WWWF Grudge Match: Crocodile Hunter vs. Jurassic Park

  • . He lets these deadly animals strike at him and still he gets away without a scratch

    Hollywood Honors Elia Kazan: Filmmaker and Informer
  • . In the auto industry, UAW leader Walter Reuther took advantage of the Stalinists' unpopularity due to their role as policemen of the no-strike pledge during the war to whip up a pogrom-like atmosphere against left-wingers

    WWWF Grudge Match: Pinky and The Brain vs. Dogbert
  • . Besides, all Dogbert has to do is take out Pinky, and he will cripple the Brain's capability to win (aside from Pinky's dubious talents, the Brain is deep down rather fond of him, and would take his loss fairly hard) The Brain on the other hand can strike at Dogbert's friends, and while it might get Dogbert mad, it won't have nearly the effect on Dogbert that losing Pinky would have on the Brain

    Susan Egan Interview
  • . It opened during a paper strike, so it closed." >< SusanEgan says, "Bummer!" >< Mickey says, "EricR follows-up: Who is the "They" who want to stage Drat the Cat next year?" >< SusanEgan says, "Ira Levin, who wrote it, and the man who produced the album, Bruce Kimmel" >< Next question: >< (Belle) Can you tell a bit why your high school became the Orange County High School of the Arts? I'm from near Los Al and left for college before that happened and I'm curious how things there changed since it became O.C.H.S.o.t.A


    Big Bill Littlejohn
  • . Your stories are mesmerizing.) Apparently, times changed during the Disney strike with his union being transmogrified from 852 into another in existence today, but Bill wanted to return to his profession anyway, animation
  • . Wouldn't you have thought that Bill and Fini met during the Disney strike? Nope
  • . Dozens of them were summarily dismissed during the strike in 1941 though and freelancing was the only way to go

    Van Eaton Galleries UPA cel art
  • ok at original production cels and drawings from UPA cartoons
    UPA ORIGINAL PRODUCTION CELS AND DRAWINGS United Film Production (UPA) was established by former Disney animators John Hubley, Zack Schwartz, Dave Hilberman and Steve Bosustow after the animation strike against Disney in 941

    The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show
  • . And to the "Who was petrillo?" query; The musician's union went on strike during WWII
  • . Bugs decided to take up organ-grinding at the end of one cartoon, and made a reference to Petrillo, the hard-ass union chief who headed the strike
  • . Strike an ordinary match (Girls, you'd better hold onto your boyfriends)

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