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  • . Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures Cast: (Cruella De Vil), (Monsieur Le Pelt), (Cloe), (Kevin), (Alonso), Cast Notes: There will probably be several other cast members yet to be announced

    1st Testament
  • atures plot summary, cast info, and pictures.
    Phaedra Cinema presents / TMU International/ FilmGod Studios 1st Testament:CIA Vengeance 2001 USA, SOUTH KOREA, 90min
  • . In March, Iva completed shooting a nice suporting role with Lou Diamond Phillips, in his upcoming feature film, "Twisted Fate." Most recently, Iva booked a very nice supporting role in the next Walt Disney Pictures'/Touchstone Pictures' feature film, "Frank McClusky, C.I." Iva will shoot in May and June 2001

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  • . There were hundreds and hundreds of pictures of concepts and worlds, but it didn't really look like the story itself, the actual script, which nobody really saw

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  • . 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916) on The Universal Film Manufacturing Company was not known in the silent era as premier producer of motion pictures


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  • . Genre: Comedy Color or b/w: Color Production Co(s).: Meyers/Shyer; Stansbury Productions; Walt Disney Pictures Released By: Buena Vista MPAA Rating: PG Parental Rating: Good for children Running Time: 124 Hallie Parker/Annie James Nick Parker Elizabeth James Meredith Blake Chessy Martin Marva Kulp Sr
  • . Producer Director Writer (based on the novel Das Doppelte Lottchen by Erich Kastner) Source Editor Musical Composer Production Designer Art Director Set Decorator Casting Sound (mixer) Special Effects Costumes Make Up Stunts Cinematographer Photo Credits: Lorey Sebastian/Walt Disney Pictures Copyright © 2006 TV Guide Magazine Group, Inc

  • . Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures It never fails to amaze me that something as essentially light and pointless as Disney's remake of The Parent Trap can clock in at over two hours in length

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  • . The same year that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were giving us Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind , Disney was essentially still doing the pictures they had done all throughout the '60s

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  • . It proved to be a success for Walt Disney Pictures and, within weeks of its release, the studio announced that a sequel, was in development and slated for release in

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  • . Running Time 2 hours, 23 minutes Country Studio Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Walt Disney Pictures Other Titles • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl • The Pirates of the Caribbean • Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Photos Awards Won 2004 BAFTA Award for Best Make Up/Hair Won 2004 MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance Nominated for 2004 Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Nominated for 2004 Academy Award for Best Makeup Nominated for 2004 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects Sign up for our Newsletter! Movie news in your email: Your Name: Your E-Mail Address: Sign Up Genre: , , , , Ghosts, Swashbuckler, Sea, Pirate, Love, Kidnapping, Gore, Thieves, Vampires, Zombie, Fantasy, Cult Classic Tagline: Prepare to be blown out of the water
  • . Monday, Jun 19, 2006 Walt Disney Pictures has released new stills from Gore Verbinski's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest", flying into theatres on July 7th 2006

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  • . MPAA RATING PG-13, For action/adventure violence RELEASE DATES Theatrical: Jul 9, 2003Video: Nov 2, 2004 RELEASE COMPANY Buena Vista Pictures GENRE , , , , , , , , , , , OFFICIAL SITE • My Friends' Reviews of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Want to see your friends' ratings and Tomatometer appear here? Create a journal and start rating films in your entries

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  • . This is the first time that Disney has released a PG-13 rated film under their Walt Disney Pictures imprints, ratings like these usually go to Touchstone

  • . Gillette: Damian O'Hare Pintel: Lee Arenberg Ragetti: MacKenzie Crook Murtogg: Giles New Walt Disney Pictures Presents A Film Directed By Gore Verbinski


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  • . Lastly, if you have any questions or comments, don't be afraid to ! last updated : 18th June 2006 # of fans : 11326 # of pending : 76 created : july 25, 2003 script by : The official site is now live!! posted by on 1 June 2006 Category: General Make sure you check out the which is now live and loaded with tons of media & goodies about the second film, Dead Man's Chest! New PotC 2 & 3 pictures! posted by on 19 May 2006 Category: Media Added a number of pictures for Dead Man's Chest and a sneak peek, very spoilery picture of what's most likely Pirates 3 ! To check them out, visit the ! New PotC 2 Trailer! posted by on 2 May 2006 Category: General Check out the new trailer that's just been released for the sequel! PotC's true fans..
  • . Do recent box-office flops by Orlando Bloom affect his character in POTC2? Remember, and if they select your words, you can receive a free copy of the issue! New pictures, synopsis, and trailers released! posted by on 10 Dec 2005 Category: Media I've just received the for PotC 2 , as well as the

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  • . » » movie times Search for: Within: of Zip code: about us » » » » on sale now » » » | The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (G) Ebert: Users: Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews, left) takes her granddaughter Princess Mia (Anne Hathaway) into the royal castle in “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.” The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement BY ROGER EBERT / August 11, 2004 Cast & Credits Mia Thermopolis: Queen Clarisse: Viscount Mabrey: Joe: Lilly Moscovitz: Heather Matarazzo Lord Palimore: Tom Poston Paolo: Larry Miller Sir Nicholas: Chris Pine Walt Disney Pictures presents a film directed by

  • . Princess Diaries, The Walt Disney Pictures 8.0 based on 27 reviews based on 47 votes FILM: MPAA RATING: G for General Audiences Starring Julie Andrews , Anne Hathaway , Hector Elizondo , Heather Matarazzo , and Caroline Goodall Shy teenager Mia Thermopolis (Hathaway) is thrown for a loop when, from out of the blue, she learns the astonishing news that she's a real-life princess! As the heir apparent to the crown of the small European principality of Genovia, Mia begins a comical journey towards the throne when her strict and formidable grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi (Andrews), shows up to give her "princess lessons." (Walt Disney Pictures) GENRE(S): Family/Kids WRITTEN BY: Meg Cabot (novel) Gina Wendkos DIRECTED BY: Garry Marshall RELEASE DATE: DVD: December 18, 2001 Video: December 18, 2001 Theatrical: August 3, 2001 RUNNING TIME: 115 minutes, Color ORIGIN: USA All critic scores are converted to a 100-point scale

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  • . » » movie times Search for: Within: of Zip code: about us » » » » on sale now » » » | The Princess Diaries (G) Ebert: Users: The Princess Diaries BY ROGER EBERT / August 3, 2001 Cast & Credits Queen Clarisse: Mia: Joe: Hector Elizondo Lilly: Lana: Helen: Walt Disney Pictures Presents A Film Directed By

    'Prestige' Role for Johansson at Touchstone
  • arlett Johansson is in negotiations to star in Touchstone Pictures' "The Prestige," directed by Christopher Nolan.
    Nolan is producing with Aaron Ryder and Emma Thomas, while Newmark Productions' William Tyrer and Chris Ball are executive producing

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  • . Genre: Children's; Drama Color or b/w: Color Production Co(s).: Keystone Entertainment; Walt Disney Pictures Released By: Buena Vista MPAA Rating: PG Parental Rating: Acceptable for children Running Time: 97 Norm Snively Josh Framm Jackie Framm Judge Cranfield Arthur Chaney Referee 1 Principal Pepper Larry Willingham Buck Willingham Coach Barker Tom Greg Melissa Bailiff Reporter Party Mom Referee 2 Andrea Framm Andrea Framm Buddy the Dog/Air Bud Producer Exec

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  • . Joe Roth, who has been in charge of Walt Disney Pictures and 20th Century Fox, is more adept at running a studio than he is making movies for one

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  • ws articles and details on the upcoming movie.
    The Alamo Starring: Dennis Quaid, Jason Patric, Billy Bob Thornton, Patrick Wilson, Mark Brauner, Laura Clifton, Emilio Echevarría, Jett Garner, Nick Kokich Director: John Lee Hancock Release Date: April 2004 Studio: Touchstone Pictures Movie Stills: Movie Reviews: Message Boards : Box Office Total: $22, 406, 362 Buy Movie: Synopsis: 'Alamo' is deals with many of the historical complexities -- including the Mexican point of view -- that were glossed over in John Wayne's 1960 film

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