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  • . a former Arizona county sheriff, was Utah gubernatorial candidate for the Libertarian Party -- until this week

    Choking on Popcorn
  • . Bob Koniption I believe in the werewolf because I personally saw the Sheriff of Walworth..

    Pamelyn Ferdin Web Page
  • . Pamelyn Ferdin's character, Lynn, had bonded with the horse and was upset and tried to encourage her father, a sheriff, to rescind the execution
  • . The father/sheriff was caught in the middle, wanting to follow the law and please his daughter

    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Friz Freleng
  • . McKimson is on record as citing a sheriff character from the 1930s radio show Blue Monday Jamboree as the source for Foggy
  • . (Compare the clear Claghorn caricature in Rebel Rabbit , directed by McKimson in 1949, with Foggy and note the similarities.) For his part, Mel Blanc stated the he based the character on a hard of hearing sheriff from an old vaudeville routine


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