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  • . Like Disney, Argento has no interest in realism whatsoever; Suspiria is self-consciously stylised, artificial and, as the first victim will remark in a kind of meta-commentary, "so absurd, so fantastic."] The characters are not psychologically developed, but correspond with folkloric types]: a protagonist on a quest by which she will lose her innocence; helper figures who show the way; and a malevolent maternal trio composed of dance instructor Miss Tanner (Alida Valli), administrator Madame Blanc (Joan Bennett), ] the whiteness of whose name stands in ironic contrast to the "Black Queen" of witchcraft, Helene Marcos, a 19th-century Greek immigrant and now the school's elusive "Headmistress." In a conscious if ironic tribute to Disney, Suspiria is about intense color as much as it is about anything; Argento has commented that "we were trying to reproduce the color of Walt Disney's Snow White ; it has been said from the beginning that Technicolor lacked subdued shades, was without nuances—like cut-out cartoons."] Suspiria is about sound as well, overlaid with a repetitive, frantic and compelling musical soundtrack by the rock group Goblin, whose sound has become a hallmark of some key Argento films

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  • . Chock full of mind blowing multi-dimensional visual effects and animation, we're taken on a journey of a woman's life (Marlee Matlin) as we hear from leading scientists and mystics - who say that you're not just what you eat, but you're actually what you THINK! Deep and darn good conversation starter, Betty dug it for its fresh perspective on the age old questions of "who am I?" and "what the hell are we doing here?" Rating: 3.5 Martinis Like creepy political thrillers that make the White House look a whole lot like hell? Well then rejoice conspiracy theorists - this topical remake of the 1962 original that featured Frank Sinatra) is worth a non-matinee ticket
  • . Rating: 4.0 Martinis Riding Giants takes us along surfing’s timeline from it’s early Polynesian roots, to its rebirth in the early 20th Century, to the development of a fledgling surf culture along the coast of Southern California in the 1940s highlighting the group of extraordinary adventurers that emerged: surfers who, not satisfied with the mere recreational and social aspects of the sport, began searching for bigger and bigger waves, pushing the boundaries of performance to explore the “unridden realm.” Riding Giants is the story of these big wave riders, of where and how their quest began, of the classic characters who throughout the eras chased their dreams out into the blue water, and of the surfers who still do today, riding 50, 60 and even 70 foot waves in a manner once considered the realm of fantasy

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  • . Wishing to end his eternal torment, he hunted Demona, ("City of Stone") has since swallowed his hatred and joined King Arthur on his quest ("Pendragon")

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  • equently Asked Questions as of 1995.
    Hey kids! It's The alt.tv.tiny-toon Frequently Asked Questions List! NOTE: This is a dated document -- this means that much of the information in here may be (and likely is) out-of-date
  • . If you have a specific question about Tiny Toon Adventures, inquire publicly on the Usenet newsgroups or -- do not email the author
  • . Other TTA-related pages on the Web: This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list is intended to introduce new readers to Usenet's, a newsgroup devoted to discussion of the animated television show Tiny Toon Adventures
  • . As with any other newsgroup, there are certain questions that come up repeatedly
  • . New users should read this list first before posting a question to the group -- chances are your answer is right here
  • . You may click on any of the highlighted categories or questions below to jump directly to the corresponding section in the FAQ
  • . That answer your question? :-) In the US, TTA is broadcast Monday-Friday at 3pm Eastern Time on the Fox television network


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  • . As he begins to appreciate the complexities of the game, Hikaru makes it his quest to become the ultimate Go champion
  • . Together, Ginta and Babbo embark on a quest to save the World of MÄR from total domination by the evil chess pieces
  • . C'mon Warner Bros., give me the two seasons of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest to complete my old-school Toonami collection
  • . Nothing that'll impress otakus much, but I did manage to get a few things out of them: Hi, Jeff: Following is a response to your question about TOONAMI from Cartoon Network's Marc Buhaj, vice president of programming and scheduling..
  • . Not only is Toonami going to be the premiere home of the Teen Titans movie, but it also seems that we're getting not one, but TWO Hellboy movies on Toonami and a couple of movies from the mind of Stan Lee, unquestionably one of the greatest comic creators of all time

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  • lmography, trivia and other details.
    | to personalize   | Showing page 1 of 19 categorized awards & nominations resume message board official site photographs sound clip(s) video clip(s) Gary Owens (I) Date of birth (location) Trivia Was the narrator in the computer games Space Quest IV and (1995) (VG)

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  • . aka The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot (1998) (V) (voice) ...
  • . aka Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures (1996) (voice) ...

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  • . Speaking of which, why are so many female characters suffering from amnesia? (3/2000) More controvery? A look at the question of race and ethnicity in manga, from a perspective of asking "Why?" and "What happened?" Environmentalism in Manga and Anime A fast look at the thread of environmentalism in manga and anime
  • . (I mean, firefighting , surgery ...) Cambridge/Boston manga/anime shops If you're in the area, you don't have to look far to subscribe to, say, Shonen Jump , or order the newest Dragon Quest

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  • . CPM will be happy to assist these fine staff members find employment opportunities, so any company seeking experienced and professional employees are requested to email CPM at HR519@teamcpm.com for further details." The Musicland retailer chain, which included Suncoast, Mediaplay and Sam Goody and was well known as a major anime purchaser, filed for bankruptcy in January
  • . Information contained therein was obtained by speaking with and sending questionnaires to the staff of such shops around Japan
  • . Soon, Kazuki joins Tokiko in her quest to terminate the sinister being that creates and controls the homunculus
  • . Only 11 percent of those questioned said they liked animation produced in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • . 5-18-06 (3:44AM EDT)---- ANS Adds RSS Newsfeed Probably the most requested feature not implemented to date, ANS is pleased to announce we have added our own RSS news feed which is now live for your use

    The Last Unicorn
  • . She goes on a quest to find what has happened to them and is joined by an incompetent wizard, Schmendrick the magician, and a middle-aged scullery maid, Molly Grue
  • . Because it is about a unicorn and a quest for magic, most people mistakenly dismiss it as nothing but a children's story (it's amazing how much of the best and deepest of the world's literature gets classified as children's stories, folk tales, and myths so they can be safely ignored)
  • . Nausicaa opens with a imaginary future tapestry which tells the tale of the destruction of the world in the "Seven Days of Fire" (and borrows stylistically from the famous which tells the history of the Norman Conquest and some from the Mayan Codex), while The Last Unicorn opens with an animated tapestry based on the in the in New York
  • . I posed a question about this (twice) to rec.arts.anime and rec.arts.animation but got no definite answers
  • . As a result of those letters and all the questions I've gotten, I've put together a for The Last Unicorn

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  • . Shrek asks for his land back so Forquad gives Shrek a quest to find the Princess and offers Shrek his land back
  • . David Loftus, Resident Scholar An ogre, happy in his solitary swamp life, finds that all the Fairy Tale creatures in the land have been relocated to his swamp by the local nobleman who wants to create a "Perfect Kingom." To get them out, he goes on a quest to rescue a princess from a dragon for the nobleman

    Online NewsHour: Cirque du Soleil
  • . Karen Quest, who circles the globe scaring up audiences, says most buskers, performers who live off the kindness of strangers, are happy on the street, but would move indoors if the cirque came calling
  • . KAREN QUEST: It has brought circus to a lot of people


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  • . This mystical journey's goal is the quest of the impossible by strength, elegance and humor

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  • . We check condition and completeness upon request
  • . Please E-mail your questions & requests to: games@jrakar.com When E-mailing a request, PLEASE include the game title or the phrase " Game(s) Request " in the subject of the message
  • . 1981 MB missing some cards & timer 'SMath 1986 Pressman missing instructions 'SMath 1984 Pressman missing 3/184 plastic tiles 101 Dalmations Disney 3-D Game1991 MB 13 Dead End Drive 1993 MB chandelier broken w/1 part mis 13 Dead End Drive 1993 MB incomplete; parts only 1776 1974 AH 8/416 cardbd counters 20 Questions 1988 Univ
  • . Games/Pressmancomplete 20 Questions 21st Century 1988 Univ
  • . Games shrinkwrapped; blue tin box 20 Questions for Kids 1989 University Games missing 1 playing piece 21 Lowell Toy Co
  • . Missing Question Book 221 B Baker Street 1977 Hansen 221 B Baker Street 1977 John Hansen Co
  • . Lowe complete Bowl Bound-College Football 1978 AH parts; missing all team charts Brain Quest - Preschool/Kinder1994 University Games for Preschool & Kindergarten Brain Quest card game-GR1-2 1996 Workman Pub

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    Offers a review of the game.

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  • view, by David Chapman: "Disney's Magical Quest 3 is a great platform game for Disney fans of all ages

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  • view, by Dave Wynn: "I expect many gamers will overlook Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald when patrolling the shelves of their local game store, passing it off as perhaps a title aimed at children or another attempt on the part of Disney to cash in on well known names and characters

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