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    Photo.net: Get the most from your butterfly hunt
    Features an article on how to take images of butterflies. Includes information
    on useful accessories and links to related material. Written by Jakub Jasinski.

  • Keep in mind however that if you bring a cold camera into a glass house with 80 F and 80% humidity the front element will fog so quickly and heavily, you will not be able to take any pictures for up two hours

  • Some species are very 'tame' other will let you chase them for a while but you will get all pictures you want, even with a 100mm macro lens

  • On the other hand, for protection, completely different species may look similar to one butterfly that is poisonous, so be sure not only to look at the pictures but also read the description

  • Where are the pictures ? The nice thing about photo.net used to be that there were pictures everywhere

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    Photo by a248.e.akamai.net

    Beautiful Framed Real Butterfly Collections Displays and other ...
    Displays of one to twenty butterflies in wood-framed glass.

  • Product variations As will all one-of-a-kind and handmade art there are variations between products so it is impossible to photograph every item, but rest assured, your purchase will be beautiful! We cannot promise what combination of butterflies you will get in your arrangement (the pictures on this web site are now several years old) but during check-out you can tell us what you like in your set and we will try to fulfill your request but we cannot never guarantee an exact request match

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  • They are Linkware, where a link Must be provided back to the poster site from which the picture came

  • Benefits

    Photo by butterflywebsite.com

    Rob Galbraith DPI: Home
    Biography and gallery from the digital photojournalist and consultant based in
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Site also includes information on digital photography ...

    North American Insects and Spiders - Cirrus Digital Imaging
    Gallery of close-up photos of common North American arthropods.

  • North American Insects and Spiders - Cirrus Digital Imaging A catalog of over 4, 000 high-resolution close-up pictures of live, wild insects and spiders with descriptions, taxonomy and natural history

  • Please visit our pages of , pictures of live captive tropical butterflies from across the globe, and the , a whole family of small butterflies within Lepidoptera.

  • The hieroglyphic moth pictured above draws its common name from its cryptic markings

  • Large format pictures are free for noncommercial use

  • You can see these great photographs and more at our custom picture framing shop: The Great Frame Up, 947 South Route 59, Bartlett, IL 60103 Or visit our website: We specialize in fine art prints, conservation framing, shadowboxes and sports memorabilia

  • , Soo Line and The Milwaukee Road: Railroad pictures from the 60's to the present

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    Butterfly Designs butterflies real butterfly gifts Framed insects
    Offers framed butterflies, insects and art from around the world.

  • Real framed butterflies and real butterfly pictures are always make great real butterfly gifts

    Real Butterflies - Wholesale
    Nature products for wholesale.

  • Educational - Exotic - Long-lasting - Nature's Art Click picture for close-up

    Focus on Butterflies
    Detailed introduction by Jay Cossey.

  • Attach your faux butterfly to a flower, and take several pictures of it

  • Shooting into the sun at this point would not be best for the novice, since it would probably result in a poorly exposed picture considering the camera’s automatic metering

  • Shoot First, Ask Questions Later The best approach is to take several pictures while you have the subject in focus

  • This refers to taking pictures approaching “life size”

  • Ask that friendly camera store person to show how you can settle on a combination of cameras, lenses, and accessories that will allow you to get the kind of pictures you want to take

    3D Fun
    Facts and hints on 3D photography and printing. Includes sample files and free
    software for 3D photography and printing on lenticular screens.

  • Provided that one can identify various subjects within the 2D picture, associate them with their relative distances, and then shift them by varying amounts in order to create a sequence of images with gradually increasing parallax, it can be done

    Butterfly Domain - Home - Butterfly Domain- genuine butterflies
    Specializing in butterflies encased in flight displays and scientific mounts.

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    tornado, storm chase, and weather photos and video by William Hark
    Bill Hark's storm chase logs, video and images from the Great Plains and Mid-Atlantic

  • If you have questions about image usage, video for television shows, or tornadoes and storm chasing, please see my If you don't want to go through all the chase reports listed below, go to the for a small selection of my storm and weather pictures with thumbnail images

  • Also pictures of sunsets, wildlife, other chasers and a plague of giant black beetles

  • Pictures and chase accounts in 1997 are from a two week period with Charles Edwards of

  • The May 24 and 25 listings link to separate pages with detailed accounts and many pictures of tornadoes and other storm features

  • We drove ahead of the storm and joined a as many storm chasers gathered to watch the sun set behind the storm -A beautiful picture showing an approaching shelf cloud in Gray Co, western Texas


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