The 80's Movies Rewind: The Color of Money
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The Color Of Money Movie Rewind « << fast-rewind.com The Color Of Money (1986) I wouldn't bother proving my talent to someone who didn't see it to begin with (Harold Ramis) In a sentence, that's what 'The Color Of Money' is all about... That, and the fact that life's a bitch: your girlfriend, mentor, players and friends, are all there to serve themselves: you're everything and nothing to them; fair-weather

A Guide to Current DVD: Snake Eyes
DVD review and rating by Aaron Beierle.
DVD Review:Snake Eyes Snake Eyes Paramount Pictures 2.35:1/Dolby Digital 5.1/English Dolby Surround/French Dolby Surround NOT 16x9 Enhanced Region:1 Also: French and Spanish Dolby Surround Also: English Captions Running Time: 98 Min Rated:R The Film: Imagine a town lying right below a giant dam, which is slowly filling up with water. That's simply how I see "Snake Eyes", a film that starts off strongly, but, suddenly, a crack here, a crack there, and suddenly,

The 80's Movies Rewind
Features a review, trivia, and information about filming locations.
Xanadu Movie Rewind « << fast-rewind.com Xanadu (1980) A sk a person involved in the arts what influences them, and they will tell you their inspiration can come from many different sources: Music, Dance, Beautful Women, Magic. They may even quote the saying, "I was kissed by a muse". Sonny Malone derives his inspiration from all of these things and ends up with a life which could only have been blessed upon by the

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