Disney's Lilo and Stitch Themed Coloring Pages
Small collection of printables.

Disney's Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Coloring Pages
Pictures of Ariel, Sebastian, King Tritan, and other characters to print and color.

Keith's Colouring Book
A website containing hundreds of black and white images to download, print out,
and color.

Family Fun
A comprehensive online source for creative crafts, fun activities, recipes, as
well as expert tips...


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DisneySites!! Clipart - Over 1500 Disney related clipart
Features over 1500 Disney clipart images of different characters and themes.

  • Check out our new ! There are 1568 images for you to choose from! Categories (Clipart: 222, Categories: 18 ) Clipart of characters not in Movies (Mickey, Donald, etc) (Clipart: 80, Categories: 7 ) Print out pages for children (or you) to color (Clipart: 100, Categories: 12 ) Holiday specific clipart (Clipart: 38, Categories: 6 ) Misc clipart (Disney Signatures, Cruise Line Logo etc) (Clipart: 968, Categories: 312 ) Clipart by movie then by character (Clipart: 65, Categories: 14 ) Clipart from parks, resorts, rides, etc (Clipart: 93, Categories: 49 ) Clipart from Disney's TV cartoons A few random Disney clipart 1 - Use the search field in the top left to find what you want .

  • It may take 3-4 pages to get there, but once you find what you want, you may never leave...

    Enchanted Learning
    Site for K-3rd grade students includes both online and printable activities for
    all subject areas.

    Native Views on Disney's Pocahontas
    Criticism of the animated film and links to more discussions on exploitation and

  • Yep, they should pay me a consulting fee, at least enough to buy PhotoShop and maybe Illustrator 5 too to work on these pages.

  • There will surely be knockoffs like "coloring pix" done right (unlike the ones on the Disney pages), tourist trips to Pocahontas country in Virginia; Pocahontas Villages in the world-wide Disneylands, and on and on.

  • 20: now thee's 14, this page -- with a misplling I just noticed in the description -- is one of the web pages there).

    Land O' Dinosaurs
    Games, puzzles, and desktop patterns. Gives a short background about dinosaurs.

  • Benefits

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    Learn to Draw with Billy Bear
    Step-by-step guide on how to draw everything from hands and eyes to cartoon animals.

    Candida Martinelli's Italophile Site: The Adventures of Pinocchio
    An illustrated e-book in PDF format and a short biography of the author.

  • I've formatted the e-book pages in landscape with an enlarged text size .

  • Once it is fully loaded (all 321 pages), use the Reader's Save File As feature to save the file to a directory on you compute r.

  • Chapters It you'd like, you can read the first three chapters of my illustrated Pinocchio on-line as normal pages of this site .

    Lesson Tutor: Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Cross-curriculum thematic unit includes background, resources, and ideas of

    Kid's Page
    Art and craft ideas for preschoolers through upper elementary students.
    Includes seasonal activities...


    Mom's Break
    E-mail at momsbreak.com.

  • ~ Free birthday printable invitations, iron-on transfers, scrapbooks pages, candy wrappers, a special first birthday 2006 section, and more.

  • ~ Cuts-Outs, Lay-Out Pages, Shapes, and Stencils for Scrapbooking, Memory Books, Greeting Card Decorating, and other Paper Craft projects.

    Easter Games For The Family Or Classroom
    Printable puzzle games including word search, word scramble, and maze.

    Kids Domain: PC Demos by Age
    A comprehensive list of shareware or function limited software for children,
    sorted into appropriate...

    Friends of Pooh
    HTML instructions, site list, and membership information.

    Surfing the Net with Kids: Banned Books Week
    The best sites for kids and teens in celebration of Banned Books Week, rated and
    reviewed by San Diego...

    Jesse's A Kid's View Of The Zoo
    Take a virtual tour of Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri. Animal pictures
    can be downloaded...

    Toys of Another Time
    Sells a large variety of Baby Boomer toys including dolls, cartoon collectibles,
    advertising collectibles...

  • The covers are near mint and inside each book only a few pages are colored.

  • The Laugh-in book and Dennis the Menace book have only 2 pages each colored in them, the Julia coloring book has 3 pages colored, and the Blondie book hasn’t been colored in at all.

    101 car activities for kids, road trip tips for toddlers and babies, free travel stuff.

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