66 Ways to Save Money
Offers one line tips on how to save money.

FCIC - Twelve Ways to Save Money On Your Homeowners Insurance
From the US Federal Citizen Information Center, by the Insurance Information
Institute. Topics include shopping around, improving your home safety, ...

FCIC: Nine Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs
Nine tips for lowering the cost of insuring your vehicle, provided by the US
Federal Consumer Information Center and the Insurance Information Institute.

NOVA Online | 18 Ways to Make a Baby
A look at fertility, cloning, and how cells divide.


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42 Ways to Distribute DeCSS
42 funny ways to distribute the famous DVD descrambler, including Quake, HTTP
cookies, MPEG movies and DNS queries.

  • OpenLDAP OpenLDAP is an opensource implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol which can serve information to the whole Internet

    Six Ways to Sunday (1997)
    Cast/credits plus additional information about the film.

    20 Ways for Teenagers to Help Other People by Volunteering
    Resources for teenagers that are interested in volunteer opportunities and helping

    Environmental Defense - Finding the ways that work
    The EDF find the ways that work by creating economically viable solutions.
    Issues include: climate change, human health, biodiversity and oceans.

  • Benefits

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    Acne in Teens: Ways to Control It -- familydoctor.org
    Describes what it is, things that make it worse, who gets it, treatments from
    the store and from the doctor, and scars.

    50 Ways to Love Your Liver - Liver Health Information - The ...
    Humorous list of tips for maintaining a healthy liver, told from the liver's
    point of view.

  • Keep your weight close to ideal

  • If you are dieting to lose weight, make sure that you are still getting all the vitamins and minerals your body - and I! - need to function properly 35

    5 Fun Ways to Health and Fitness
    Information about nutrition and physical activity for kids and teachers.

    8 Ways to Sunday
    Life of a database manager and aspiring writer in Kansas.


    50 Ways to Save Our Children
    Seeks to benefit children and their families by encouraging philanthropy and
    public service. Offers several specific activities individuals can do to improve ...

    Cooking Light | Delicious Ways to Control Diabetes
    A collection of diabetic recipes with metric and US Standard measurements included.
    May of the recipes have viewer ratings.

    Five Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries
    Explains five steps to help kids be safe playing sports. Learn what RICE means
    when treating an injury.

    7 Ways to Beat Stress
    Article on managing stress, the mind-body connection and stress reduction.

    Natural Ways To Health
    Nutritional supplements, Chinese medicine sales and information.

    How to Grow the Tomato and 115 Ways to Prepare it for the Table
    By George Washington Carver. Tomato growing tips and a list of simple recipes.

  • whole mixed spices; weight down and cover with clear cold water

    ISD77: CyberFair - Science Fair Ideas
    Includes a worksheet that poses fill-in-the-blank questions with suggested topics.

    Ten Ways to Make a Difference, by Peter Singer
    Excerpted from 'Ethics into Action: Henry Spira and the Animal Rights
    Movement' (Oxford, 1998).

  • With that victory gained, Henry began to give more weight, in choosing his targets, to the amount of suffering involved


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