviews chit chat with others promo and news items Other Group Options live discussion with subgenre authors Chere Gruver: New Releases ~ Desiree Gentle: Features and Attractions ~ Barbara Sheridan: PNWriters If you dare! Hosted by "For more insight into the genre, check out, which features reviews, live chats with authors and announcements of the annual P.E.A.R.L

  • Here you will find reviews, bulletin boards, and links, as well as lists of books broken down by subgenres...." — Cathy LInz - Romantic Times ONLINE Romance column ~ Apr

    Romance of the Three Kingdoms Game Menu - Kongming's Archives
    Contains information on Han, Three Kingdoms, and Jin dynasties along with novel

  • Dynasty Warriors PSP Developer: Original Release: Dec 16, 2004 Official Home Page: Platform: PSP Genre: Action (Beat-’em-up/Strategy) Dynasty Warriors DS Developer: Original Release: Unknown Official Home Page: Unlisted Platform: Nintendo DS Genre: Action (Beat-’em-up) Dynasty Warriors Advance Developer: Original Release: Mar 24, 2005 Official Home Page: Platform: Gameboy Advance Genre: Action (Beat-’em-up) Samurai Warriors Series Samurai Warriors is essentially Dynasty Warriors in Japan during the Warring States period, featuring lovable characters such as Nobunaga and Hanzo

  • Samurai Warriors 2 Developer: Original Release: Feb 23, 2006 Official Home Page: Platform: PlayStation 2 Genre: Action (Beat-’em-up) Samurai Warriors: State of War Developer: Original Release: Dec 8, 2005 Official Home Page: Unlisted Platform: PSP Genre: Action (Beat-’em-up) Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends Developer: Original Release: Sep 16, 2004 Official Home Page:, Platform: PlayStation 2 Genre: Action (Beat-’em-up) Developer: Original Release: Feb 11, 2004 Official Home Page:, Platform: PlayStation 2, XBox Genre: Action (Beat-’em-up) Dynasty Tactics Series Dynasty Tactics is a military strategy series from Koei

    Monthly Web site review column of trivia - a family site.

  • Here are 11 romance genre sites for February 14th and all year long

  • For cross genre fun, peek into the mysterious, inspirational, and young adult book corners

  • Interface with people, from all over the world, that like the same books you do, no matter what your favorite genre is

  • My Shelf An excellent, multi-genre site featuring reviews on a full range and variety of fiction and non-fiction books

  • From REVIEWS, Recent is divided into useful categories: Grown Up Books, Teen to Adult, and Children Twelve and under as well as several genres of Adult fiction and adult non-fiction

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    The Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America: News
    Includes information on membership, meetings, contests, author biographies, and
    new releases.

    Some Uses for Romance: Shakespeare's Cymbeline and Jonson's The ...
    Andrew Stewart focuses on Cymbeline to argue that The New Inn The New Inn is a
    positive, yet equivocal, response to the political climate extant in 1632.

  • The following essay acknowledges the thematic and tonal similarities between The New Inn and the romances, yet highlights a possible occasional, rather than tributary motive for Jonson's partial adoption of the sub-genre, his choice of material being influenced by the political climate in which he was writing as well as by a desire merely to emulate his sometime fellow playwright

    Hudson Valley Romance Writers of America
    Information on published members, meetings, and contest. (Nanuet, New York)

  • Our diverse group of writers is dedicated to supporting our members' creative and publishing goals and to the promotion of the romance genre

    Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Romance Author of the Celtic Historical genre.
    Historical romance author who loves all things Scottish.


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