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  • . Kim(bottom) & Hiromi Nishiyama(top) THE CAST Ron Becks (CIA Agent Phillip) Starting at age 5 in the film "Odds Against Tomorrow" with Harry Belafonte, Ron Becks has gone on to be the leading man in 5 feature films "Sher Mountain Mystery", "Come & Get It", "Say A Little Prayer" and Television shows "Sharks Paradise", "Romantically Yours", "Home and Away", "The Legend Of Billy Blue" in the United States and Australia
  • . Renata also has her own production company (White Lighting) and children books publishing company (Star Dancing) Hiromi Nishiyama (Agent Matsui) A native of Japan, Hiromi Nishiyama had grown up watching a lot of American television
  • . Since her 1993 arrival in Hollywood, she has been constantly refining her performing skills, appearing in such television shows and feature films as "Go For Broke, " with Bobby Brown, "Baseketball" with the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, "Chick Fighter, " where she had a dual role, and "Watermelon Sushi" where she portrayed a character who aged from twenty to fifty

    Talking with Con Pederson
  • . CP: When we were working last year on a Tom Hanks project for television, the Apollo project, From the Earth to the Moon , which was the same title of course at the Jules Verne book, we had some Russians, they were based in San Diego, and had done some exploratory work together with them and we ended up sending stuff in a trial job to Moscow

    Silent Era: 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • . The opening title will be cropped off both sides on all television monitors, and a few times heads are cut off

    Pete's Dragon
  • . Just remember to throw it away from the television (although I am sorely tempted to throw it at the television in this instance)


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    Guardian Unlimited: The full Mandy
  • . The rights have been awarded to Harbour Pictures whose television credits include the Wimbledon Poisoner, Boswell and Johnson and Jack Rosenthal's Bye Bye Baby

    Cool Runnings
  • . This lackluster production is well- suited for the television viewer with a short attention span who likes to make occasional trips to the kitchen for a bite to eat

    Preview-Online.Com - The Flinstones In Viva Rock Vegas
  • . He can tell you the date that the first episode of the stone-age cartoon series appeared on American television (September 17, 1960) because he was watching it
  • . American television still seemed to be run by the descendants of those Hollywood executives who jotted ‘Slightly balding, can’t sing, dances a little’ on the memo about Fred Astaire’s screen test
  • . “It was a place they talked about often in the original television series.” And, in a nod to that series, the soundtrack of the new movie features Ann-Margret singing ‘Viva Rock Vegas’, a version of the title song of the 1964 movie in which she starred opposite Elvis Presley

    LLRocks: Freaky Friday
  • . On television she co-starred with Tyra Banks in the Wonderful World of Disney movie "Life-Size" and was recently seen on The Disney Channel in an original movie entitled "Get A Clue." A model since age 3, Lohan was featured in a long-running role on the daytime drama "Another World" and has appeared in over 60 commercials
  • . Mark Harmon ("Ryan") was recently nominated for an Emmy Award for his guest performance in the NBC hit drama "The West Wing." An accomplished actor, director and producer, Harmon made his film debut in "Comes A Horseman" and his numerous film credits also include "Wyatt Earp, " "Stealing Home, " "The Presido, " "Summer School" and the soon-to-be-released "Local Boys." He has been nominated for numerous Golden Globes, including for his work on the television series "Reasonable Doubts" and received an Emmy nomination for his performance in "Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years." He has also received acclaimed for his roles on television series such as "Chicago Hope, " "Moonlighting" and "St

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    Disney Stops Miramax From Releasing Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"
  • . OVERHYPED! New York Post POSTED Tue May 18 [11:19 AM] BY [nypost.com] [click here to enter] HOME BREAKING NEWS BUSINESS COLUMNISTS ENTERTAINMENT Books E-News Movies Music Television Theater Tickets GOSSIP LIFESTYLE NEWS POST OPINION REAL ESTATE SPORTS STYLE TRAVEL Archives Last 7 Days Story Index Classified Classroom Extra Comics Coupons Games Home Delivery Horoscope Lottery Newsletters Post Store Post Winners Special Sections Traffic TV Week Weather Win Tix to The Day After Tomorrow Subway Poetry Contest MTA Subway Centennial Mardi Gras Events Schedule Listings & Features The Rhythm of Latin New York Search Sale & Rental Listings Every Tuesday Search Archives Contact Us New Jobs Open NewsCorp Sites Online Media Kit Print Media Kit Privacy Policy Terms of Use <script> document.write('<a href="http://ads.nypost.com/RealMedia/ads/click_lx.ads/www.nypost.com/entertainment/24315.htm/15689/Right1/SBDiets_160x600_ROS_0282905/sky.htm/34323764383566363430613930316630?http://clk.atdmt.com/AGM/go/nypsssbd12600001agm/direct/01/15689" target="_blank"><img src="http://view.atdmt.com/AGM/view/nypsssbd12600001agm/direct/01/15689"/></a>'); </script><noscript><a href="http://ads.nypost.com/RealMedia/ads/click_lx.ads/www.nypost.com/entertainment/24315.htm/15689/Right1/SBDiets_160x600_ROS_0282905/sky.htm/34323764383566363430613930316630?http://clk.atdmt.com/AGM/go/nypsssbd12600001agm/direct/01/15689" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="http://view.atdmt.com/AGM/view/nypsssbd12600001agm/direct/01/15689" /></a></noscript> NEW '9/11' FLICK HAS FAR 'MOORE' FIZZLE THAN SIZZLE By LOU LUMENICK [PHOTO] Post film critic Lou Lumenick says filmmaker Michael Moore falls short of the earth-shattering revelations he promised in his documentary

    Warner Independent Pictures - Good Night, And Good Luck
  • . It chronicles the real-life conflict between television news man Edward R
  • . It chronicles the real-life conflict between television news man Edward R
  • . SYNOPSIS The year is 1953, television is still in its infancy and the esteemed broadcast journalist, Edward R
  • . He also hosts the talk show "Person to Person, " yet "the face of television" is happiest as a news reporter
  • . Critics hail it as a masterpiece of crusading journalism and high responsibility not often found in television
  • . His shortwave radio broadcasts from Europe in the days leading up to World War II brought a new immediacy to coverage of foreign news, his live reports from the war's frontlines made his distinctive voice universally recognizable, and his television documentaries set the standard for illustrating social and political issues by putting a human face on them
  • . He helped shape television journalism during its infancy with his passion for the truth and his tireless efforts to advance democratic ideals, not the least of which he is frequently associated with in the mind of the public: free speech

    Yahoo! Movies: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • . The books are ultimately based upon a late 1970's BBC radio show, and were likewise the basis of a 1981 British television mini-series

    Killer Movies: King Arthur (2004)
  • st and crew, synopsis, trailers, television spots, and news.
    King Arthur Starring: Clive Owen, Stephen Dillane, Keira Knightley, Stellan Skarsgård, Ioan Gruffudd, Hugh Dancy, Ray Winstone, Til Schweiger, Ray Stevenson, Joel Edgerton, Charlie Creed-Miles, Ivano Marescotti, Ken Stott, Sean Gilder, Pat Kinevane Director: Antoine Fuqua Release Date: July 7th, 2004 Studio: Walt Disney Movie Stills: Movie Reviews: Message Boards : Box Office Total: $51, 877, 963 Buy Movie: Synopsis: An historical epic that recounts the fall of the Roman Empire


    Narnia Fans

  • . a subsidiary of Kasenna, signed a deal with Buena Vista Television enabling it to distribute Disney movies for VOD services to both the telco and cable markets

    The One Lion
  • . 13, 2006 The special effects wizards at Wellington's Weta Workshop have picked up another top international honour, this time a Banff Rockie award for television programme animation
  • . Weta, along with Canadian co-producers Nelvana, won the animation prize at the Banff World Television Festival in Alberta, Canada, for Jane and the Dragon: Shall We Dance

    End of the Road for 'Fury Road'
  • . hour with a 10.8/19.) Two television news personalities, ABC's and NBC's, have been set to give their views on the importance of promotion to the Promax&BDA convention in New York next week (June 23-25)
  • . The organization includes promotion personnel in network and local television, cable and satellite
  • . Walters is also scheduled to be honored as a winner of the Television Century Award

  • . Rave New World Those not involved in the expanding sphere of cyberspace attempted to interpret it through the more recognisable medium of television with the enjoyable Max Headroom (7) whilst others more directly connected to the subgenre began to explore links with other fringe societies, especially the techno and rave scene
  • . (10) Towards the end of the film Neo is pursued by Agents who morph into other people around the city - as he crashes through one apartment if you watch very carefully you get a flash of The Prisoner television show playing on the TV set - the ultimate version of man trapped in a false world refusing to conform; "I am not a number! I am a free man!" (11) In this reading Cypher becomes, of course, the Judas figure

    Yahoo Movies: My Favorite Martian
  • . Premise: In this intergalactic comedy based on the classic television series "My Favorite Martian, " ambitious television reporter Tim O'Hara stumbles upon a Martian whose space ship has accidentally crash-landed on Earth

    TV Guide Online: My Favorite Martian
  • . Producer Co-Producer Director Writer (based on the television series created by John L

    UltimateDisney.com: Old Yeller
  • . DVD Details 1.75:1 Anamorphic Widescreen Dolby Digital 5.1 (English) Subtitles: English, Spanish Closed Captioned Release Date: May 7, 2002 Two Single-sided, dual-layered discs (DVD-9) THX-Certified with THX Optimizer Suggested Retail Price: $22.00 (reduced from $29.99) White Double Alpha Keepcase VIDEO and AUDIO Appearing in its original widescreen theatrical aspect ratio of 1.75:1 and enhanced for 16x9 televisions, Old Yeller looks to be at its peak
  • . Film, television, theme parks – you name it, it is glimpsed at in this closing featurette

    HARO Online: Orwell Rolls in His Grave
  • . The Walt Disney Company owns a number of cable stations and the ABC Television network
  • . Will ABC be willing to report on corporate problems in Disney? Or will NBC be willing to report a scandal at GE? If so, will they do so with as much impartiality as their competitors? The public is now faced with companies owning multiple television channels in the same market, or, like in Los Angeles, where Tribune, the company that owns the Los Angeles Times also owns a local television station

    http://digilander.libero.it/all_disney/ @CallCenter