Web Services for Python
Sourceforge project that hosts the SOAP implementations and ZSI (Zolera
SOAP Infrastructure). [Open Source, Python license]

  • This includes SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, etc

    XSOAP toolkit (aka SoapRMI)
    Implementation of RMI for Java and C++. By SoapTeam, Extreme Computing Lab.

  • XSOAP toolkit (a.k.a

  • SoapRMI) Please for news and updates about XSOAP and see

  • For more information about XSOAP/Java please check ()and especially

  • We are currently not supporting XSOAP C++ as we are developing a new version

  • Please check for news related to XSOAP and XGWS and send questions to

  • Our old soaprmi mailing list is available but we encourage XSOAP and XML Pull Parser (XPP) users

  • There are two lists xgws-user for our current users and xgws-dev for those brave souls that want to be on 'cutting edge' of XSOAP, XPP, and related tools development ( more details)

  • We wrote a (accepted for ) that addresses the following questions: What is the raw performance of SOAP when used as a foundation for a RMI system? How does SOAP performance compare with that of Java RMI and Nexus? Where are the bottlenecks in SOAP performance? Which are removable through better implementations, and which are inherent in the protocol itself? Can a dynamic multi-protocol system be designed that achieves the benefits of several runtime systems? This paper addresses these questions and shows that SOAP can be used to build a reliable, multi-protocol RMI system that can access desktop component technology like Microsoft COM and other non-Java software components

    Cover Pages: Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
    Provides description and references for SOAP. By Robin Cover.

  • | Last modified: July 22, 2003 Technology Reports Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 'SOAP is a protocol specification for invoking methods on servers, services, components and objects

  • SOAP codifies the existing practice of using XML and HTTP as a method invocation mechanism

  • The SOAP specification mandates a small number of HTTP headers that facilitate firewall/proxy filtering

  • The SOAP specification also mandates an XML vocabulary that is used for representing method parameters, return values, and exceptions.' [DevelopMentor] 'SOAP is the Simple Object Access Protocol, a way to create widely distributed, complex computing environments that run over the Internet using existing Internet infrastructure

  • SOAP is about applications communicating directly with each other over the Internet in a very rich way.' [MS] [In the context of the Microsoft Windows DNA 2000 solution]: 'The key enabler for Microsoft's vision of integrated, programmable Web services is XML

  • To help realize that vision, Microsoft today is submitting to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) an Internet draft specification for the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), an XML-based mechanism that bridges different object models over the Internet and provides an open mechanism for Web services to communicate with one another.' [1999-09-13] 'To help developers build Web services and link heterogeneous components over the Internet, Microsoft worked with industry experts to create the Simple Object Access Protocol

    Radio UserLand: SOAP at UserLand
    The jump-off point for all of UserLand's resources for SOAP and XML-RPC developers.
    By UserLand Software, Inc.

  • info: SYSTEM SOAP

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    Using WSDL in SOAP applications
    Provides an overview of WSDL, history and background of various related technologies
    such as SOAP, and UDDI. By Uche Ogbuji, Fourthought, Inc.

  • Country/region [ ] Related links   >     > Using WSDL in SOAP applications An introduction to WSDL for SOAP programmers Document options Celebrate Rate this page Level: Introductory (), Consultant, Fourthought, Inc

  • Knowledge of XML and XML Namespaces is required and some familiarity with XML Schemas and SOAP is useful

  • These networked service requests are a way to request XML-related functionality from a remote machine over a network such as the Internet.) This has led to a standards race including notable entries such as Allaire Corp's Web Distributed Data eXchange (WDDX) (see Resources), UserLand Inc's XML Remote Procedure Call (XML-RPC), Microsoft's Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) by David Winer, IBM, Microsoft, and others (see Resources)

  • The latter seems to be giving way to SOAP, which has support for message-oriented as well as procedural approaches

  • SOAP describes envelope and message formats, and has a basic request/response handshake protocol

  • Additionally, Microsoft developed the SOAP Contract Language (SCL) earlier this year to provide a system for on-line service descriptions for SOAP-based applications

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    Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) Version 2.0
    A free integrated toolkit to build, test and deploy XML applications, Web services,
    and Web applications with the latest Web service technologies and standards ...

  • These three components represent a new architecture that establishes more logical relationships between Web services description, data binding, and SOAP attachment processing

    Frequently asked questions on SOAP. By Vivek Chopra,

  • | The FAQs page has moved! Redirecting you to SOAP FAQ [ ]'s SOAP FAQ

  • Also check out the glossary at Apache SOAP User's FAQ [ ] Apache FAQ for Apache SOAP maintained by Jonathan Chawke Axis FAQ [ ] Apache FAQ for Apache Axis SOAP SOAP protocol Reference [ ] ZVON ZVON's SOAP reference- describes the protocol

  • Microsoft SOAP FAQ [ ] Microsoft Rather elementary

  • Has a brief explaination of how SOAP fits in with DCOM and BizTalk

  • SOAP FAQ [ ] Develop Mentor Reasonably comprehensive- describes how SOAP relates to other technologies, and some gotchas

  • IBM-SOAP FAQ [ ] IBM FAQ on IBM's reference implementation of SOAP v1.1 SOAP and Corba integration FAQ [ ] Anders W

  • Tell (Financial Toolsmiths AB) Aug 29, 2000 FAQ for XML-PC (SOAP) and OMG Corba integration

  • jGuru XML FAQ [ ] XML FAQ, has a few SOAP related items

  • XML FAQ [ ] XML FAQ at WebSphere-SOAP HOWTO [ ] Wouter Cloetens August 02, 2000 JRun-SOAP HOWTO [ ] IIS-SOAP HOWTO [ ] What is SOAP? [ ] Short Macromedia Flash presentation on SOAP
    An organization dedicated to promoting the development, deployment, and use of
    web services. Offers a directory of publicly-available web services, ...

  • Emerging web services standards such as SOAP, WSDL and UDDI will enable system-to-system integration that is easier than ever before

  • Programmatic Interfaces XMethods through a variety of interfaces: UDDI v2 WS-Inspection RSS SOAP DISCO Recent Listings [ View the ] Publisher Style Service Name Description Implementation StrikeIron DOC Enter a city name and instantly receive the current days weather report

  • City and State XWebServices DOC XML/SOAP based Web Service which provides integration and management of the standard ECommerce Shopping Cart checkout process (Basket -> Shipping -> Billing -> Credit Card -> Receipt) to client applications

  • fold1soap RPC FOLD - Fast Online Lighting Design - Lumen Method Calculator NuSOAP fcassidy DOC OPC XML DA Sample Server MS .NET StrikeIron DOC Interactively corrects and refines any international address as it is being entered luchober RPC AXIS StrikeIron DOC Gain marketing information about a potential prospect StrikeIron DOC Perform low risk credit assessments on-demand StrikeIron DOC Access rooftop geographic information (e.g

  • latitude and longitude) StrikeIron DOC Verify a business identity and its location PeterM DOC ballern bechern bumsen - Ein Satz im Revier VOORSPRONG DOC Data Access Worldwide Worldcup Footballpool Webservice Visual Dataflex rpamplona RPC Web Service for Online OFAC Matching Delphi XWebServices DOC XML/SOAP based Web Service which provides integration and management of the Uniform Residential Mortgage Loan Application (Form 1003) to client applications

    SOAP Version 1.2 Part 1: Messaging Framework
    W3C Working Draft 9 July 2001. SOAP version 1.2 is a lightweight protocol for
    exchange of information in a decentralized, distributed environment.

  • SOAP Version 1.2 Part 1: Messaging Framework W3C Recommendation 24 June 2003 This version: Latest version: Previous versions: Editors: Martin Gudgin, Microsoft Marc Hadley, Sun Microsystems Noah Mendelsohn, IBM Jean-Jacques Moreau, Canon Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, Microsoft Please refer to the for this document, which may include some normative corrections

  • SOAP Version 1.2 is a lightweight protocol intended for exchanging structured information in a decentralized, distributed environment

  • Introduction SOAP Version 1.2 (SOAP) is a lightweight protocol intended for exchanging structured information in a decentralized, distributed environment

  • Two major design goals for SOAP are simplicity and extensibility (see XMLP Requirements )

  • SOAP attempts to meet these goals by omitting, from the messaging framework, features that are often found in distributed systems

  • The SOAP Version 1.2 specification consists of three parts

  • Part 1 of the SOAP Version 1.2 specification (this document) defines the SOAP messaging framework consisting of: The SOAP processing model defining the rules for processing a SOAP message (see )

  • The SOAP Extensibility model defining the concepts of SOAP features and SOAP modules (see )


    CORBA and XML, Part 3: SOAP and Web Services
    Compares SOAP and IIOP and then concludes that Web services and CORBA are not
    rivals, but instead are complementary.

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    Chiropractic Note System Pricing- Random SOAP note generator
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    XML and SOAP--Essential to .NET
    To be a player in the .NET development world you must understand XML and SOAP.
    By Kenn Scribner.

  • XML and SOAP--Essential to .NET Kenn Scribner Nov 1, 2000 This article is brought to you by: Given all of the hype and hoopla, by now you're probably starting to get an idea as to what .NET is all about

  • To be a player in the .NET development world you must understand XML and SOAP

  • The two most critical advancements in the past couple of years would have to be the introduction of XML and its use in SOAP

  • To be a player in the .NET development world you must understand XML and SOAP

  • As it happens, we ship the XML document using SOAP

  • SOAP--Data Communicated We've long used the HyperText Transport Protocol ( HTTP ) to ship Web pages and content to and fro

  • But when you combine HTTP (or some other Internet transport protocol) with XML and specify the format of the XML document itself you get the Simple Object Access Protocol , or SOAP for short

  • SOAP, at least as it was originally conceived, was designed to transport remote method calls from a local system to a remote one

  • What differentiates a SOAP-based architecture from other contemporary remote architectures--DCOM, CORBA, and RMI, to name a few, --is that the SOAP protocol can penetrate nearly every corporate firewall and the SOAP packets contain XML-encoded data, which is easy to parse and use
    News, education, and information about the application in industrial and commercial

  • Verifying Basic Security Profile conformance requires SOAP stack instrumentation

  • Complete BSP verification of encrypted SOAP message emitted by the application is not possible

    Web Services/SOAP and CORBA
    Compares CORBA and SOAP. Contains many interesting comments originally made in
    a thread on the comp.object.corba newsgroup.

  • Web Services/SOAP and CORBA April 27, 2002 Irmen de Jong (and others) corba (at) CONTENTS 1 Introduction I’ve been using CORBA a few years back (not anymore recently) but the recent hype about so-called ‘web-services’ has triggered my memory a bit

  • I convinced myself that CORBA and Web Services (SOAP etc.) are very similar, but strikingly different at other aspects, and I wanted to know more about this matter

  • Newsgroup thread is available at Google: (Or search for “Comparison CORBA SOAP Web Services” in the newsgroup comp.object.corba , the thread started at 2002-01-03) 2 CORBA compared to SOAP/Web Services First and foremost, you cannot compare CORBA to SOAP

  • SOAP is the protocol part of the RPC mechanism

  • The corresponding part of CORBA is IIOP, so you can only compare SOAP and IIOP directly

  • Item Web Services CORBA Protocol SOAP, HTTP, XML Schema IIOP, GIOP Location identifiers URLs IORs, URLs Interface spec WSDL IDL Naming, directory UDDI Naming Service, Interface Repository, Trader service The general opinion of the people on the UseNet newsgroup comp.object.corba appears to be similar to my own: namely that the currently so over-hyped “ web services” are just a new (but not a better) way of doing various things we have had since CORBA 2.0 Second Generation Web Services
    Explains how the basics of HTTP, XML and URIs will underlie second generation
    web services. (Paul Prescod,


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