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    Deck Design: Deck Plans, building decks, Deck Builders, screen ...
    Designs for decks, screen porches, and gazebos. "Design-at-a-Distance" service.
    Custom building plans provided fast worldwide. Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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  • How to Get a on Your Pressure Treated Deck, Porch or Sunroom Materials (really)

    Siding, deck, deck design, fencing, gazebos, sheds & pergolas
    A non-profit trade association representing producers of western red cedar.
    Participating Members have access to powerful marketing, promotional and educational ...

  • Locate a cedar retailer or distributor in your area for siding , deck material , fencing , gazebos and sheds

    The Fence Doctor
    Brief FAQ on fence issues; including material selection and installation.


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    Veranda Composite Decking and Railing
    Product literature and use information for a composite product made from wood
    fiber and plastic.

    Recycled & Reinforced Plastic Materials, Composite Tiles, Deck ...
    Manufactures 100% recycled plastic composite lumber from HDPE plastic and wood
    flour. Offers a variety of end user products made from their material.

  • Recycled & Reinforced Plastic Materials Renewresources is committed to protect the environment by recycling the waste plastic to useable products

    How Stuff Works: Tape Recorder
    Fully illustrated tutorial about magnetic recording, with related links.

  • People either buy tapes pre-recorded with material, or make their own tapes from

  • In the video realm, video tape is used widely both in the broadcast industry and at home to store material for later viewing on

    Elk Corp
    Producers of laminated fiberglass shingles and fire-rated underlayment.

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    Links to all construction material costs on the Web
    Links to selected sites providing material prices on the web.

    The Ship Half Moon
    Detailed introduction to the Dutch ship Henry Hudson commanded in 1609.

  • The ship is authentic in appearance, but constructed of modern materials and techniques

  • The hull is strip planked with WEST SYSTEM(R) epoxy, much of the topside planking is epoxy encapsulated wood, frames and beams are laminated wood, and the rigging is synthetic material

  • Hendricks and Benton developed a plan to build the replica using modern materials and techniques, but keeping all aspects of the vessel to be seen by visitors as near to the appearance of the 1609 vessel as possible

  • Having dealt with many of the problems of this approach, as well as the benefits of this approach, I have concluded that the use of modern materials to produce a replica sailing vessel has much merit, but must be approached judiciously

  • In many areas of the ship, the modern materials work very well and are most appropriate

  • Further, the use of epoxy is not a panacea for preventing wood deterioration, and must be subject to the same quality control of craftsmanship and materials selection as traditional shipbuilding

  • But with appropriate design and quality control, I have become convinced that hybrid vessels (combinations of modern materials and traditional designs) can work well together

    Carries screw products such as the new star drive wood screws. Available to
    distributors everywhere.

  • stainless steel or ACQ compatible coated wood screws C-Deck "Star Drive" Screws are designed for exterior use with composite materials

  • The screw eliminates mushrooming and blemishes on this material

  • zinc plated, hardened steel flat head, reamer wings for wood to steel applications ACQ Compatible Coating wood screws Heavy duty "Star Drive" Screws are designed for professional operations and demanding industries using hard or soft woods, chipboard and other tough materials

    Bridge Basics - A Spotter's Guide to Bridge Design
    Pictures, history, and structural explanations of many different types of trusses
    and bridges.

  • span (simple, continuous, cantilever), material (stone, concrete, metal, etc.), placement of the travel surface in relation to the structure (deck, pony, through), form (beam, arch, truss, etc.)

  • The deck is hung from suspenders of wire rope, eyebars or other materials

  • Materials for the other parts also vary: piers may be steel or masonry; the deck may be made of girders or trussed


    American Pole & Timber
    Supplier of treated and untreated lumber, large timbers, poles, posts, and pilings,
    as well as fire-retardant lumber, and customized vinyl and wood bulkhead ...

  • We offer building material solutions to our clients through our materials sourcing expertise and our vast capabilities in manufacturing

  • We specialize in Extended Life Wood Products such as, and, as well as and polymer coated materials

  • We are highly skilled at and we can assist with the design of your project free of charge when you use our materials

    Dynamic Analysis of Base-Isolation Highway Bridge
    Department of Civil Engineering, University of Maryland online paper.

  • Section and Material Properties The pier and deck section properties are shown in Figure 2


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