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Active weblog focused on state news and issues, maintained by Bill Hobbs.

  • Sailboat on Pensacola Bay Sunset on Pensacola Beach Posted in | Please support HobbsOnline by doing your online shopping at August 9, 2006 Like Manna From Heaven by (APC)

  • Posted in | Please support HobbsOnline by doing your online shopping at Tennessee's Surplus Grows A Surplus The state of Tennessee finished July and the 2005-06 fiscal year with $411.2 million more revenue than was necessary to balance the state budgeted adopted at the beginning of the fiscal year

  • Posted in | Please support HobbsOnline by doing your online shopping at Property Tax Petition By Wow...what a day yesterday

  • Posted in | Please support HobbsOnline by doing your online shopping at August 8, 2006 Pensacola Bay Sailboat on Pensacola Bay

  • Posted in | Please support HobbsOnline by doing your online shopping at Ben's There, Done That No political blogging this week from me, just photos from the beach, but I gotta give a digital high-five to my guest blogger Ben Cunningham, who has lead a successful petition drive that will put a charter change on the ballot this fall for voters in Nashville

  • Posted in | Please support HobbsOnline by doing your online shopping at Tax Freeze from Hell By when your property taxes are so high that no one can justify building new buildings

    Compare DVD Prices Online at DVD Price Search - The Smartest DVD ...
    Compares DVD prices from multiple stores.

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    The Brickwise™ Shopping Report
    Provides guide to buying Lego sets, parts, and products.

  • Brickwise™ The online LEGO® shopping guide

    Audiophile 2000 HiFi, Music, & Online Shopping Pages
    HiFi and music guide including equipment and music reviews, and related links.

    Comparison Shopping on Sale -
    As shoppers reject the malls for gifts found on their LCD's, comparison-shopping
    sites have become white hot.

  • Jump | Quote | HOME PAGE FOR THE WORLD'S BUSINESS LEADERS | Best Of The Web Comparison Shopping on Sale Matt Rand 12.14.05 New York - As shoppers reject the malls for merchandise found on their brightly lit LCD’s, comparison-shopping Web sites have become white hot

  • It’s Christmas time and, not surprisingly, comparison-shopping Web sites are all the rage

  • That’s a hefty premium of more than eight times the $60 million in revenues that the company says it expects comparison-shopping site PriceGrabber to report for 2005

  • In August, EBay (nasdaq: - - ) bought (nasdaq: - - ), for $620 million, and a month earlier E.W

  • Online shopping, up nearly 24% this season, is clearly one of the fastest-growing areas of Web commerce

  • With EBay now has a comparison-shopping audience with whom it can seed its auction listings, and comparison-shopping results to offer its auction users

  • And as fast as comparison-shopping sites are bought up, new ones are born

  • [ ] It’s no wonder that comparison-shopping sites are springing up around the Web

  • Most comparison-shopping sites make money when shoppers click on their links

    Lockergnome - Your Top Technology Information Resource!
    Windows 95/98/NT/2000 newsletter with 32-bit downloads of freeware and shareware,
    tips, and tricks.

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    Collectics Antiques & Collectibles: Antique Shop & Mall ...
    Featuring a variety of kitchen items, toys, records and books, and pottery.

  • It's just plain fun!' World Antiques Weekly 'Best online shopping for antique and vintage jewelry & accessories, bakelite & lucite, pottery, porcelain, dinnerware, glass, silver, lamps, memorabilia, toys, books, Art Deco & Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, 50s & 60s Mid-Century Modern, and unique gifts -- with prices 30% less than your local antique shop.' Collectibles Guide 2006 Collectics Variety Discover Collectics Featured Sponsors Search Now: Cool Stuff Collector on top collecting books! Search our categories in a fun new way- ! Find bestseller collector books with ! Peanuts © United Feature Syndicate, Inc

    A collaborative bookmarking system that allows you to store, share and discover
    relevant links.

    Hudson Ohio Community and Online Shopping
    Community information site for local area businesses, organizations and residents.

  • is now offering convenient online shopping

  • Whether you already have an account at or are new to this shopping experience, you'll find useful information about shopping there on

    Description of and links about boycott over "1-Click" patent.

  • (Unfortunately, the IDG article is no longer online.) According to an article, on 14 February, 2001, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit 'overturned a preliminary injunction granted by a lower court judge in Seattle in December 1999 prohibiting Barnes & from using one-click shopping technology that allegedly infringed on arch-rival's online shopping tool.' This development means that the case goes back to trial


    Wealth of the Rainforest - Pharmacy to the World from Raintree ...
    Resource database of rainforest plants including medicinal properties, preservation
    options, articles, and clinical trial data.

    Ariga: Online for pleasure and peace since 1995
    Ariga is an English language web site published and edited by editor/author/journalist
    Robert Rosenberg. He posts a summary of the news from Israel every ...

  • Using Amazon or Google links from this page to do your online shopping and searching is another way to help Ariga

    Radio Paradise - eclectic online rock radio
    Playing eclectic intelligent rock music including classics and current music.

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    Jewish Holidays Central-Chanukah
    Jewish holidays, celebrations, customs, and traditions. From Rosh Hashana and
    Yom Kippur to Purim, Passover, and Shavuot. Features a calendar with Hebrew and ...

  • Today is: • CHANNELS • • • • • • RESOURCES • • • • • SHOPPING • • • • • • • • • • INFORMATION • • • Amazing New Kosher Cookbook

    Your Online Shopping Cart With Easy-To-Use, World Class, E ...
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  • How can eCOMpal work for You? or call 1-800-211-4931! | "Thanks for making it so easy!" Heather Slouf I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we love your shopping cart

  • We switched from to your cart because we found that your cart had features that they had not yet added

  • Easy Maintenance Using Your Web Browser All your maintenance on your shopping cart is done using your web browser

  • Don't let them get away! One of the major challenges selling online is when your customer abandons the shopping cart

  • You need more than just a shopping cart to be successful online Having a shopping cart is great, but it doesn't get people to your site and it doesn't help you find out what your prospects do once they reach your site

  • eCOMpal is more than a shopping cart because we have the tools that will help you succeed online

  • The ONLY Shopping Cart You'll Ever Need You're going to discover as your business grows you're going to need new tools to help you manage the business and grow the business

  • With other shopping carts when your ready to step up to the next level you're going to have to change carts because they don't support the tools you're going to find you need

    Belanja Online Indonesia / Indonesia Online Shopping
    Informasi belanja online dan berbagai artikel tentang penjualan online di Internet.

  • Situs Shopping Online Indonesia Shopping Online Indonesia Sumber Daya E-Commerce Links About Us Visitors Since 18 Jan 1999 Toserba Bahasa Indonesia, Mata uang Rupiah, Cara bayar offline, Security ?, Cara order order form, Yang dijual minyak wangi, sabun dan barang-barang consumer goods dll

  • Bahasa Indonesia, Mata uang Rupiah, Cara bayar online, Security SSL, Cara order Shopping Cart, Yang dijual kue, hadiah, buah-buahan, bunga dll

  • Giftnet Bahasa Inggeris, Mata uang Rupiah, Cara bayar offline, Security NONE, Cara order Shopping Cart, Yang dijual kue, balon, dan bunga dll

    VM games, programs and online shopping
    An arcade-game based from the classical tilebreak-games.

  • Welcome to my shareware games, programs & online shopping pages! Downloads: ( Downloads: Apps: eBay-directory (win 9x+) Buy or sell, recycle it! Never throw away! Make money with it! Someone else might need what you don't

  • This arrangement is made, because I really like to improve the online shopping section

  • I want create user friendly shopping site

  • That's the reason, why you can see there so many ads around the pages and even own "shopping site at !"

  • Now there are lot of work to do with updating the eBay-directory, shopping pages, link pages, etc

    Online Shopping - Software Downloads - Computer Software -Typing ...
    A publisher of media-oriented software. Includes product information and shopping,
    company profile and employment information. Offers online sales.


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