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  • . Here are a few of my favorite TGC moments: My all-time favorite TGC line: --Macbeth and Margot, "The Journey" The woman who does it all: --Xanatos, "Broadway Goes Hollywood" A classic kind of line from a classic kind of guy: --Hudson, "Dying of the Light" A tribute to us? --Broadway, "Dying of the Light" Finally an answer to that long-pondered question: What does a gargoyle smell like? --Robbins and Hudson, "Dying of the Light" The other kiss: Elisa and Goliath, "For It May Come True" And where else did we finally get those three little words? --Elisa and Goliath, "For It May Come True" Another one of my personal favorites: --Hudson, "Seeing Isn't Believing" I couldn't let a tribute to TGC go by without one speech from its number one villain: --Castaway, "Angels in the Night" And finally, Goliath's closing speech: --Goliath, Angels in the Night Still eager for more Gargoyles sound bytes? I have a list of links to other pages with sounds: In the process of rebuilding the sound archive from the FTP site, but also containing other goodies such as the theme to the show--in several languages

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  • . Hungry for more? I knew you would be! Other Gargoyles (and Gargoyleish) Sites --I was amazed to learn that there really is a Xanatos Enterprises, owned by (believe it or not) David Xanatos
  • . --A library of information for fans interested in the periods and references in the series that would rival even Xanatos'

    LJC's Disney's Gargoyles Primer
  • . David Xanatos owns New York, if not the world
  • . He runs Xanatos Enterprises, a multinational conglomerate with subsidiaries including Genutech Systems ("Metamorphosis"), and Pack Media Studios ("The Thrill of the Hunt")
  • . Owen Burnett is Xanatos' major domo
  • . Efficient, irreplaceable, and completely loyal, Owen was a mystery until the birth of Alexander Xanatos
  • . Great kids, but very boring! I was more drawn to their daughter, Fox and her then-boyfriend David Xanatos
  • . Fox Xanatos, nee Janine Reynard, was leader of the Pack, a group brought together by Xanatos for television
  • . Sent to jail ("The Thrill of the Hunt") Xanatos staged an escape to give her a shot at an early parole ("The Leader of the Pack") and she moved into Castle Wyvern ("Eye of the Beholder") and they married
  • . She became pregnant and gave birth to their son, whom they named Alexander Fox Xanatos ("The Gathering")
  • . He brought his Children home (forcibly, in some cases) and attempted, at the urging of his wife, to take Alexander Xanatos from his parents so that the child would be raised on Avalon with full access to his fay heritage

    The Avalon Archive: The Cast of Gargoyles
  • . Anton Sevarius, a geneticist in Xanatos' employ) is a popular British actor who does a lot of cartoon voices
  • . >:) JONATHAN FRAKES (David Xanatos and Coyote) makes his feature film directorial debut on "Star Trek: First Contact, " in which he also co-stars

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  • . In the animated series Gargoyles , bad guy Xanatos was voiced by, who played Commander Will Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation

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