Tiny Toon Adventures episode guide

  • . 2 : A QUACK IN THE QUARKS [#140 -- Akom] FULL -- 9/17/90 Plucky volunteers to show two weird-looking transfer students around the Acme Looniversity campus, only to discover that they're actually aliens from Planet X, who have been sent to bring back Earth's greatest specimen (which egocentric Plucky essentially claims to be) to battle the evil Duck Vader
  • . They eventually end up in Buckingham Palace, where they discover a plot by the servants to kidnap Prince Charles and Princess Di (who talk in an inaudible, but very British, audio blur)
  • . Popular's Rules of Cool" -- Buster helps Hamton lose the disco thing and get into a totally cool dance club
  • . 75 : LOVE DISCONNECTION [#172 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] SHORTS -- 11/25/91 Two disastrous trips down the aisle of dating hell, as offered up by Buster's best Chuck Woolery impersonation
  • . 79 : HOW I SPENT MY VACATION [# n/a -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] MOVIE -- 3/11/92 (released as an 80-minute home video) The 'toons finally make it to Summer Vacation in this feature- length home video, which features (pun!) five or so plot-lines passing the baton to one another: * Plucky discovers that Hamton's parents are taking the Pig family to Happy World Land (gasp and drool!) and Plucky manages to get himself invited on what turns out to be a nightmare voyage across the country in a sweaty back-seat

  • . Disco Brummer Beppo Happy Hippos im Beipackzettel Träumer Tommi Fitness-Fieber Power Pit Indianer Stammesstärkster Sauna Sepp Asterix in Amerika Indianer Häuptling Happy Hippo mit Waage Indianer Späher Purzel Peter Häuptlingstochter Hatschi Pudding Paul Medizinmann Babsy Baby Miraculix Susi Sonnenschein Verleihinix Hippi Hippo Majestix Beipackzettel Asterix Obelix Nachtwächter Die ganz neuen Troubadix Spediteur Blumentopfzwerge Römischer Senator Lucullus Der Boss Cäsar Popomatz Centurio Wanderwastl Beipackzettel Wünschelrutengänger Liebtsiemich Ninio Onderas Schluckspecht Elefantao Linda Frescau Beipackzettel Jose Granvole Pia Ciapasol Kolumbus Teeny Tapsi Törtels Pedro Tropical Mampfi Dorinda Ole Batida Mucho Fifao Amadeus mit Basthut Click Paparasao Tölpi Todo Slurpao Sir Winston Armanda De La Playa Calypso Beipackzettel Flora mit Blüte Marino mit Brett auf rotem Ei Nostragattus Marino mit gelbem Stein Miaogizi Miciolangelo Robinson mit Blatt lose Tutanmangioni Beipackzettel Asmiraspekiet Medin ah Pizz Direktor Konrad Gnädig Die Kroko-Schule Fatik e Furbot Tommy Tadel Geometrik Benjamin Tagtraum Mummiao Lisket Stefan Stulle Belleh Mamma Dr


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