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  • . It's a great read and if you're a fan of Disneyana, this is a must-have

    Emuck: Allwine/Taylor Invited Talk Transcript
  • . I was lucky enough to see both of you perform in public at one of the Disneyana Conventions, and was also thrilled to meet you in person then
  • . if ya listen..." >< Mickey nods >< Mickey says, "Russi, I remember you telling the Disneyana ConventionEars that you use your hand in some way when doing the nephews" >< RussiTaylor says, "Don't tell everybody!" >< Mickey is sorry! >< Mickey smiles >< RussiTaylor says, "I'm embarrassed enough!" >< Mickey says, "You need to avoid stress in the throat?" >< RussiTaylor says, "Don't we all?..." >< Mickey says, "Well, would you tell us about how you use your hands?" >< RussiTaylor says, "I cross all my fingers

    Disney Actors and Actresses Webring
  • . Also available are collectible note cards, coffee mugs, mousepads, pins, posters, T-shirts, and other fun Disneyana items featuring Mell Kilpatrick’s wonderful vintage photos of Disneyland

    Studio Chapter NFFC
  • apter of the National Fantasy Fan Club for Disneyana Collectors and Enthusiasts located in Los Angeles
  • . Includes organization information, meeting information, schedule, and photographs.
    This is the homepage for the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Fantasy Fan Club for Disneyana Enthusiasts and Collectors

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  • . The following persons have been a great source of knowledge and inspiration, and without them this site may not exist: Jay Horowitz (The Marx Toy Company, Florida, USA), Tom Tumbush ( Disneyana Update magazine), Ted Hake ( Hake's Americana) , Tom Terry ( PFPC magazine) Bob D'Angelo, Rich Koch, Mark Serravalle, Paul Stadinger, Frank Siano, Robert Mulero, Kimberly Davis, Cindy Moscati, Sheila McManus, Kathy Suski, Dan Goodsell and of course, Louis Marx and Walt Disney

    Disneyana Exchange
    Secondary market brokerage dealing exclusively with Disney items that are limited, retired or just no longer available. Includes Walt Disney Classics, and Disneyana Convention pieces.

    Centraldocinema: Le Avventure Acquatiche di Steve Zissou
  • . In realtà, oltre ai cappellini rossi ai costumi speedo color acquamarina ai walkman da palombaro e all’odissea d’ossessione mobydickesca, c’è altro: Fellini – è Wes Anderson a dircelo di persona -, Tati – mi sento di aggiungere io -, l’avventura disneyana con la A maiuscola (I Goonies, Tron perché no, i viaggi verso l’ignoto, le ragazze coi leoni e i veli da sposa forse)
  • . 17) Seu Jorge – Five Years 18) Scott Walker – 30 Century Man 19) The Zombies – The Way I Feel Inside 20) David Bowie – Queen Bitch ...il mondo è impazzissou...(...e io con lui.) Ebbene sì: questo Life Zissou with WIfe Aquatic, questo Stevsey Life with Aquatic Zissou, questo Aquatic Steve i Zissou Life, insomma questo Le avventure acquatiche di Steve Zissou (ma avete idea che il titolo è stato cambiato in questo tutto sommato onesto soltanto tramite sondaggio popolare e non per mea culpa dei distributori?) è stupendo! Sì, wes è riuscito a sorprendermi ancora, giocando ad altro: via il rigore da camera dei precedenti, e via, ora, con l'avventura con la A maiuscola, quasi simil-disneyana (il bel disney nostalgico dela fine '70-inizio 80: Goonies, Tron perchè no, i viaggi nell'ignoto, le ragazze coi leoni e i veli da sposa forse)

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