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    Do-It-Yourself Saltwater Aquariums Projects Index
    Contains aquarium equipment and component plans organized by type.

  •  You are here: >>> FREE Newsletter Sign Up Now for the Saltwater Aquariums newsletter!   Search > Do-It-Yourself Projects & Plans Index Are you a saltwater hobbyist that likes to make your own equipment and components for your aquarium to save money, or because you just enjoy making things? From building a glass or acrylic aquarium to a wavemaker, this collection of do-it-yourself projects and plans will show you how to put it all together

  • If you have an old UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) which has a burned out battery and need an emergency power supply for your aquarium system, this simple DIY project could work for you

    Buildeazy DIY Free woodworking plans
    Collection of free plans and step by step tutorials with an emphasis on outdoor
    structures. Also includes a question and answer forum.

  • First attempt at a home made video of a buildeazy project

  • A section specially for kids with projects, articles etc

  • DIYers photos of Buildeazy projects along with the odd story or two

  • A look at some of the comments regarding individual projects that are in the Buildeazy website Developments: Multi-amplification DIY Project.
    Description and photos of multi-amp PCB with three integrated amplifiers each
    PCB and 24 dB/Octave Linkwitz-Riley Electronic filters. Configurable as a bi-amp ...

  • The professional alternative to a passive crossover in a low cost Do-It-Yourseft Project

  • here are the drivers of my project: TWEETER MODEL - T2030 Specifications Nominal Diameter 1.25" / 32mm Impedance 8 ohms Minimum Impedance 6.2 ohms @ 2.5 khz D.C

  • info: DIY PROJECT

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    DIY - DIY and home improvement - Guides and information
    Forums and a large collection of tips and articles covering many aspects of home
    improvement. Sections include decorating, electricity, floors and stairs, ...

  • If the project is beyond your capabilities, access a local expert on our site to complete the job for you

  • Forum Are you working on your own DIY project? Share experiences, tips, ideas, and frustrations with others, discuss projects and ask questions

    MIDIbox SID
    DIY midi synth based on SID synthesis, currently supports up to 4 SID's with full
    hardware control surface.

  • This isn't a revolutionary idea, some people realized something similar some years before: by Andreas Varga with some interesting technical background informations a DIY SID synthesizer, Master/Slave design, well documented - another DIY SID synthesizer - thanks to Buchi for the warning regarding the Audio Out of the SID! by Christian Catchpole gives usefull informations for the filter caps and the output amplifier - a commercial product with SID inside - another commercial product with SID inside MIDIbox SID is a non-commercial & 'DIY-only' project

    Thorsten Klose's Homepage
    Information about the MIDIbox Plus.
    Free craft ideas, recipes and activities for all ages and levels of experience.

  • Make -Stuff .com | For crafter's, hobbyists, entrepreneurs and PEOPLE WHO JUST LIKE TO MAKE STUFF Do it yourself! When your friends say, "You know you can buy one of those..." do you say, "Yeah, so?" If you love to make things, if you constantly have a project going in a back room, or cluttering up a kitchen counter, if you start making Christmas presents in June and you watch all those do-it-yourself shows on TV, come on in! We've got all kinds of recipes, formulas, craft projects and ideas that you can make yourself

  • Benefits

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    tonepad -- a resource for diy music projects
    Provides layouts, schematics and components for effects and amplifier projects
    for the do-it-yourself music community.

    Homebuilt STM Project
    An amateur project to build a scanning tunneling microscope, including detailed
    descriptions of mechanics, electronics and software.

    Teres Audio
    US maker of turntables and components built with acrylic, baltic birch and lead.

    Electronics World
    A large number of good and workable circuits. From alarms to test circuits.
    Free electronic circuit diagrams, schematics, tutorials, and hobbyists circuits.

  • Get notified whenever new projects or circuits are added to this website The information presented on this site is primarily intended as a source of reference to engineers, repairmen, and hobbyists

  • Most of the projects are given a brief description regarding its operation and hence a person with elementary knowledge in electronics can easily understand its operation


    Simple STM Design Page
    This site features a Simple Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) design costing
    less than $100 to build, with complete schematics, photos and materials lists. - audio projects by fanatics, for fanatics
    Web community dedicated to DIY audio projects and discussion.

  • - audio projects by fanatics, for fanatics
    Devoted to digital projects, hardware hacks, and DIY inspiration.

  • Posted by Phillip Torrone | Aug 9, 2006 04:44 PM in, | (1) MAKE Flickr photo pool member Cmpalmer writes - 'Our bedroom TV went out a few months ago and the bedroom wasn't laid out well to use our video projector, so I built a rear projection TV mounted to the..

  • It's been fun to see the different projects

  • Posted by Phillip Torrone | Aug 9, 2006 10:32 AM in | (0) Machineproject writes 'I was preparing to teach the usb workshop we're doing with Make on Sunday at Machine, and I remembered this funny usb powered sculpture that I made a couple years ago

  • Posted by Phillip Torrone | Aug 9, 2006 09:25 AM in | (0) Bill writes 'Here's a build log of our Inflatable Moai project

  • Happy making! Awards for Projects If you are almost blind and drop your glasses and they break..

    OZ REEF - DIY Plans
    Contains a large collection of plans for at home aquarium projects.

  • Visitors: 2143067 DIY Links Random DIY Plans Do It Yourself Plans This is all the Do It Yourself projects and instructions that are to be found on OZ REEF

  • If you are looking for the comprehensive list of Do It Yourself projects to be found on the Internet, then you need to go to

  • Contained within that list of links is also these projects here on OZ REEF

  • If you happen to have a DIY project that you would like to have hosted here on OZ REEF, then please drop me an

  • Enjoy and I hope you find these projects useful

  • ( 3 items ) Various miscellaneous electronic projects for a reef aquarium

  • ( 6 items ) Projects that have to do with providing food and additives to a reef aquarium

  • Plus additional general projects that don't fit into the other catagories here

  • ( 4 items ) Some articles with details on the tools, materials and techniques that can be used in DIY projects

    How to Build a Seismograph
    Detailed instructions with links.

  • | INTRODUCTION: Welcome to The Inexpensive Seismometer Project! See for latest page updates

  • These pages describe my project to build simpler and less expensive amateur seismometers by using microprocessors and other new chips , such as switched capacitor filters

  • PROJECT STATUS: On December 05, 2005 I completed an improved design of my PCB, incorporated a lower noise amplifier (AD8628), and added a diecast alumimum enclosure for thermal and electromagnetic shielding

  • Seismometer Projects for Kids Seismograph Model (Earthquake Sensing Kit) Grades: 6 - 12

  • | SEISMIC DATA PROCESSING SOFTWARE I found when I started my project in 2000 that most of the existing seismic data logging software was programmed to accept data from a few PC a/d boards, and most of the programs did not accept the ASCII data records that microprocessors can easily output

  • Perhaps we need an open software project to develop seismic software

  • Please if you have some interest in this type of project

  • Arizona - Princeton Earth Physics Project GEOPHONES

  • Resources for Hands-on Science - sells CD of projects from the Scientifc American Amateur Scientist column

    My Jet Engine Projects
    Information on building a pulsejet or turbojet engine.

  • My Jet Engine Projects Anyone can build a pulsejet or turbojet engine Last updated 6 May 2005 | OFFENDERS WILL BE PROSECUTED The biggest, meanest pulsejet dragster ever! UPDATE: we've had our first short runs in the dragster and it is, in a word, 'frightening'! And here, as promised, are a few pictures of the tentative first few runs

  • Thanks to my conflict with the NZ Government over my DIY Cruise Missile project, I'm currently reliant on the goodwill and donations of supporters to continue my reasearch and update this site

  • Support The Sponsor The $5, 000 Cruise Missile Visitors to this site might also be interested in another project (a spin-off from my X-Jet development work) that is now underway

  • If you'd like to sponsor some of the projects documented on this site and get a similar level of promotion right here then

    AutPilot UAV Project
    A complete Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) control system with 3 axis IMU/INS+GPS.
    Autopilot is Free Software and, along with the associated hardware designs, ...

  • Project details are available on our

    The 1/6th Combat Engineers, GI Joe and Action Figure DIY Project Site
    Information and projects for GI Joe, 12 inch action figure hobbyists and the
    1/6th scale modelling community.

  • Mirrorsite   Welcome To The Homepage Of The 1/6th Combat Engineers This site is intended as a clearinghouse for 1/6th scale military action figure projects and information


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