Rear Window (1954)
Tim Dirks review of the film, with plenty of snippets from the script.

  • Rear Window (1954) Greatest Films ( and ) With descriptive review commentaries and background history on many classic, landmark films in cinematic history, especially American/Hollywood films

  • Rear Window (1954) is an intriguing, brilliant, macabre Hitchcockian visual study of obsessive human curiosity and voyeurism

  • Each of the tenants of the other apartments offer an observant comment of marriage and a complete survey of male/female relationships (all the way from honeymooners to a murderous spouse), as the main protagonist watches / spies / spectates through his 'rear window' on them

  • Underneath the credits, jazz music plays as the bamboo shades rise slowly over four vertically-rectangular windows in a small Greenwich Village apartment

  • The camera tracks out through the windows, showing the surrounding Lower East Side apartment buildings, lower courtyard and garden

  • Tracking back into the open apartment window, the occupant is asleep, sweating profusely

  • Jeff also observes his neighbors' activities outside his window, especially the dancer who attracts his prurient interest, especially when she wiggles her behind

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    Review: Rear Window
    James Berardinelli's review.

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    Andy's Movie Quote Page: Rear Window
    Numerous memorable lines from the movie.

  • Stella And they got no windows in the workhouse

  • Do you, do you suppose it's ethical even if you prove that he didn't commit a crime? Lisa I'm not much on rear window ethics

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    Rear Window, Das Fenster zum Hof - Alfred Hitchcock
    Bietet eine Inhaltsangabe, Informationen zum Film und verweist auf das Remake von 1998.

  • Original-Titel: Rear Window Deutscher Titel: Das Fenster zum Hof Genre: Thriller, Farbe Studio/Produktionsland : Paramount

  • Rear Window ist in erster Linie ein Film über das Sehen und über das Interpretieren des Gesehenen

  • Literatur: Cornel Woolrich: Das Fenster zum Hof und vier weitere Kriminalstories (OT: Rear Window)

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    Film Restoration More Than 'Rear Window'-dressing
    Bill Desowitz article about the restoration of the movie.

  • Film restoration more than 'Rear Window'-dressing From left, Wendell Corey, Grace Kelly and James Stewart star in 'Rear Window' December 11, 1997 Web posted at: 5:34 p.m

  • EST (2234 GMT) By Bill Desowitz First 'Vertigo' was brought back from oblivion; now the ever-popular 'Rear Window' is the latest Alfred Hitchcock classic starring Jimmy Stewart being saved from the ravages of time

  • This marks the third Universal Pictures restoration by the team of Robert Harris and James Katz, following 'Spartacus' and 'Vertigo.' The 'Rear Window' fix-up is less expensive the other large-format projects -- 'Vertigo, ' for example, cost $1.3 million -- but no less intensive

  • 'Like 'Vertigo, ' we can make 'Rear Window' look like it's never looked before, with rich colors to show off the new process, ' says Katz, who produces the restorations

  • 'This serves the future without forgetting the past.' Indeed, as Technicolor gears up for next year's high-tech return of dye transfer (abandoned since the mid-1970s) -- which has suddenly become cost-effective in the current 'event' film market -- the 'Rear Window' announcement proves that the process can also accommodate special reissues as well

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    Kaedrin: Rear Window
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  • | You are here: > > > Rear Window Rear Window **** (1954) rated: R Director: Alfred Hitchcock Starring: James Stewart, Grace Kelly, and Thelma Ritter Synopsis (warning, many spoilers ahead) Rear Window is the story of L.B

  • Trapped in his apartment, he begins to pry into his neighbors' lives by watching through his window

  • Introduction Rear Window is considered by many to be a masterpiece that is perfectly constructed to manipulate the narrative and the viewer's experience of it

  • The 1954 film stars James Stewart, Grace Kelly, and Thelma Ritter and is based on a 1942 story by Cornell Woolrich originally entitled 'It Had to Be Murder.' Hitchcock often refers to Rear Window as his 'most cinematic' work because it is told in purely visual terms

  • The frame is likened to a window through which the audience may satisfy its impulse to pry into the intimate details of the character's lives (Giannetti 46)

  • In Rear Window , this voyeuristic framing technique is taken to a literal level in an attempt to expand the emotional involvement of the viewer

  • People ought to get outside and look in at themselves.' This seems to be the underlying theme Hitchcock sought to present in Rear Window

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