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Covenant M/M is an international, Spirit-filled, non-denominational, Christian
motorcycle ministry with a strong emphasis on brotherhood.

  • | Covenant Motorcycle Ministry (CM/M) is a Spirit-filled, non-denominational, Christian motorcycle ministry

  • Covenant Members believe in the five-fold ministry (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher), as presented in , and that the gifts of the Spirit are in operation today

  • While members of CM/M are expected to minister (as are all believers), one of our main purposes of this organization is to give Christian bikers an outlet for fellowship and ministry to one another, resulting in a strong brotherhood of committed believers

  • 12:1-11), and the five-fold ministry (Eph

  • Cross-3 Members must have and demonstrate extreme loyalty to Jesus Christ, Covenant M/M, our ministry work and their brothers and sisters

  • Members in Ministry If you have been called into one of the five offices of ministry, CM/M will recognize and honor your position after you have submitted to a screening process

  • We honor these members by awarding them the 5-fold Ministry patch

  • If you are interested in becoming a member of Covenant Motorcycle Ministry This page last modified on:

    Brotherhood of St.Andrew
    The Brotherhood of St. Andrew's goal is to bring men and boys into a saving faith
    in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Andrew is a missionary and evangelism ministry of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion

  • In fact, it is the oldest evangelistic ministry of the Episcopal Church

  • Join With Us We hope, as you read about our ministry, you will be led to begin a Chapter in your parish and join with us in bringing men and boys into a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ

    Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry
    A Christian brotherhood of bikers devoted to many areas of ministry across the
    United States and Canada.

  • &nbsp ABOUT US The Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry provides a Christian brotherhood of bikers to fellowship with and minister alongside

  • While the majority of members are bikers, owning a motorcycle is not a requirement to be a part of this ministry

  • We have chapters involved in many areas of ministry including prison ministry, youth outreach, youth detention centers, homeless shelters, drug and alcohol rehab, churches, rallies, biker events, etc

  • The Heaven's Saints M/M established the Church of the Heaven's Saints to further their ministry capabilities

  • It was hard, VERY HARD, but he did it right then and there under the ministry tent in Daytona Beach, Florida

  • Not only did the Lord show him that the Heaven's Saints should do this; but Barry felt led to urge other Christian motorcycle ministries do the same - wear the Christian Flag on their back with their ministry identification in the lower right hand corner

  • Others ended up leaving the Heaven's Saints ministry because they didn't like the change

  • Not only did we receive criticism from our own members, but members and especially leaders of other ministries accused the Heaven's Saints of various things, one of which was trying to absorb all of the other Christian ministries into one big ministry run by Barry! Well, here we are, years later, and we have brothers and sisters in other ministries who also wear the Christian Flag who are what we call 'covenant' with us and us with them

    Illinois Baptist State Association
    Traditional Southern Baptist state organization.


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    Brotherhood of Hope
    The Brotherhood of Hope is a canonically recognized Catholic community of brothers
    and priests consecrated to Christ, dedicated to evangelization, and committed ...

    Didaskalos Ministries Cults Exposed Spiritualism Dm063h.htm
    A detailed look at Spiritualism, or Spiritism, and how it is in direct contrast
    to Christianity.

  • Followers of S&S have the following seven principles they follow (Larson's Book of Cults, Tyndale Publishers, 1982, pp 321-322): The Fatherhood of God The Brotherhood of Man Continuous existence Communion with spirits and the ministry of angels Personal responsibility Compensation and retribution hereafter for good and evil done on the earth A path of endless progression When I look at principle #4, 'The ministry of angels', it brings to mind the numerous Christian sites on the Internet devoted to angels, almost to the point of worship

    Let Us Reason Ministries: Channeling
    Critical evaluation of channeling, from a Christian perspective.

  • E -Mail Let Us Reason Ministries We thank you for your support in our ministry

    ESC Vocation Offices
    Home page of the Friars Minor of the 1st order of St. Francis in the US.
    Vocation information included.

  • What is unique about the Franciscans is the fact we are not limited to a specific ministry

  • Benefits

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    Details of the ministry of Richard and Marilyn Wright to train apostolic leaders.
    Includes online shop to buy their teaching materials.

  • Welcome to our Please choose from the following categories: | (Ministry-level instruction for those who are serious about building their biblical foundation

  • These are comprehensive tape series which include syllabus or notes of courses taught at our ministry base.) Introducing

    Walter Rauschenbusch
    Examination of the Baptist minister's early life and his pastorate in the Hell's
    Kitchen area of New York City that led him to the Social Gospel.

  • His experience there sealed his calling as a preacher, and he wrote, "It is now no longer my found hope to be a learned theologian and write big books; I want to be a pastor, powerful with men, preaching to them Christ as the man in whom their affections and energies can find the satisfaction for which mankind is groaning."   His work with the small congregation had a profound effect on his understanding of ministry and the Christian life

  • In essence, the mission of the church was practical ministry, meeting the needs of the weak politically, spiritually, and physically

    An association of Episcopal organizations committed to prayer, evangelism, worship,
    study and action for the church. Lists and describes participating ...

  • The PEWSACTION fellowships work within the Body of Christ to bring about continuing spiritual renewal and growth, increasing concern for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and a deepening commitment to loving, personal, and corporate witness and ministry in and to the world

  • Andrew is a 100-year-old ministry to men in the Episcopal and Anglican Churches

  • Through the establishing of parish chapters, it seeks to prepare men for Christian lay ministry using a training program and calling for acceptance of the disciplines of Prayer, Study and Service

  • SAMS recruits, supports and sends Episcopalians to share in the ministry of the Anglican Communion in Latin America by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping serve those in need

  • During a two-day weekend candidates experience the wonder and love of our Lord Jesus Christ as shown through the ministry of a staff of young people, clergy, and lay adults

  • Rock the World is an equipping ministry dedicated to revitalizing the church through youth ministry and reaching the world through youth

  • If s an independent ministry which celebrates our interdependence in the Body of Christ, a youth ministry organization which seeks to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the ends of the Earth

    What is Parish Nursing?
    Several relevant articles, including an overview of the profession, and methods
    for beginning a health ministry program.

  • Other resources offer guidance for organizations planning to start their own health ministry programs

  • It also provides a sample job description for the ministry of parish nursing practice, a sample budget and standardized basic preparation course content

  • This resource offers scriptural support for parish nursing, advice on introducing a parish nurse ministry, the benefits of parish nursing to one's ministry, how to establish an effective working relationship between pastor and parish nurse, and the benefits a parish nurse brings to the congregation

  • Mark's United Methodist Church, Iowa City, Iowa, and is reprinted from Beginning a Health Ministry: A How To Manual (1994 edition), published by the Health Ministries Association and Lutheran Brotherhood

  • It lists the basic steps in beginning a health ministry and describes concerns and issues that should be considered


    The Diocese of Florida
    News, information, and events for the diocese.

  • Howard Hanchey Author: Church Growth and the Power of Evangelism Ideas that Word From Survival to Celebration Leadership for the Confident Church Is your ministry Gospel-Celebrating or Issue-Driven? How is the Good News of Gods love experienced and expressed through your call to ordained ministry, and how is your congregation shaped by it? Come explore and reflect on your vision and practice of ministry

  • You may capture something new for yourself! 10 AM Thursday, September 21 Through 2 PM Friday, September 22 Ministry Exploration Conference October 13-14, 2006 Camp Weed and the Cerveny Conference This is an opportunity for all those exploring, or beginning to explore, the vocation of ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church

  • The Commission on Ministry hosts this overnight to provide information about the different orders of ministry and what the process to ordained ministry entails in the Diocese of Florida

  • 13-14: Course on Ministry with Older Adults The Anglican Institute is pleased to announce the following course: Ministry with Older Adults The Anglican Institute The Episcopal Diocese of Florida October 13-14, 2006 PURPOSE: To provide an introduction to pastoral care with older adults in the church

    Page providing links to resources for Commanders and Rangers. Also provided is
    the International RR Cyber Pow-Wow pages.

  • Royal Rangers is a ministry to reach, teach, and keep boys and girls for Jesus Christ

  • It was started in the as a ministry to boys, but it has spread to many other churches

  • Please contact Michael Paul Johnson if you are interested in Royal Ranger web ministry

    Church Central home - church growth and church health resources ...
    Offers daily news and information on church health and leadership. Take the Church
    Health Survey, become a church consultant, or stay up to date on the latest ...

    EDOT - Home
    160 congregations, located in the eastern quadrant of Texas. Features worship
    resources, church locator, diocesan calendar, and youth ministry.

    Billing itself as a "Deliverance Manual," this site contains articles on a great
    variety of pagan topics.

  • This is the website of END-TIME DELIVERANCE MINISTRY If you really want help for yourself or others, you should at least read through this page and the next linked page

  • The purpose of this ministry is to teach the every day normal 'true worshiper' (John 4:23) (Christian) how to take authority over the devil and his demons, using the name of Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, thereby training an army of Deliverance ministers to defeat the works of the enemy

    Islam in Egypt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    An overview of Islam in Egyptian society, the rise of Islamism and its impact on
    politics, and aspects of religious freedom. [Wikipedia]

  • In deference to their increasing influence, the Ministry of Justice in published a draft law making by a Muslim a capital offense and proposing traditional Islamic punishments for crimes, such as stoning for adultery and amputation of a hand for theft

  • In addition Interior Ministry regulations issued in 1934 specify a set of 10 conditions that the Government must consider prior to issuance of a presidential decree permitting construction of a church

    Servants For Christ - Nomads
    Nomad Chapter of Servants For Christ. Sharing Jesus to the world and kicking the
    devil's butt. Based in southern CA.

  • We began in 1991 as a mens ministry within Set Free Christian Fellowship in Anaheim

  • What is this ministry about ? Accountability, Brotherhood, Commorodery

  • Eye Candy Anyone ? - - Can you contribute to the good works this ministry does ? Pray for us first and formost, and if He leads you to do so - Mubarak's ruling party takes early lead in Egypt's ...


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