White Holes and Worm holes
An illustrated overview of the lesser known forms of Schwarzschild geometry.

  • Oops, there's yet another set of grid lines missing from this picture, and in the movie below

  • This movie is the same as the movie, but now with another Universe, visible but unreachable, on the other side of the horizon

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    Falling into a Black Hole (Andrew Hamilton)
    This is a website that describes the geometry of a black hole and what would
    happen if one were to fall into one.

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    Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars Page
    Ever wonder what it would look like to travel to a black hole or neutron star?

  • Here you will find descriptions and MPEG movies that take you on such exciting trips

  • These movies are scientifically accurate computer animations made with strict adherence to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity

  • (147 k; fun) (898 k; fun +) (168 k; OK) (44 k; OK) (563 k; fun ++) (196 k; fun) (913 k; fun +) (220 k; OK) (140 k; OK) (732 k; fun +) (135 k; OK) (216 k; fun) (627 k; best movie ) All movie frames, text, and computer codes are written, edited, and copyrighted by Robert J

    Books: Louis Sachar's Success Story
    Austin Chronicle article examines the national attention local author Louis Sachar
    is gaining.

  • In addition, interest in obtaining the movie rights to Holes , already high, has recently increased, though Sachar reports that no final deal has been made

  • "I guess you'll just have to, um, read the book." Regarding everything else -- the awards, the honors, the interviews, the movie deal -- well, he seems to sum it all up in one sentence


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    Louis Sachar
    Official author site. Includes a synopsis of his books, the Marvin Redpost series,
    the Wayside School series, and Holes; including a biography of the author.

    The actor describes how he got the role of Zero in Holes and how he got along
    with the lizards.

  • Q: What was the most fun thing about filming the movie? Khleo: Meeting new people on the set and the lizards

  • Q: Was there an animal trainer on set to make them seem harmful, like they are in the movie? Khleo: Yes, but he didn't really have to do anything because they were acting [like] themselves, actually moving around

  • Just everything! Q: Not those huge onions that were in the movie? Khleo: No, no! Those were actually apples with edible ceramic wrap

  • They had a VCR, so we could watch movies

  • Q: Had you read Holes before you got the part in the movie? Khleo: No, I didn't

  • Q: Was there something they took out of the book when making the movie that you wish they had kept in? Khleo: Stanley's character, Shia, is supposed to be fat in the beginning, but they ended up not doing that because they didn't want Shia to be overworked

    IMDb: Signs (2002)
    Plot summary, cast and crew information, trailer, and user comments.

  • | to personalize   | Showing page 1 of 37 main details Amazon.com summary soundtrack listing laserdisc details on tv, schedule links showtimes You need to be a user of the IMDb to rate a movie - I have seen this movie and would like to Signs () Directed by Writing credits () (written by) (16 photos) Genre: / / / Tagline: It's Not Like They Didn't Warn Us

  • In facing a universal theme of life on other planets, Shyamalan's handling is different from your ordinary type of supernatural movie

  • This is because the underlying theme of this movie is not aliens, but in fact, it is faith

  • The theme of this movie is not survival of outer forces rather than survival of internal and seemingly more powerful than what is even happening outside

  • There is not a single movie that is out there which scares the viewer on a level of things they are NOT seeing rather than what they do see

  • In terms of his performance, the transformation he goes through the entire frame of the movie really is a true testament to the powerful skill that this actor embodies

  • Joaquin Phoenix, playing Graham's brother Merill, is a powerful support in the movie

    IMDb: Clockstoppers (2002)
    Cast and crew, production details, reviews, user comments and ratings, synopsis,
    trivia, mistakes, multimedia, and related links.

  • | to personalize   | Showing page 1 of 32 main details awards & nominations Amazon.com summary crazy credits alternate versions laserdisc details photo gallery on tv, schedule links showtimes sound clip(s) video clip(s) You need to be a user of the IMDb to rate a movie - I have seen this movie and would like to Clockstoppers () Directed by Writing credits () (story) & (story) ..

  • User Comments: Excellent Family Movie User Rating: 5.0/10 (3, 386 votes) Cast overview, first billed only: ...

  • Goofs: Continuity: At the beginning of the movie, Zak uses a digital camera to take a picture of the manual typewriter which has its left side facing the camera

  • make new car payment? Or lend money to Satan? CLOCKSTOPPERS | 3 out of 4 people found the following comment useful:- Excellent Family Movie , 12 June 2003 Author: from Las Vegas, NV Clockstoppers is everything I'd hoped for..

  • A lot of money was spent on this movie for the effects and crew and it shows

  • There's been a few negative comments from folks who seem to forget that it is a SciFi movie made for kids and families, intended to be a good story with good effects and offend no one

  • Benefits

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    Numerical Relativity Movies
    Virtual reality and informational movies on black holes. This site is associated
    with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications(NCSA), ...

  • Expo/Science & Industry/Spacetime Wrinkles | Map | Glossary | Information | Movies from the Edge of Spacetime Preliminaries Welcome to our Virtual Theater

  • Here you can view movies and images 'on-demand' and peer into the mathematical mysteries of Einstein's Universe

    Spacetime Wrinkles
    The National Center for Supercomputing Applications offers an online exhibit on
    black holes and Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, including images, ...

  • However, the Quicktime movie is rather large (12.3 MB!), so be patient when downloading

  • (Further information on downloading movies can be obtained from the and .) (11.0 MB); (4.5 MB); (5.2 MB); (26K); (41K) In the video script you can enter the exhibit through a variety of hot links

    Greatest Films - Shane (1953)
    Detailed review, synopsis and discussion of the film.

    Greatest Films: Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)
    Review with a plot synopsis and descriptions of key events in the film.

  • The name was also a playful variation of Steve McQueen's name in Nevada Smith (1966) .] This was the first of three Indiana Jones movies - created as a tribute (by Lucas) in wide-eyed homage to the episodic Saturday matinee, cliff-hanging thrillers, westerns, and adventure serials of yesteryear in the 1930s and 40s, with their strong-jawed heroes


    Black Holes Simultions
    A series of images and simulations of various phenomena associated with a black hole.

    Flipside Movie Emporium: Battlefield Earth
    Rant against the movie, by Rob Vaux. Grade: F.

  • Battlefield Earth is the most horrendous, dreadful, corrosive, rank, foul, rotten, noxious, wretched, irredeemably BAD movie to come along in decades

  • This isn't a movie: it's a crime against celluloid

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    Flipside Movie Emporium: Near Dark
    Positive review by Rob Vaux.

  • Her movies rarely make waves at the box office (witness this summer's ), and she often spends years between projects

  • There isn't a movie out there that feels quite like Near Dark ; it seems to personify its subject matter even as it transcends it

  • Even when she struggles, her movies are often visionary, rarely dull, and always cinematic

  • Vampire film, western, and gothic thriller yes, but most of all Near Dark is a movie for movie-lovers: a demonstration of the singular beauty that only this medium can provide

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    JoBlo's Movie Emporium: Kiss the Girls
    A 7/10 review of the film.

  • The movie does contain evidence that she was in it though

  • COMMENTS FROM OTHERS: 5 2 <MovieMan101-- 04/08/01> I believe that Seven was better than Kiss the Girls, but I liked the lighter tone

  • <Anonymous-- 06/23/00> This movie was excellent! I watched it because Cary Elwes is in it, and he did not disappoint

  • The acting was great, as was the music- overall, the whole movie was done extremely well! Two thumbs up! <Lazz-- 04/17/00> Yeah, I didn't like it, I just saw it for Elwes

  • If anyone who has read the book has seen the movie it is completely off base from the book

    Movie "Memento" Plot FAQ
    Detailed answers to frequently asked questions about the film's plot.

    The Matrix Reloaded Mistakes
    Listing of mistakes made in the film, along with corrections, Easter eggs, and
    frequently asked questions.

  • Movie mistakes - new! TV mistakes Trivia Questions Other areas Membership Other cool sites Site | Exclude type? () - 124 mistakes starring, Please note: Please READ the list before submitting - so many people are trying to submit either that there's no socket in the back of Neo's head near the start (there is, just in his hair), that all the plugs were removed from their bodies in the first film (no they weren't, just cleaned), or that the agent thrown at a window in the Burly Brawl must have smashed it (no, he bounces off right at the end of the shot)

  • Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Morpheus is sitting in the chair near the end of the movie giving his 'War and fate' speech you can see the microphone and camera in his sunglasses

    Theory: Black hole winds allow some matter to escape

    Relativistic Flight Simulation
    A collection of links to various programs which simulate the effects of relativity.

  • Relativistic Flight Simulation Links computer movies of travel near the speed of light compiled by David Porthouse The Internet offers the ideal medium for the publication of a relativistic flight simulator, and there are now a few websites around which will show you what you will see travelling near the speed of light

  • Robert Nemiroff's Trip to a Black Hole and a Neutron Star | GIF images, MPEG movies and Paper This site shows MPEG movies of a virtual trip to a Black Hole and an ultracompact Neutron Star

  • A hypertext version of an American Journal of Physics article published about these movies is also available

  • You can play an MPEG movie or view GIF stills from the movie

  • Images originally generated on a remote supercomputer QuickTime Movie QuickTime Movie of relativistic flight over a city

  • Extensive GIF images and MPEG and QuickTime movies This is a big website with many different relativity exhibits with the emphasis on General Relativity

  • There are MPEG and QuickTime movies to view of Black Holes, etc..

  • GIF images and MPEG movies This shows you MPEG movies of pulsars and Black Holes


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