Initiative Marketing Digital Radio (IMDR)
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DEMA - Diving Equipment & Marketing Association
Represents companies whose mission is to promote and help provide growth within
recreational diving....

  • INDUSTRY MARKETING INITIATIVE to find out about DEMA's latest marketing initiative

    LITTORAL: The role of willow crafts
    Description of a multidisciplinary project centering on a large scale structure
    sculpted from living...

  • Agenda 21 is the initiative adopted internationally, following the Rio summit of 1992, in which world leaders, including Britain, concerned about global warming and environmental change, committed themselves and their countries to achieving minimum targets for ecological and environmental sustainability

  • Amongst the objectives of the Agenda 21 programme is promotion of community involvement in recycling schemes and initiatives for regional environmental sustainability

  • The Projects Environment Crafts and Environment programme came about through involvement in Groundwork Trust and Community Forest initiatives in the North West in the 1990s

  • Willow growing, basket making, and associated crafts projects were developed in response to these needs, and were intended to show how crafts and environmental art could be deployed in support of regional environmental, economic, social and community initiatives

  • North West Willow Growing and Crafts Initiative Crafts development programme for environmental and economic sustainability

  • Since 1990 Littoral has been advocating the role of the arts in ecological sustainability, and developing projects for artists in support of regional initiatives in response to social, economic and environmental change

    American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH)
    Information about this member organization for occupational and environmental
    health and safety professio...


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    Initiative française du marketing officinal
    Groupement coopératif d'officines. Propose des services pour développer un projet
    d'entreprise au...

    Kobie Marketing
    Full service direct marketing company, specializing in loyalty and retention programs.

  • What does this mean to you? For starters, we can: Identify the customer segments with the most potential for your loyalty program Determine the optimal type of loyalty program to deliver the best Return on Investment Create a loyalty program that is unique and motivating Provide our own proprietary technology platform – or integrate seamlessly with yours Manage as much of your loyalty program on an ongoing basis as you need Monitor the performance of your loyalty marketing program to insure achievement of your financial goals Are you just beginning to think about a loyalty marketing initiative? Do you have a loyalty program in place that needs to deliver better results? Are you trying to decide what types of loyalty marketing initiatives are the best fit for your business? Ask the experts at Kobie Marketing

    6S Marketing
    Vancouver based company offering search engine promotions, web site traffic
    reporting, as well as...

  • can successfully manage all aspects of your Internet marketing initiative and deliver tangible results

    British Web Design and Marketing Association
    Offers standards advocacy, career training, marketing resources, and industry
    news regarding current trends.

  • Members can place advertisements for their vacancies – The Genesis Initiative BWDMA Joins G.I

  • Adding it weight to the fast growth umbrella organisation for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) the Association joined The Genesis Initiative, business senate for enterprise

  • Created to provide a stronger voice and raising the profile for SME’s The Genesis Initiative is rapidly approaching a representation of 750, 000 individuals through Trade Associations, institutions and groups

  • With all party support across the political spectrum and close associations with parliamentarians from both Houses, The Genesis Initiative is well placed to provide research and informed opinion to policy makers in support of improving the commercial environment for UK entrepreneurs

  • Member benefits are detailed for FREE Personal Membership Visit Revision Number: 23.5 Created: 28/06/2002 12:00:49 Modified: 21/05/2006 10:30:51 FEATURES BWDMA pioneered the industry initiative

  • Benefits

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    WebTrends Enterprise Suite
    Web site management solution, combining cartridges for Web server traffic analysis,
    streaming media...

  • Make sure that your message is reaching the right audience and your marketing initiatives are meeting your performance goals

  • Benchmark your key performance indicators Get actionable campaign and conversion analysis Create custom reports on any marketing initiative or business process Develop one-to-one relationship marketing campaigns with powerful targeting solutions

    Lilien and Rangaswamy: Marketing Engineering
    Software tools and books for decision making by Gary L. Lilien and Arvind Rangaswamy.
    Includes geodemogra...

    Pembrokeshire Business Initiative
    Advice, specialist training and counselling services for both start up and existing
    businesses throughout...

    CARMEN Centrales Agrar-Rohstoff-Marketing- und Entwicklungs ...
    Förderprogramme, Forum, Literaturtipps, Projekte, Publikationen und Veranstaltungen
    zum Thema nachwachse...


    Marketing Science Centre
    The MSC - innovation in online research methods and Internet market research
    services. Offering comprehen... Affiliate Marketing & SEO
    News and commentary on the affiliate marketing and search engine industry.

    Marketing Sligo Forum
    Official tourism resource.

  • This is a Community Tourism Marketing initiative funded by the Sligo Task Force under Peace 11, administrated by the Special EU Programmes Body

    Provides market research, information and analysis to the consumer products and
    service industries...

    Moosewood Marketing and Communication
    Marketing, communications and PR. Based in New Hampshire.

  • The Franklin Pierce Initiative Meeting with officials of Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigera Franklin Pierce Law Center (FPLC), located in Concord, New Hampshire is consistently ranked in the top five Law Schools in America in the area of Intellectual Property Law

    Internet Marketing Success - professional Web Site Design, e ...
    Offers design, database, hosting, and promotion services. Based in Louisville,
    Kentucky, United States.

    KowaBunga Technologies Corporate Weblog
    Online marketing news, commentary and insight from KowaBunga's executive team.

    Independent Publishing News, e-Marketing Articles, Online ...
    Know-how, resources and tools to facilitate one's ability to learn, communicate
    and collaborate effective...


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