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The School of the Sixteenth Century
Held yearly to train re-enactors in the various aspects of portraying Spanish
explorers and colonists during the Age of Discovery.

  • Juan Ortiz searching for Navarez is taken captive by Indians

    Direct Sales of Mata Ortiz Pottery from the village of Juan Mata Ortiz
    Includes multiple galleries and ordering information for pottery from the local
    potters of Mata Ortiz, Mexico.

  • | Direct From the Village of Juan Mata Ortiz! H ot Out of the Fire is a new and unique Mata Ortiz company created to help private collectors and galleries connect directly with the potters of Juan Mata Ortiz

  • Our goal is to help the potters of Mata Ortiz widen their sales base and bring you the very latest information and pottery the village has to offer

  • All proceeds from the sale of pottery from this site directly benefit citizens of the village of Juan Mata Ortiz

    Geographic and political information by Benjamin Cahoon.

  • 1838) Fed Governors of Buenos Aires, entrusted with the Foreign Relations 1829 - 20 Sep 1851 see under Supreme Chief of the Confederation 20 Sep 1851 - 3 Feb 1852 Juan Manuel José Domingo Ortiz de (b

  • 1942) UCR María Ortiz Lizardi 12 Aug 1940 - 4 Jun 1943 Ramón S

  • 1944) UCR (acting for incapacitated Ortiz to 27 Jun 1942) 4 Jun 1943 - 7 Jun 1943 Arturo Rawson Corvalán (b

  • info: JUAN ORTIZ

    Photo by www.hotelalmunecar.com

    Mata Ortiz Pottery
    Sells hand-made pottery from Mata Ortiz, Mexico. Includes artwork from Juan Quezada.

  • Mata Ortiz Pottery Mata Ortiz, Mexico Welcome to Mata Ortiz In a remote river valley on the plains of Northern Mexico, a remarkable ceramic arts revival is taking place

  • There in the village of Mata Ortiz, master potter Juan Quezada, inspired by ancient potsherds, is leading a renaissance of the region's native art tradition

  • The contemporary work which parallels the art of indigenous ceramists to the north, the Hopi, Zuni, Acoma Indians and others, has come to be known as Mata Ortiz Pottery

  • MataOrtizPottery.com specializes in the sale of authentic Mata Ortiz pottery

  • This website is the first and original site focused exclusively on Mata Ortiz Pottery

  • Copyright 1998-2005 www.mataortizpottery.com

  • All text, images, pictures, video productions and design contained in this website are the exclusive property of www.mataortizpottery.com and protected by copyright law

    Wholesale Casas Grandes, Mata Ortiz and Paquime Pottery - El Paso ...
    Offers handmade Mexican pottery, wool rugs, saddle blankets.

  • Mata Ortiz Pottery Juan Quezada, now world renowned, worked tirelessly for many years to bring back Casa Grandes and Mata Ortiz Style Pottery and to take the are to new heights

    (Catholic Encyclopedia)

  • He was succeeded by Gonzalo de Mendoza, upon whose death (1559) Francisco Ortiz de Vergara was made governor, ruling until 1565, when he was deposed

  • Juan Ortiz de Zarate was then appointed, but, having sailed for Spain immediately thereafter in order to obtain the confirmation of the king, Felipe de Cáceres was left in charge of the government

    The federal capital of the Argentine Republic.

  • The second founding took place 11 June, 1580, under Juan de Garay, Lieutenant-Governor and Captain-General for the Adelantado Juan Ortiz de Zarate

  • Benefits

    Photo by fing.javeriana.edu.co

    Biografías de Líderes Políticos CIDOB: Juan Carlos I (España)
    Breve biografía sobre el monarca del país.

  • El futuro rey de España contrajo matrimonio el 22 de mayo de 2004 en la catedral madrileña de Nuestra Señora de la Almudena con la plebeya asturiana Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, una profesional del periodismo divorciada de su primer esposo que hasta el mismo día del anuncio por sorpresa del compromiso nupcial (la opinión pública desconocía por completo la existencia del noviazgo), el 1 de noviembre de 2003, trabajaba en la televisión pública española (TVE) como presentadora de informativos

  • Con este matrimonio, Letizia Ortiz adquirió la condición de princesa de Asturias

    Biografías de Líderes Políticos CIDOB: Abdalá Bucaram Ortiz (Ecuador)
    Breve biografía sobre este político del país.

  • Abdalá Bucaram Ortiz Ecuador Abdalá Jaime Bucaram Ortiz

    Nuevos Aires: TANGO - concerti e spettacoli
    Gruppo di tango italo-argentino con repertorio tradizionale e contemporaneo.
    Nel sito biografie, brani audio, concerti, seminari e link.

    ABANICO de la Biblioteca Nacional
    Poema en línea del escritor argentino Juan Laurentino Ortiz.

  • diciem bre de 2004 Juan L Ortiz Juan Laurentino Ortiz nació en Puerto Ruiz (Entre Ríos) el 11 de junio de 1896

  • Juan L Ortiz murió el 2 de setiembre de 1978


    ABANICO de la Biblioteca Nacional
    Poemas en línea del escritor argentino Juan Laurentino Ortiz. Incluye "Aromos de
    la calle" y otros.

  • Ortiz Selección de poesías Juan Laurentino Ortiz nació el 11 de junio de 1896 en Puerto Ruiz, Departamento de Gualeguay, Provincia de Entre Ríos

    Club Deportivo Alcalá - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
    Actualidad, resultados y calendario, además de datos técnicos sobre su estadio
    y plantilla.

    Mata Ortiz Pottery, Golden Eagle Galleries
    Offers Mata Ortiz pottery, hand made ollas, imported rugs, weavings, and hand
    woven baskets.

  • Categories Documents Information | Mata Ortiz Pottery Exquisite Mexican Ceramic Arts As a young boy Juan Quezada was gifted with the heart of an artist

  • Although at the time Juan did not realize the impact these new discoveries would have on his family and village of Mata Ortiz

    Democratic donor pleads guilty to illegal campaign contributions ...

  • Juan Ortiz, chief financial officer of Future Tech International (FTI), pleaded guilty to a scheme in which he secretly reimbursed himself and eight other FTI employees with corporate funds for their individual $1, 000 contributions at a 1995 fund-raising event at a Miami hotel

  • Under the plea agreement with federal prosecutors, Ortiz could receive a maximum of one year in prison

  • Ortiz is cooperating with the Justice Department's campaign finance task force, which brought the charges

  • The prosecutors are more interested in Ortiz' boss, FTI Chief Executive Officer Mark Jimenez

  • Ortiz and his attorney refused to comment on the case

    Lenten News 2006
    Albuquerque. Offers Mass in English and Spanish. Contact information, Mass
    schedule, history.

  • Juan Mendez Deacons: Leonard Martinez Juan Ortiz Office Hours Horas de Officina 9:00 AM - 12:00 noon 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday Lunes - Viernes Large File use DSL/wireless , - - - - - - - - - - - - - Links to the and other New Mexico Parishes and Missions, also links to other All questions regarding religious matters should be directed to the parish office at (505)898-5253 or send us your Your web page suggestions and comments are welcome

    Knapp Medical Center
    A not-for-profit, acute care hospital with 233 all private rooms. Weslaco.

  • Ortiz M.D

    Rosarito Restaurants, Rosarito Hotels, Rosarito Guide
    Information from San Diego Online includes hotels, restaurants, activities,
    services, shopping, sights to see.

  • Later on, in 1923, Don Juan Ortiz opened a bar, a restaurant and some rooms for tourists, so marking the beginning for touristic activity in the region (the place still operates under the name "Rene's")

    Judith Ortiz Cofer (b. 1952)
    A brief essay which deals with several of the main themes, symbols, and images
    present in Judith Cofer's works.

  • Judith Ortiz Cofer (b

  • 1952) Contributing Editor: Juan Bruce-Novoa Classroom Issues and Strategies Ortiz Cofer is quite clear and accessible, although students have questions about who she is and why she uses Spanish


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