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Directory of lesser known and popular attractions, including water parks, museums,
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  • The admission fee also covers the lighthouse museum, a micro-theater historical film, historical grounds, nature-walk and the gift shop.

  • - Kissimmee - In a theater remodeled as a TV studio set guests are the studio audience, and many become contestants for the "on-air" game shows.

  • - University of Central Florida's theater complex featuring popular stage plays.

    Tourist Florida
    A regional page listing many North Florida attractions.

    Orlando Airport Disney Transportation
    Transportation services going to Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Seaworld and
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    Best Western Anaheim Inn
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  • We are also just a 5 minute walk from the Downtown Disney® area which features numerous shopping and eating experiences as well as 12 movie theaters for your enjoyment.

    Attachment Parenting
    Weblog about attachment parenting written by an attachment parenting couple with
    three kids. Lots...

    Mr. Heitman's Wonderful World of Disney
    Biography of Walt Disney.

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    France's 'Triplets': Three times the charm of Disney
    William Arnold's review: "... most of the magic of this unusual movie comes from
    the freshness, imaginati...

  • MARKETPLACE Showtimes by movie Showtimes by theater HEADLINES | 101 Elliott Ave.

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer
    Willian Arnold likes the film and its protagonist, but fears it may not connect
    with American viewers.

  • MARKETPLACE Showtimes by movie Showtimes by theater HEADLINES | 101 Elliott Ave.

    Mouse Info
    Information about all things Disney, with an emphasis on the theme parks.
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    A Guide to Anaheim
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    Digital Disneyland
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    Esquire IMAX Theatre
    Information on what's playing, coming attractions and purchasing tickets for the
    Esquire IMAX Theatre. The Other Side of Heaven
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    The Hand That Time Forgot
    Article on episode 424, Manos: The Hands of Fate. Contains an interview with
    members of the film's...

  • Some of you may be familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000 , which appears on the cable television network Comedy Central [ that time.

  • That all changed when the grandmeisters of la cinema du fromage at Mystery Science Theater 3000 delved into the bottom of the barrel and found this epic lying in ambush.

  • With Hal typecast as the hero 'Hal', the rest of the cast was largely recruited from the local community theater: Diane Mahree, as the damsel in distress; Tom Neyman, as the Master, who wears a black cape lined with red-embroidered fingers; and the tragic figure of John Reynolds, whose creepy Confederate-uniformed character of Torgo so endeared himself to MST3K that they incorporated him into their act.

  • One of the reasons he hates the Mystery Science Theater version, he said, is the silhouettes of the MST cast which block the bottom portion of the screen throughout the film.

  • "You'll notice the snake was in focus." So after a couple of months of ordeal in the desert, it was time for the grand premiere at the Capri Theater in downtown El Paso.

  • He also rented one 1955 Cadillac limousine which would arrive at the door of the theater, unload a couple of the stars, then drive around the block to where the rest of the cast and crew were waiting, pick up two more, and make another run.

  • The theater was packed to the balcony with local dignitaries, they recalled, and the suspense was unbearable; you had the trailers of coming attractions, a cartoon, a twenty-minute True Life Nature Adventure set in the Antarctic, and then finally, the feature.

    LA Weekly
    Los Angeles, its inhabitants, and local and international happenings. Be sure to
    visit our online...

  • Did the wildflowers do it? JUDITH LEWIS Wed, Jul 19, 6:00 pm Mayor V and Eli break up over school reform DAVID ZAHNISER Wed, Jul 19, 6:00 pm John Mack and Connie Rice have looked at corruption from both sides now DAVID ZAHNISER Wed, Jul 19, 6:00 pm A play looks through the grass darkly STEVEN MIKULAN Wed, Jul 26, 3:00 pm Edward Wilson aims to keep the theater young STEVEN LEIGH MORRIS Wed, Jul 19, 3:01 pm Helping to change the color of American theater LOVELL ESTELL III Wed, Jul 19, 3:00 pm Sweet heat relief at Bulgarini gelateria Jonathan Gold Wed, Jul 26, 12:00 pm Jonathan Gold Wed, Jul 26, 12:00 pm Jonathan Gold Wed, Jul 26, 12:00 pm ROBERT ABELE Wed, Jul 26, 12:00 pm Life on Mars , sideburns required ROBERT ABELE Wed, Jul 19, 12:00 pm JOSHUAH BEARMAN Wed, Jul 26, 3:00 pm JUDITH LEWIS Wed, Jul 26, 3:00 pm DANI KATZ Wed, Jul 26, 3:00 pm Skepticism on canvas Doug Harvey Wed, Jul 26, 12:00 pm Don’t ask if 6-year-old Marla Olmstead is a painting wunderkind.

  • DENVER WESTWORD: Doug and Wendy Ishii are more than mere players in the realms of science and theater.

    Global Arts Review
    An magazine of arts and culture covering music, theatre, film, dance, visual art,
    and literature.

    Jodi Benson: Ariel For Real!
    Fanpage with photos.

  • That evening, she was scheduled to perform two concerts backed by an orchestra at the open-air America Gardens Theater in EPCOT Center's World Showcase.

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