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  • . My old college swim team watched most of the films youíd expect a group of young jocks circa 1999 to thrive on ó, , , , Rocky

    Pirates of the Caribbean Script
  • . Jack : Will you be saving her then? Mullroy: I canít swim

    IMDb - Coney Island (1917)
  • . Seeing as how there are no men's swim trunks on hand large enough to fit him, Roscoe pilfers and dons a lady's XXX-tra large swimsuit instead

    WWWF Grudge Match: Crocodile Hunter vs. Jurassic Park
  • . Cuba generally isn't known for welcoming outside businesses though it would be fun to see the raptors get loose, swim to Florida and raid Disney World

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  • . ...Not being able to swim starts to sink and sees a beautiful young mermaid -just for a moment- prior to being rescued by the panicked adults who throw themselves into the sea after him
  • . It weighed approximately 30 pounds to help with swimming underwater

    TV Guide Online: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • . While flawlessly delivered, it's overkill--so loud and excessive, it makes our head swim

    Screen Memories
  • . That films can directly affect the way people think, particularly about things they do not understand, is beyond doubt; people today are still afraid to swim in the sea after seeing Jaws

    Movie Poop Shoot
  • . Posted in | Posted Friday, June 23rd, 2006 at 15:06pm We wrap up our inaugural week with an exclusive ‚Äúlost‚ÄĚ audio commentary from the first season of THE VENTURE BROS., which makes its second season debut this Sunday evening at 10:30pm on [adult swim]
  • . Posted in | Posted Thursday, June 22nd, 2006 at 5:46am [adult swim]‚Äôs Dana Snyder and Ken Plume‚Äôs weekly chat podcast returns, now at the Quick Stop

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  • . So the question on everybodyís lip is, will Poseidon sink, or swim? It probably wonít swim, as it is a boat, and boats donít swim

    Malachi's Movie Reviews
  • . He is an avid movie critic and hopes to be a scriptwriter and director someday.) Addams Family Values : I liked the whole movie, for example, the part where the kids are in summer camp, and Wednesday was supposed to be the life guard and another kid wanted to be the victim, so the girl who was going to be the victim jumped in and pretended to drown, and Wednesday said, "I can't swim." The people who made this movie knew that camp is really as terrible as it is

    Voice work in Kim Possible
  • . Bonnie's Mom Downhill brick misc Britina Crush Cameraman All the News Cameraman Day of the Snowmen Camp Counselor Sink or Swim Career Week Guy Job Unfair Cashier 1 Low Budget Cashier 2 Low Budget Cheerleader Past (2) Cheese Lovin Shopper Low Budget Chi The Ron Factor Cleo/Tour Guide The Art Of War Co-Pilot The New Ron Colonel Monkey Fist Strikes Computer Voice Tick-Tick-Tick Computer Voice Job Unfair Corey regular Cousin Larry Monkey Fist Strikes Crystal Sink or Swim D Hall Thug 2 Mind Games Dallas Attack of the Killer Bebes Delta The Ron Factor Disk Jockey The Golden Years DN-Amy Downhill Docter Drakken Bueno Nacho/Crush/Tick-Tick-Tick Download Awards Rocker 1 Kimitation Nation Dr Betty Director The Ron Factor Dr Cyrus Bortel The Twin Factor Dr Director Number One Dr Fenster Kimitation Nation Dr Freeman Car Trouble Dr Lurkin Sink or Swim Dr Renton Motor Ed Dr Zeruda Naked Genius Dr
  • . Francis Lurman) Low Budget Fukushima Exchange Future Bonnie Future Future Jim Future Future Monique Future Future Wade Future Gamma The Ron Factor General Simms Rufus Versus Commodore Puddles Ghost Car Car Trouble Gill/Gil Sink or Swim GJ Scientist The Ron Factor Global Justice scientist The Ron Factor Golf Interviewee Pain King Vs Clepatra Granny Two to Tutor GWA Fan Pain King Vs Clepatra Hector The Art Of War Hego Go Team Go Hi Kim Computer Voice Mind Games Hirotaka Exchange Infinity Guy Naked Genius Jack Hench Ron the Man Jackie Oaks/ The Jackal Pain King vs

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  • . Explore with us the amazing horizons beyond the Toonami and Adult Swim blocks and across the ocean
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  • . This isn't their first swim in the broadband waters
  • . Their first endeavor was the short-lived Adult Swim Pipeline, which replaced Toonami's earlier streaming video endeavor Toonami Reactor (the first one Cartoon Network has ever done featuring Toonami mainstays like Dragon Ball Z and web-exclusive shows like Star Blazers, Patlabor, Captain Harlock, and Record of Lodoss War)

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  • . News: Samurai Champloo and Paranoia Agent will be joining the Adult Swim's summer '05 line-up
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    WWWF Grudge Match
  • . Uncle Scrooge? Some possibilities there: cantankerousness plus the ability to swim through a bin of gold coins as if it's water plus he's a world traveler
  • . Daffy's not a great swimmer; he has not a glimmer of hope when facing the spit that Donald is sure to emit

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  • . you can Email me at Į Sorry this site is not being updated at the moment, hope you enjoyed your swim

    HARO Online - Fantasia 2000
  • . Computer generated whales swim through the water and fly majestically through the air

    Finding Nemo - The Making
  • . LU: Somehow we ended up being like this little nimble fish that managed to swim through the waters of the summer and getting past all these other movies that were coming out

    Kid Stuff? Don't Bet On It
  • . A noble black labrador is swimming in a huge water tank; exhausted, he slips under the water and bumps the bottom
  • . This dog -- called Rowf -- is part of a water-immersion experiment to see how long a dog can swim before he drowns

    IMDb: Shark Tale
  • . He wishes for a better life, hoping to swim his way to the top of the fish social ladder, though his coworker Angie (voice of Renee Zellweger) thinks he should be happy with who he is, and tries to subtly drop hints that she's quite taken with him @CallCenter