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    Puma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Encyclopedia article describes this cats physical characteristics, and what you
    should do if you see a puma.

  • Houston Astros 1B/OF Lance Berkman has been nicknamed 'The Big Puma' by local radio personalities, ostensibly due to his lack of speed and grace in the field and on the basepaths

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    BBC - South West Wales - Yoursay - Topics
    Includes a discussion, big cat photography game, news, and articles.

  • At this time dead sheep were found around the works, partly eaten stray sheep were everywhere throughout the works.' Simon of Neath is sure that he has seen a big cat: 'About five years ago, I was driving at speed down the mountain, near the colliery where I work

  • Bigger than an alsatian and completely black, his shoulders were up high and his head down low, and despite being dazzled by the lights of the landrover, he was still very agile, dashing off with great speed and stealth.' Brenda of Lincolnshire has this to say: 'Come on, why be frightened of these cats? They would have to be extremly hungry or injured to bother attacking a human

  • info: CAT PUMA SPEED

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    Vertrieb von Artikeln der Marke Puma, auch Bilder des Ladenlokals.

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    Lions--Africa's Majestic Maned Cats - Jehovah's Witnesses Official ...
    General information about the lion's physical characteristics and social behavior.

  • At times they seem to be lazy and lethargic, but they have the ability to move with surprising speed

  • With an explosive burst of speed, they race into the mass of startled wildebeests

  • [1, 300 kg] In the initial chase, lions can reach speeds of up to 36 miles [59 km] an hour, but they cannot sustain that speed for long

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    Kit-Cat Klock - The Authentic Original Felix Clock!
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    Big Cat Sightings in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire
    Record of local close encounters.

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  • Variables such as brake style, tire width, frame size, speed provide further variety

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    Voice work of Tress MacNeille
    Over 100 voice credits as contributed by viewers.

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