One of the United States of America, the nineteenth in point of admission.

  • He was a native of Montreal, where he was born in 1737

    CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Poles in the United States
    (Catholic Encyclopedia)

  • The 'Independents' are possessed of no unity, and represent no heretical or schismatic movement in the real sense

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  • For all the focus on trendy downtowns and skyscrapers, the real growth in jobs and population is likely to take place on the periphery

  • The dot-com era created brainy, culturally savvy, "hip" cities such as Boston, San Francisco, Berlin, Montreal and Sydney

  • "It just took a couple of decades to get here." A former headhunter and real-estate developer, Weibel came upon the idea of building virtually unsinkable aluminum boats six years ago

  • [] The Planning Center - November 2005 The New Suburbanism A Realist's Guide to The American Future or the better part of a half century, many of America’s leading urbanists, planners and architects have railed against suburbia

  • News & World Report and co-author of The Almanac of American Politics [] Current Events Friday-Saturday July 14-15 High Level Conference The Counselors of Real Estate Park City, Utah Thursday, July 19-Friday, July 20 George Mason Law and Economics Center Brainerd, MN Tuesday, August 22 Red River Technology Corridor Conference Bismarck, ND Tuesday, September 5 California Workforce Association Meeting of the Minds in Monterey Monterey, CA Thursday, September 14 Valley Partnership Real Estate Seminar Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ Friday, September 22 Annual Conference Asociacion Constructores de Hogares (Home Builders of Puerto Rico) San Juan, Puerto Rico [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] Copyright © 2006 Joel Kotkin Commentary A not-so-neighborly fracas has developed along Matilija Avenue after a former City Council field deputy reported that some households were violating two obscure city ordinances by placing basketball hoops above the curbs outside their homes

    Corporations Behaving Badly
    Annual list of ten worst corporations.

  • But it was Argenbright’s extraordinarily poor performance record that confronted Congress with an empirical reality that overcame ideological resistance to an expansion of government power and closure of a private market

  • Coca-Cola: The Real Thing: Coke the Evil Doer Coke


    Rise of Domestic Terrorism and Its Relation to United States Armed ...
    Author: LCDR Steven Mack Presley, MSC, USN 19 April 1996.

  • Terrorism: Diversity of Interpretation as to What it Really is

  • The recent incidents of domestic terrorism and widespread vocal and printed rhetoric of hate-groups motivated by racism, religious intolerance, anti-government, or anarchist views have awakened many Americans, including leaders in government and military service, to the reality that 'freedom isn't free', and that to solve these problems we must first acknowledge and attempt to understand them

  • A more succinct differentiation between extremism and terrorism is apparent in the realization that the former is not unusual in any political environment, and is normally controlled by civil discourse, education, societal pressures, and the law

  • First, extremists commonly represent some attempt to distort reality for themselves and others

  • A more accurate and realistic definition of the currently accepted use of the word 'terrorism' must infer that the violence is directed against civilian, non-combatants

    Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin: Early History
    Condensed from an unpublished history of the western townships of the county from
    pre-settlement to 1861.

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    Melville: Genius Ignored
    Biography, focusing on the author's lack of recognition in his lifetime.

  • Melville has become entirely impoverished -- mortgages are foreclosing upon her real estate & as I have just heard, the furniture is now advertised for sale

  • Its central theme is the narrator's pursuit of the fair, ethereal Yillah (representing pure, ideal happiness)

  • In the process, however, he neglected such minor points as real characters and a coherent story

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    Describes the logical basis of the creation as described in the Bible as taught
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    Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center indexed list.

    Connections between the anthrax attacks, Dr. Steven Hatfill and the Nazis.
    Draws on numerous researcher sites to show that wherever Hatfill went so did anthrax ...

  • Hatfill seems convinced that the source of the anthrax attacks was 'foreign', but his only reasoning seems to be that that would explain why the FBI doesn't seem to be able to find the real culprit

  • HATFILL LASHES OUT LIKE A CORNERED RAT On May 17, 2003 Hatfill, realizing that the F.B.I


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    How to find information on the Internet and beyond. Covers theory in great detail.

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  • When the self-titled album drops, everyone’s going to know that real metal isn't dead

  • BW&BK 6-Pack Weekend IV Le Medley in Montreal, Quebec See Jack’s official web site for further dates and updates THE ESOTERIC UNVEIL NEW MUSIC FROM SUBVERTER, ANNOUNCE HEADLINING TOUR Critically-acclaimed sonic trailblazers THE ESOTERIC have posted new music online from their forthcoming opus Subverter and have announced dates for their headlining “Through the Looking Glass” tour

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  • In reality, what we have seen is a 25% increase in building permit activity since 2001

    Dereliction Of Duty: The Constitutional Record of President Clinton
    1997 paper argues that Clinton Administration policies weakened Constitutional

  • As Judge Frank Easterbrook noted, "Separation of powers--the inability of any one person or branch to have its way--was thought to be an essential component of a free republic, not a hindrance to good government." Most Americans have become so accustomed to our Bill of Rights and other legal limitations on political power that they do not fully appreciate how fragile our constitutional system really is

  • Rigdon argues that the men and women of the military "have a right to a real chaplain, not a tame one, and to real homilies, not censored ones." [20] He has asked the court to void the military order and allow service personnel and their families to receive "uncensored homilies and counseling from their clergy members." The Clinton administration is defending the constitutionality of the Pentagon directive in federal court

    Overview of scientific research throughout the world. Includes a photo gallery
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  • The haughty Senate could either rubber-stamp two complicated bills passed by the House or face real-life consequences

  • John Dingell of Michigan had to say to a reporter in Detroit the other day during a television program: "I don't take sides for or against Hezbollah; I don't take sides for or against Israel." When asked if he really wasn't "against Hezbollah, " Mr


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