Honor Thy Father: A Tuskegee Airman
The history of a Tuskegee Airman in WWII which was created as a gift and educational
resource. A daugher tells the story of Major Joseph P Gomer's service in ...

  • His unit kept busy, and while in Italy it flew 1, 500 sorties and downed 111 enemy aircraft including the sinking of one German navy destroyer while losing 66 of their own

  • LIFT EVERY VOICE AND SING Lift every voice and sing

  • R ing with the harmonies of Liberty; Let our rejoicing rise High as the listening skies, Let it resound loud as the rolling sea, Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us, Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us

  • Facing the rising sun of our new day begun, Let us march on till victory is won

    Black Poetry, Black Poets, Black Poems, African American Poetry ...
    A site filled with various compilations of African-American poems by famous and
    undiscovered poets. Reader submissions of African-American poetry are welcome.

    Hale Smith, African American Composer, Pianist & Professor
    Biography of the African American composer, pianist and professor.

  • High School We learn from the research entry that in his high school years Hale Smith played jazz piano with several friends and was already doing some composing: When in high school, he was active as a jazz pianist, joined by such friends as Ernie Freeman (band leader), Brenton Banks (violin), Howard Roberts (trumpet), and Aaron Bell (double bass and saxophone)

  • He provided piano accompaniment for jazz singers during performances

  • Lift every voice and sing, by J

    R. Nathaniel Dett, African American Composer & Pianist
    Biography, some publications and CDs.

  • She has contributed an article on the topic to Africana Encyclopedia: Dett is known for his choral compositions using black spirituals and folk songs for thematic material and development, as well as for his piano compositions, most of which are written in the style of 19th-century Romanticism

  • After the Cake Walk, Cave of the Winds, Inspiration Waltzes & Enchantment: A Romantic Suite for the Piano on an Original Program Got the Saint Louis Blues: Classical Music in the Jazz Age ; VocalEssence Ensemble Singers; Philip Brunelle, Conductor; Clarion CLR907 (2004)


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    REACH: Lighting the Kwanzaa Candles
    Unitarian Universalist worship service for Kwanzaa.

  • We often skip over that part of the speech, listening only to 'I have a dream.' We wear T-shirts and hang posters and sing songs and hold hands and say, 'I have a dream.' But the dream is the green part of the Kwanzaa message - the vision for a wonderful future

  • (Invite people to stand and sing.) Hymn: Lift Every Voice and Sing, #149 Worship Leader (Invite people to join hands.) Go ahead, claim the dream of justice, the vision, the green, But do not try to claim it, without also claiming the red

    Acappella Company
    Group profile, album reviews and ordering information.

  • One of their more recent albums, Beyond a Doubt, features the single 'If There Were No God' which reached #7 on CCM's national music countdown

  • With an exceptional vocal range, and a unique ability to compose memorable songs, Keith recorded his first album, singing all the parts a cappella, at an early age

  • Now, as the founder of The Acappella Company, Keith heads up producing the unique and diverse a cappella projects, using the finest all-vocals techniques, technology, and voices available

  • He is also director of a small singing group at David Lipscomb University

  • Although there are some cool pix of the group hanging out in some sort of greasy spoon in the liner notes, the Acappella Company isn't about glorifying themselves, as even the singers' names are only mentioned once, in small print—the focus is on Jesus and their ministry

  • The purpose of the CD being to glorify Jesus, not the egos of the singers, we respect this and find it commendable

  • 2203 CD $14.98 Set Me Free Only Truth Set Me Free More Precious Than Gold Not My Will But Thine My Lord And My God Lead Me To Rest Nobody But Jesus Special Kind Of Love Long Way To Go Hush Stand On The Rock Everything We Need It seems important to this reviewer to follow the contributions of different singers to the legacy of outstanding a cappella music which has eventuated from Keith Lancaster

    Charlie Haden - Verve Records
    Verve Music Group site for the bassist, bandleader and composer with biography,
    discography and audio samples.

  • As he wrote in the liner notes of that majestic 2002 symphonic offering: “I always dreamed of a world without cruelty and greed, of a humanity with the same creative brilliance of our solar system, of an America worthy of the dreams of Martin Luther King , and the majesty of the Statue of Liberty...This music is dedicated to those who still dream of a society with compassion, deep creative intelligence, and a respect for the preciousness of life -- for our children, and for our future.” Two years later, in the aftermath of the 2004 presidential election, Haden was inspired to speak out this time using the Liberation Music Orchestra to articulate his concerns

  • And inside that song, Carla put the African-American anthem ‘Lift Every Voice And Sing.’ and Ornette Coleman ’s provocative ”Skies Over America” (the title track of Coleman’s first recorded orchestral symphonic work from 1972)

  • At the end of the movie they do this song with David Bowie singing called ‘This Is Not America.’ We do ‘Amazing Grace, ’ Dvorak ’s ‘Goin’ Home, which is from his New World Symphony

    The Episcopal Diocese of Ohio
    A community of 38995 baptized members in 108 parishes and five affiliated institutions.

  • Benefits

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    Martin Luther King Day at The Holiday Zone
    Includes games, arts and crafts, reading comprehension exercises, discussion
    topics, and language activities related to the observance.

    Singing and the Alexander Technique
    Describes the natural, healthy coordination of singing, how this coordination
    can be interfered with, and how such interference can be diminished/stopped.

  • The Alexander Technique for Musicians Born to Sing by Ron Murdock I can't remember a time when I did not sing

  • My earliest memories are of singing with my mother while she baked bread or did the ironing

  • I grew up in a small village in Nova Scotia and was indeed fortunate to have Vivian Brand, a music educator par excellence, as my first singing teacher

  • Every child or teenager who came in contact with her could sing because she firmly believes we are born to sing

  • When I went to the University, the professor who taught School Music Education impressed upon us that all children, unless something is organically wrong, can sing

  • She gave us various skills, exercises and ideas, (including 'tone matching' games) to use with children who were so-called 'droners'--meaning they could not sing in tune

  • Once this is done the child sings in tune

  • In this four year span, dealing with hundreds of children, there was not one who, eventually, could not sing

  • (wav file 145K) Why then are so many people reluctant to sing? Why do they feel they can not sing at all? It is a strange situation given the fact that children love to sing and their first attempts at speech are singing sounds

    Welcome to Two Saints!
    A progressive, multicultural congregation affiliated with the Episcopal Diocese
    of Rochester.

  • New LEVAS II Hymnals Available as Offering We are replacing 60 of our Lift Every Voice & Sing II hymnals that are in great disrepair

  • “The Heat is On” Petition On the information table in the back of the church is a petition opposing Rochester Gas & Electric’s new “cutoff” policy, which it plans to begin enforcing October 2

  • A collation of community groups and churches are opposing the new policy, which would shift a greater burden on those already struggling

    Chris Halverson-- Lutheran, Wanderer, Writer, & Political Junkie
    Luther Matrix, the Blog of a pre-sem being a biographical log of a pre-seminary
    student at the University of Oregon. Includes a synopsis of the Bible, ...

  • Not that long to go.Peace, Chris // posted by Christopher @ Saturday, July 29, 2006 Permanent Net License Essay Using sources obtained with your temporary Net license provide a coherent narrative of the History of Man

  • To top that off as Vik recently pointed out while I’m acting like a 50 year old my parents, who are now living in Alaska, are acting like 20 somethings.We feel loyal to England- When we toast the Queen it’s more or less a joke, and we aren’t going to start singing impromptu choruses of 'Rule Britannia' as he sees me off to the airport


    Precious Lord Take My - Other Most Popular Christian ...
    Daily devotions and verses, inspirational stories, poetry, and e-cards.

    Christian Music Page
    20+ MIDI files; hymns and gospel songs.

    First Line Index of the 1982 Hymnal
    Audio files of hymns from the Episcopal Hymnal, 1982. Indexed by first line of
    text and by topic.

  • These hymns are also At the present time, the collection is incomplete but it will be updated as the appropriate MIDI files are obtained (All contributions will be gratefully accepted.) Please turn off background music, if any, before choosing a selection Note: This page is in the early stages of construction

    Folk Christmas - Hymns and Carols of Christmas and Advent in a ...
    Christmas hymns and carols arranged in general midi files featuring folk settings.

    The Voice Studio Ring
    Resources and information for singers and vocalists of all styles. Includes sites
    for voice teachers and professional singers worldwide.

  • Welcome, Guest - - The Voice Studio Ring Ring Manager: > > > This webring is full of resources and information for singers and vocalists of all styles

  • Many voice teachers and professional singers from all over the world are included in our ring

  • Ring Stats · Created 08/29/1998 · 60 active site(s) · 11 page views today · 72083 total page views · Sites in Ring Sites 1 - 19 of 60 Search for in Sponsor Featured Site(s) Vocal Studio located in Orange County, CA specializing in the Speech-Level-Singing Techniqe developed by Seth Riggs

  • Ring Site(s) Vocal Studio located in Orange County, CA specializing in the Speech-Level-Singing Techniqe developed by Seth Riggs

  • If You Can Talk, You Can Sing! In these pages, you will find dansing(tm) Voice Studio: about Donna and how she began teaching, frequently asked questions, student testimonials, links to students' websites, a vocal store, and more! Harp and voice lessons for all ages and abilities

  • You will find many resources for singers including singer's diction, technique, repertoire, contacts, and the Atlanta Music Scene

    Audition Singing, Online Vocal Training Coach, Free Lesson Tips ...
    Professional vocal coach Brett Manning offers singing instruction in his Nashville
    studio, on tour in other cities, and via a set of instructional CDs available ...

  • Home | How I went from blowing an easy "singing telegram" audition ..

  • In a matter of hours, using simple, easy exercises, I was "suddenly free, " exploding past my vocal limits, and extending my range by over an octave

  • I was the most frustrated singer in the world

  • I was turned down cold for a "singing telegram" job (I really did blow the audition tune, "Happy Birthday to You")

  • You've visited a vocal "coach" who has talked more about breathing than about singing, or more about "support" than about sounding better

  • Your singing life is about to change My name is Brett Manning, and thanks to my painful story, I now lead singers out of their vocal difficulties all day long

  • You see, I regularly "hand" singers a full octave or more in as little as a couple lessons, and in the process, they lose all vocal strain

  • I created a fool-proof system that literally "erases" the range limits for 99% of the singers who use it! I've discovered and invented a series of simple, easy exercises that 'trick' the voice into working as it was designed to--effortlessly, 'shifting gears' as it moves over a wide range of notes

    Continuous Singing
    Defends Lining-out of the Psalms from a Presbyterian viewpoint.


  • —In this part of divine service, the Lord’s people are employed in that exercise which most resembles the eternal work of the redeemed in heaven: for we have been taught by our pious parents from childhood to conceive of heaven as 'a glorious place, where the redeemed will be forever praising God.' And when the saints of God attain to any thing like a heaven upon earth, it is when with united and harmonious voices they sing the high praises of the Lord in the great congregation

  • On this part of worship the adorable object of our praise expressly commands thus:—'Sing ye praises with understanding, ' (Ps

  • The holy and fervent apostle Paul would combine these two properties in praising God:—'I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also, ' (1 Cor

  • But when the whole congregation, following the apostolic example and obeying the divine command, harmonize in praising God, it is obvious that all must be acquainted with the matter of the song

    National Black United Front
    A coalition of individuals and organizations working together for the benefit of
    all people of African descent.


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