Import Performance Car Parts
Offers aftermarket performance parts for Japanese vehicles. Includes community forum.

  •      ·    ·    ·    · ·    ·    · · ·    ·    ·    ·    ·    ·    ·    ·    · · · · · Welcome to Nippon Racing! Your one-stop source for all the aftermarket import performance car parts you want at the prices you've been looking for

  • As import car and racing enthusiasts, we understand what it takes to bring your import to the next level in both performance and styling

  • We are here to help you get the import parts you need for the performance you want out of your car

  • From a new performance exhaust system to the smallest car accessory, Nippon Racing will provide you with the highest quality import parts and service

  • Having trouble finding the import car parts you're looking for? Performance parts aren't listed for your car? Have a question that only an import car parts specialist can answer? Shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you within 24 hours, guaranteed! We are currently updating our product database, so there may be some products that are missing

    Volvo Performance
    Contains articles on maintenance, modifying, and tuning. Also features a forum,
    reviews, and photo gallery.

  • Volvo performance and modifications taken to the next level

    Second To None ~ Next Level Brand Performance
    Full service mystery shopping solutions. Apply online. - Taking your performance to the next level.
    A facility offering professional service, with integrated graphics design.
    Based in New Jersey, USA.


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    Omega Performance Corporation
    Provides training and consulting for financial services professionals.

  • Complimentary Webcast Meet Omega's Online Coach, Laura Free Tips & Techniques for Your Inbox : : : : August 29, 2006 August 7, 2006 August 1, 2006 August 1, 2006 July 31, 2006 online demonstration Want to learn how to turn service into sales? Check out Omega’s newest eLearning program for call centers! eBook New! Boost commercial lending results with tools in webcast slide show diagnostic tool Take our to learn more about your level of performance and how to improve with our

  • webcast replay product demonstration article case study eBook point-of-view paper point-of-view paper article article product demonstration article point-of-view paper point-of-view paper eBook point-of-view paper case study point-of-view paper point-of-view paper case study product demonstration point-of-view paper case study point-of-view paper case study eBook article article point-of-view paper case study eBook case study product demonstration point-of-view paper article article article article article article point-of-view paper case study article article article case study product demonstration product demonstration point-of-view paper product demonstration case study article article Seeking tips and techniques to improve performance? Want to keep informed about upcoming Omega events? Subscribe to any of 5 editions of our eNewsletter, The Competitive Edge , and to our Events Bulletin

    Primitive Enterprises: Rally Performance Parts for Subaru
    Subaru new and used parts specialist, Paul Eklund, for Rally Cars.

    Peak Performance Hockey Camps
    Provides hockey training for all skill levels and age groups.

  • "The Peak Performance Hockey Camps are recognized throughout the nation as 'The Leader' In Hockey Skills Development Camps!" Welcome to the 2006 Peak Performance Hockey Camps! For 13 years, we have been dedicated to providing a hockey camp environment that has proven to be challenging, educational, and enjoyable! Our objective is to ensure that each participant has an opportunity to improve their individual skills in a fun, yet challenging environment and to leave camp with a game plan for enhanced skills development Capacity Planning for Web Performance: Metrics, Models ...
    Capacity Planning for Web Performance : Metrics, Models, and Methods. Prentice
    Hall (1998), 450 pp.

  • Benefits

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    GN Nettest Performance Surveillance
    Provide Quality of Service (QoS) through network monitoring solutions allowing
    flow management, troubleshooting, and statistical reporting.

  • Solutions Test and measurement solutions for telecommunication operators and enterprises to optimize performance and profitability Services Training programs and measurement services to maximize your investment News (July 5th, 2006) (June 5th, 2006) (June 5th, 2006) (May 15th, 2006) Spotlight CMA 3000 All-in-one Field Tester for Fixed and Mobile Networks Designed for technicians who install, maintain and troubleshoot mobile-access, fixed-access and transmission networks, and switching

    The Processor-Memory Bottleneck
    Problems and Solutions. From Crossroads site.

  • Hence computer designers are faced with an increasing Processor - Memory Performance Gap [], which now is the primary obstacle to improved computer system performance

  • The phenomenal increase in microprocessor performance places significant demands on the memory system

  • Though adding levels in the hierarchy is straightforward, it complicates design and performance analysis

  • Further, the dynamic nature of the DRAMs accounts for their reduced performance as compared to SRAMs

  • Performance metrics The performance of a computer system is related directly to its execution time

  • The execution time is given by CPU time = IC * CPI * Clock period IC = number of instructions executed CPI = average clock cycles required per instruction The performance of a computer depends on the interface between the processor and the memory

  • The Processor-Memory performance gap The rate of improvement in microprocessor speed exceeds the rate of improvement in DRAM memory speed

  • While microprocessor performance has been improving at a rate of 60 percent per year, the access time to DRAM has been improving at less than 10 percent per year []

    Womens Golf Performance Program
    Offers golf related strength, stretching and toning programs plus yoga, pilates
    and weight management.

  • Have More Fun And Feel Confident On The Golf Course With simple, quick and easy golf performance swing tips, drills, exercises and programs that will instill confidence through achieving a higher level of golf skills

    OpenGL related tools for developers.


    How To Play Better Basketball
    Instructional brochures for learning basic basketball skills.

  • Consistent Coaching enhances each individual's performance and the team's overall win/loss record! Order a "Basketball Coach's Survival Kit" and save a lot!!! List Price: $58.11 $23.49 "Coaching Series" ..

  • shows the best way to bring out peak performances! "Coaching Series" ..

  • in Association with Absolutely Risk Free and 100% Guaranteed! gladly refunds the cost of any brochure when the player/coach fails to find any new skills and/or drills to improve their/the team's performance..

  • makes a visible difference in your/your team's performance !!! makes your /your team's play a lot better than before!!! gives you /your team the skills to reach the next level!!! gives you /your team the knowledge to 'play/coach' better!!! 6 Ways "" brochures drive better playing skills! Coaches..

    Affiliate Fuel - CPA, CPC, Lead Generation, Performance Based ...
    Operates a CPA and CPC advertising network.

    Capability Maturity Model
    Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]

  • Subprocesses are selected that significantly contribute to overall process performance

  • A critical distinction between maturity level 3 and maturity level 4 is the predictability of process performance

  • At maturity level 4, the performance of processes is controlled using statistical and other quantitative techniques, and is quantitatively predictable

  • [] Level 5 - Optimizing Maturity level 5 focuses on continually improving process performance through both incremental and innovative technological improvements

  • At maturity level 5, processes are concerned with addressing common causes of process variation and changing the process (that is, shifting the mean of the process performance) to improve process performance (while maintaining statistical probability) to achieve the established quantitative process-improvement objectives

    High Performance Alloys, Inc.
    Secondary producer, and a distributor of high performance super alloys in bar,
    sheet plate, pipe, tube, fittings, flanges, fasteners, and formed angles.

  • Supporting Pages Related Pages Main Home High Performance Alloys, Inc

  • Tipton, IN 46072 USA Since 1984 Toll Free (800) HPALLOY (800) 472-5569 Phone (765)675-8871 Fax (765) 675-7051 E-Mail High Performance Alloys Welcome! On this site, you will find information on the, and that we offer

  • As a secondary producer, and a distributor of high performance super alloys, HPAlloys can help solve your, and problems, quickly! We stock many grades of materials: Hastelloy ® , Inconel ® , Monel ® , Nitronic ® , Cobalt based, and Commercially Pure Nickel alloys

  • High Performance Alloys, 'HPAlloys', offers production of bar, sheet plate, pipe, tube, fittings, flanges, fasteners, and formed angles

  • There are no other companies that offer the level of service, and depth of knowledge that High Performance Alloys has given to our customers

    The Next Level - Game Preview
    Offers game preview with list of features and screenshots.

  • In addition, Majesco has announced new screenshots and info as listed below: Extensive, realistic damage and wreckage system; Both the outer shell of the car (hood, fenders, doors) and the chassis underneath can sustain damage; 12 hotrods, muscle and performance cars, each with their own driving styles & attributes; Exceptionally detailed at over 10, 000 polys each; Nitro boost for that little extra kick; Totaled! runs at 60 fps, providing flawless, highly detailed action and environments; Exciting replay/highlights system; 8 indoor and outdoor tracks and arenas with unlockable extras, plus 4 areas for Challenges

    Multi-Threading -- The Next Level
    By Edward Harned. This article takes the multi-threading structures available
    today to the next level by making professional quality, Open Source code available ...

    Apple - iChat AV
    Text and video messaging program for Mac OSX.

    Unix performance FAQ
    Adrian Cockcroft, a performance specialist for Sun Microsystems, answers your
    Unix questions.

  • Special: Search Performance Q&A Unix Insider 3/29/01 Editor's note: Adrian Cockcroft's Performance Q&A column in Unix Insider generates more reader email than any other item

  • If you already have the SE Performance Toolkit Version or have read Appendix A at the end of my book, you should be familiar with the ten basic rules that indicate the state of parts of the system and the action required to improve bad states

  • DNLC performance effects are not great unless you are on a NFS server with too little RAM

  • The main new feature is the performance collator for Web servers

  • are the subject of my 'Sun Home Page' performance column this month

  • What I need is a list of parameters such as this one which have nothing to do with performance tuning but everything to do with securing my system

  • A: I concentrate on performance related parameters, I'm not a security expert

  • I ran some performance statistics using sar, ps and vmstat

  • -- Cindy Doehr , (firm indeterminate) A: It sounds like a kernel memory leak bug, have you tried loading the latest set of kernel patches for Solaris 2.4? Q: Most of your article on performance tuning is just fine, but I disagree when you state that so long as applications fit, swap size doesn't affect performance


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