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Checking: Officials call payday financing loan sharking
1998 article from Bankrate.com about abusive lenders that offer advances on paychecks.

  • | - advertisement - Officials call payday financing 'loan sharking' By • Bankrate.com When Melissa Hampton needed an advance on her weekly paycheck she borrowed $150 from a local loan store in Prestonburg, Ky., and promised to pay it back plus a fee

  • Six months later, Hampton was still low on cash, but now owed more than $1, 000 in fees to the loan store, which threatened to throw her in jail if she didn't pay up

  • These deferred deposit businesses, as they are also known, will cash paychecks in advance and give the borrower two weeks to pay the loan back plus a hefty fee

  • If the borrower doesn't pay in time the person can let the loan deadline 'roll over' another two weeks and another fee is tacked on

  • 'I needed to get my car repaired, ' he said, adding that he thought he could pay back the amount with money he was due from his student loan and Social Security

  • Fees keep racking up He wrote out a check to the loan service for $250 in exchange for $200 in cash

  • Since then, he has been making $50 biweekly payments to roll the loan over

  • 'I was told I would have to continue paying the $50 every two weeks until the loaned amount was paid off no matter how long it takes.' Jean Ann Fox, director of consumer protection for the Consumers Federation of America, Washington, D.C., said that these sorts of abuses have forced many states to examine deferred deposit businesses

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  • Russell McOrmond once said: Don't let Software Barons force-feed you anything that isn't ! otherwise you're extending what amounts to a high-risk interest free loan

    Student Federal Perkins Loans
    Part of a package of Federal, State and other financial aid. Explains the
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  • Student Federal Perkins Loans Perkins Student Loans are awarded as part of a package of Federal, State and other financial aid offered to persons who apply for financial assistance to attend the University

  • Awards are based on the applicant's need and the availability of loan funds

  • You cannot "apply" specifically for a Perkins Loan; for complete information concerning applications for financial assistance and awarding, you may contact the Office of Student Financial Aid

  • Once you have been awarded a Perkins Loan for a specific academic year, you will be mailed a packet including a Promissory Note outlining the terms and conditions of the loan, and a Statement of Rights and Responsibilities form

  • You complete, sign and return these documents to the Business Affairs Office/Perkins Student Loans

  • The proceeds of the loan are disbursed on a term-by-term basis, and applied to your Student Billing Account, along with your other student aid disbursements (such as Pell Grants, Supplemental Grants, Federal Direct Loans, Oregon Need Grants and other grants and scholarships)

  • For each year your Financial Aid award includes Perkins Loan funds, the process is repeated

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  • If you’ve financed a car loan or other purchase, you probably have a record at a consumer reporting company

  • Establishing a Credit History Suppose you haven’t financed a car loan, a computer, or some other major purchase

  • Personal loans usually are paid back in installments, too

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    Internet Fraud
    Department of Justice site includes information defining Internet fraud, what to
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  • In another federal prosecution, the defendant allegedly obtained personal data from a federal agency's Web site, then used the personal data to submit 14 car loan applications online to a Florida bank

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  • In the second quarter of 2006, 88 percent of Freddie Mac-owned loans that were refinanced resulted in new mortgages with loan amounts that were at least five percent higher than the original mortgage balances

  • This percentage is up from the first quarter of 2006, when the share of refinanced loans that took cash out was a revised 86 percent, and is the highest since the second quarter of 1990

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  • Mobile Roaming: Holiday calls for less Take your mobile on holiday and your network could charge £1/min to receive calls even if your phone is switched off! Luckily there are lots of easy ways to slice down the costs Personal Loans

  • How to get the UK's cheapest Personal loan rates are at historic lows, and for top credit scorers it's now possible to borrow at 4.6%

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  • Students at 4-year colleges also pay more in tuition and are more likely to have student loan debts than 2-year students (Boesel and Fredland, 1999, p

    Help! I'm Drowning in Debt (Debt Management: Personal Finance ...
    Article discusses reputable and disreputable credit counseling agencies as well
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  • For instance, have you considered a loan from a family member? To make sure your lender won't get stuck with an unexpected tax bill, read our story

  • You should also consider a loan from your 401(k)

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  • If a one-pay plan is not enough to solve your problem, you might need to consider a debt-consolidation loan


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