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    Reviews of beers, wines, liquors, liqueurs and alcohol-related books and items.

    Graphic Competitions
    An annotated directory of international graphic design competitions, Macintosh
    news, graphics news, resources and bookstore.

    Main jewelry page for Summer Clearance ... 25 ...
    Offers a variety of custom designs including cubic zirconia, tri-color finishes
    and gemstones.


    (Catholic Encyclopedia)

    Name of various persons and a book in the Bible.

    Free animated Gifs Sounds Clip arts Fonts Pictures | Flash MID WMA ...
    Free GIFs, animated GIFs, sounds, fonts; email account, free registration for
    full access to database.

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    Glossary of unicode terminology with additional links to an FAQ and the Unicode
    Standard Version 3.0.

  • The ability of a cursive font to stretch or compress the connective baseline to effect text justification

  • A font is often associated with a set of parameters (for example, size, posture, weight, and serifness), which, when set to particular values, generate a collection of imagable glyphs

  • Usually, the glyphs contained in a font are referenced by their glyph code

  • Glyph codes may be local to a particular font; that is, a different font containing the same glyphs may use different codes

  • Similar to a glyph code, a glyph identifier is a label used to refer to a glyph within a font

  • A font may employ both local and global glyph identifiers

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    fabulous jackass
    Life of Jon Collins, a man going to school for theater set design.

    Considered Design
    Web developer living in Oregon muses on technology, media, and especially usability
    issues. Goes well with coffee.

    The Golden Skull - learning multimedia TADS
    A miniature game designed to demonstrate some of the new capabilities of multimedia

  • As does something typographically appropriate like using a sans serif font for certain headers and a serif font for body text

  • Fonts

  • Third, be careful with fonts

  • You can specify fonts in multimedia TADS, but don’t forget that font choices are totally dependent on what fonts the player happens to have installed on his or her computer

  • If you specify a font that the player doesn’t have then text will be displayed in the interpreter’s default font, whatever that happens to be

  • Luckily, to work around this problem, multimedia TADS has a number of “parameterized” fonts built in

  • This means you can simply specify a generic type form - serif or sans serif or script - and the copy of multimedia TADS for the OS that you’re using will automatically map this to the appropriate available font

  • TADS-Serif - a serif font

  • This font will usually be proportionally spaced

  • TADS-Sans - a sans-serif font, usually proportionally spaced

  • TADS-Script - a script or cursive font, usually proportionally spaced

  • TADS-Typewriter - a typewriter-style font, usually monospaced
    Free fonts for Mac or PC handcrafted by real robots.


    A music magazine that includes interviews and band profiles, reviews and hype.
    The focus is on the indie music scene (but not restricted to) in Omaha.

    The Hacker Crackdown: The Civil Libertarians
    Part four of the electronic release of Bruce Sterling's book detailing how illicit
    copies of Apple source code led to the FBI visiting Barlow and triggered the ...

    742 Evergreen Terrace
    Character images, general information, and links.

    The Talaxian-Trader's Corner:The Totally-Unofficial Ethan Phillips ...
    The Totally Unofficial Ethan Phillips Fan Site - Tribute to the work of Ethan
    Phillips, who plays the character Neelix on Star Trek: Voyager.

    Rock Bottom- rare vinyl records -dischi in vinile rari e nuovi
    Offre un catalogo di dischi in vinile, principalmente di pop e rock internazionale.

    The Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved
    From 1925 by William A. Williams. An article from a historical perspective,
    regardless of one's belief.

    Clean Jokes to make you laugh! Post your own funny clean jokes!
    The Web's finest source of hilarious, clean funny jokes, one-liner jokes, and
    award winning jokes. Topically organized discussion forum/bulletin board system ...

    "8MM", by Andrew Kevin Walker
    1997 draft of the film's script by Andrew Kevin Walker.


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