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  • . It's nothing like that! There's no Big Brother and all of that stuff." So you have a problem in dealing with a large audience, apart from science fiction people, when you put science fiction out in front of a larger audience, the dates are too small

    Greatest Films - Sullivan's Travels (1941)
  • . The film tells of the 'mission' of 'Sully' (Joel McCrea), a big-shot Hollywood director of lightweight comedies to experience suffering in the world before producing his next socially-conscious film of hard times - an epic titled 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' about the common man
  • . [Film-makers Joel and Ethan Coen paid homage to Sturges and his admirable film by naming their own 21st century film O Brother, Where Art Thou (2000)? ] After some failed attempts dressed as a hobo and companionship on the road with an aspiring blonde actress simply called The Girl (Veronica Lake in her second picture following her work in I Wanted Wings (1941) ) and wearing boy's clothes, he succeeds in losing his freedom, identity and name, health, pride and money
  • . Lebrand feels that Sullivan's protected, sheltered background is precisely why his successful, non-message pictures "have been so light, so cheerful, so inspiring." Ruefully, Sullivan admits his first-hand ignorance about trouble, poverty, and misery, and the studio representatives believe they have persuaded him to reconsider and not film his next project: O Brother, Where Art Thou? - a message film that would surely fail at the box office
    Guide to upcoming Disney DVD releases, including disc details.
    Upcoming Disney DVD Release Schedule | Top Stories : # Title Year -Link- Notes 2006 June 27: Film conclusion to "Lilo & Stitch: The Series"; 1.78:1 16:9, DD 5.1, never-before-seen episode, Big Red Battleship Flight Simulator game; $26.99 SRP; ; 2006 June 27: 1.33:1, DD 5.1, extended cut of Disney Channel Original Movie; Aly & A.J. music videos "Rush" and "On the Ride", "Behind the Scenes with Aly & A.J.";

    Walt Disney: When You Wish Upon A Star
  • . In 1923, Disney founded a new studio in Hollywood with his brother Roy and Ub Iwerks


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    CBUB Fights: Bugs Bunny vs. Mickey Mouse
  • . Now this is actual footage taken earlier where we see Disney's high-flying Tail-Spin gang up against the WWII era Warner Brother's plane killing Gremlin
  • . Bugs on the other hand, has expressed superior intellect and a funny-yet sadistic nature in at one time or another inflicted a severe beating on a Warners Brother character
  • . Besides, the Warner Brothers toons are indestructible
  • . The warner brother cartoons have the character in some life threatening situation (I.E
  • . I almost forgot, Bugs has the Urban Gang on his side (Tiny Toons, Warner Brothers & sister, and of course Pinky and the Brain) Brain a "boss" in the bugs family? I shutter the thought
  • . Mole Didi Durchblick Rick Radar Variante Rick Radar ohne Kennung am Fuss und die Serie Das königliche Turnier von Funny Castle Burgfräulein Mathilde von Maienglock Friedhelm, Freiherr von Zahnstein Ritter Rüdiger von Büchsenberg Gustl, Kammerdiener des künftigen Königs Schildknappe Willi Zaubermeister Magnus Hexe Grimmalda Die schwertschwingende Amazonia Schidknappe Annabella FKK Ritter Dietmar vom kühlen Blech Schildknappe Eddi Schildknappe Hubertus Ritter Olaf, der Grimmige Internetseiten gestalten Neu: verschenke mal eine Internetseite Bernd das Brot, Kinderkanal, der die das wieso weshalb warum wer nicht fragt bleibt dumm Berliner Morgenpost Infos und Big Brother können wir nicht bieten, aber viel Spass

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