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The Armchair Empire - Xbox Reviews: Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure
Review, by Lee Cieniawa: "Level design displays a lot of creativity." [Score:
8.2 out of 10]

  • Platform: Xbox Genre : Sports Publisher : Activision Developer : Toys for Bob ESRB : E (Everyone) Released : Q4 2003 Support AE! Buy Games Here: Be notified of site updates.

  • I point out kid-friendly, because unlike the more mature demographic of Kingdom Hearts players, DESA is really a game thatís targeted to the under-10 crowd who still listens to Radio Disney and watches the Disney Channel, where all of the characters in DESA practically make daily appearances.

  • Also, despite the usage of the Tony Hawkís Pro Skater 4 engine, which helped create the toughest and most challenging THPS game yet, DESA is extremely easy to play.

  • This is obviously done purposely so that young game players will be able to enjoy playing without much frustration, but it limits the audience that could possibly be interested in a solid skateboarding game, Disney characters or not.

  • Even though DESA is too easy for anybody older than 10, Toys For Bob does an amazing job nonetheless creating a very fun skating game for its intended audience with the unexpected element of animated Disney characters shredding and skating all over familiar locales from Toy Story 2, Tarzan, and The Lion King animated films.

  • Yes, thatís Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Tarzan and Jane (in their much-younger form, to appeal to the young game players), Simba, Rafiki, Pumbaa & Timon, and a host of other characters from the above-mentioned three Disney movies doing like Tony Hawk.

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  • Look for the re-runs, though! 22 July 2002 There may not be any more shows or comic books, but there still are games in development for both Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs (which includes Pinky and the Brain ).

  • Obviously, there have been a lot of Tiny Toons games released over the past couple of years which I have overlooked.

  • But here we go with what's new out there: Swing! Entertainment Media AG in Germany has the rights, and has some pretty well-known game developers writing this stuff.

  • and Conspiracy Games just released in Europe are Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Stackers , while Tiny Toon Adventures: Scary Dreams (called Buster's Bad Dream in some markets -- I've seen covers for each title, but I'm not sure which will be the U.S.

  • Coming soon for Playstation2 and GameCube is Tiny Toon Adventures: Defenders of the Universe , which features all-new voiceovers by surviving cast members.

  • Planned for later this year from the same crew is, for Playstation2 and GameCube, Animaniacs: Hollywood Hijinx and, for GameBoy Advance, both Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action and Pinky and the Brain: The Master Plan .

  • Information, pictures and movies from these titles can be had from the Flash-infested web site, (only broadband recommended).

  • The Animaniacs deal, cut in July 2001, called for four games based on the license, so there should be one other title coming.

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    Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse for GameCube Review ...
    Review by Ryan Davis, [4.6/10]. "Serves as a bullet-point list of reasons why
    adventure games are...

  • | E-mail: Password: | background color: search: Downloads GameSpot Review 4.6 poor Gameplay 5 Graphics 5 Sound 4 Value 5 Tilt 4 Difficulty: Easy Learning Curve: From 0 to 15 Minutes Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse for the GameCube serves as a bullet-point list of reasons why adventure games are being ignored by the general public.

  • For many years now, certain circles of gamers have been lamenting the pending death of the classic adventure game--titles like LucasArts' Monkey Island series, where the game is built around intricate puzzles and a good story rather than level-building or twitch gameplay.

  • Grim Fandango, Myst, Alone in the Dark--these are all oft-cited examples of what makes a great adventure game.

  • However, Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse for the GameCube serves as a bullet-point list of reasons why adventure games are being ignored by the general public.

  • The game starts off with a real-time cinematic of Mickey's dream-self being lured into his bedroom mirror by what is supposed to be a ghost, but what more closely resembles the bill from School House Rock .

  • For the most part, Magical Mirror is a very simple, straightforward point-and-click adventure game.

  • Anyone who's played an adventure game will be instantly familiar with the puzzle types presented here, which are usually based on combining items and then interacting with them.

  • Magical Mirror does tweak the adventure game formula slightly by introducing the trick system, which will require you to trigger certain events in order to progress through certain puzzles.

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    IGN: Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse Review
    Review by Fran Mirabella, [4.8/10]. "Definitely rent first and see how your child

  • | Search IGN Weekly packs NHL 2K7, Comic-Con and the CGI, and there's of course plenty SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES PARTNERS · · · » » » (GCN) Guide Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse by September 11, 2002 - At Nintendo's Space World 2001 show, where it was just beginning to unveil more GameCube software, a Disney title slipped itself into the mix on one of the demo reels.

  • Unless you're a parent or very curious GameCube fan, this review isn't for you.

  • Features Point and click Disney adventure for kids only Play tricks on Mickey to trigger interactive sequences and solve puzzles Plug in a second controller to help guide your child through the levels Colorful, well animated 3D worlds Progressive scan support for the discerning youngster Link up to the Game Boy Advance to slightly alter the game world Gameplay Disney's Magical Mirror begins as our favorite mouse finds himself having an outer-body experience during an otherwise normal night of sleep.

  • Quickly the gamer will realize he has absolutely no control over Mickey.

  • Controlling the white glove on the screen with the left analog stick, gamers will find that the icon changes or highlights over objects Mickey can interact with.

  • The biggest problem with the game presents itself very early here.

  • Of course, the game isn't entirely dull cut-scenes and one-dimensional gameplay.

  • The main gameplay mechanic behind Magical Mirror has Mickey questing to collect stars, which in turn allow the player to play pranks on him.

    IGN: Disney's Tarzan Untamed Review
    Reviewed by: Fran Mirabella III, score 6.3/10. "Surf tree branches, swing from
    vines and chuck spears...

  • | Search IGN Weekly packs NHL 2K7, Comic-Con and the CGI, and there's of course plenty SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES PARTNERS · · · » » » (GCN) Guide FAQs Tarzan Untamed Surf tree branches, swing from vines and chuck spears at jungle outsiders -- Tarzan has arrived.

  • by November 20, 2001 - Gamers have always wanted to go half-naked into the jungles and mingle happily with apes and monkeys.

  • The game follows an all-new storyline, features a variety of different play modes and proudly boasts a superbly produced cartoon style similar to the movie.

  • Features Inspired by the surfing elements found in the recent animated classic Featuring the return of characters Tarzan, Jane, Terk and many others Experience the rush of jungle-based extreme sports ranging from bungee jumping to tree surfing Lush 3D environments that mock the movie visuals Collect rare items as you explore the vast 3D worlds Perform frontside rodeos, backflips, spins and more extreme tricks Features quicker load times over PS2 version Runs at improved fluidity -- 60 frames per second Features enhanced textures Gameplay The story of Tarzan Untamed picks up shortly after the film left off.

  • It's a very simplistic setup that gamers will have no problems adapting to with little practice.

  • It's not a flaw that can't be played past, but it's annoying and given that Ubi Soft has attempted to mimic the fast-action cartoon this certainly breaks from the feel of the movie, and for that matter the rest of the game.

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  • most recognizable public domain board game and appealing to those with ADD.

  • By: Roadgeek Many of them were over shadowed by more popular games or by lack of advertising.

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  • We put a lot of hope in younger generation, which grows on Japanese Nintendo and Sega games, which promote anime style.

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