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Barn Owl Centre of Gloucestershire
Dedicated to advance public education in Owl and Raptor welfare and husbandry in
the UK and elsewhere. Has many useful links.

Barn Owl - Tyto alba
Photographs, songs, identification tips, North American distribution maps, and
life history.

The Barn Owl
Information on the Barn owl and how to build nest boxes with accompanying photos.

Barn Owl Information Page
Pictures, general information, and nesting boxes information of the Common Barn Owl.

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The Owl Cam, Free Live Webcam. Benicia, California Barn Owls
Live webcam of a Barn Owl nest in Benicia, California.

The Barn Owl Trust
The Barn Owl Trust is a national registered charity based in Devon, UK. The Trust
is dedicated to conserving the Barn Owl and its environment and providing well ...

BBC - Barn Owls
Facts on the Barn owl including description, distribution, habitat, behavior,
and reproduction.

Barn Owl
Discusses habitat, indentification, nesting and wintering areas, other names,
and how to help this endangered raptor.


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Barn Owl
Read about color changes, sounds they make, how they fly, when and how they hunt,
and what they eat.

Barn Owl
Pictures and information from the owl's point of view.

Barn Owl Headquarters
Information on the nesting boxes of Barn Owls and their usage for rodent control.

Common Barn Owl (Tyto alba)
Habitat, diet, life history, range, special adaptations, and conservation status.
Includes a photo.


Barn Owl Conservation Network
A UK network of specialist voluntary advisors, working to help this threatened
species by promoting a nationwide habitat creation scheme coupled with the ...

Wirral & Ellesmere Port Barn Owl Trust
Registered charity aiming to conserve wild Barn Owl populations. Gives information
about the Barn Owl, the activities of the trust and how to become a member.

Barn Owl stamps
Stamps showing Barn Owl (Tyto alba)

The North Cheshire Barn Owl Group
Inviting new members to join and help Barn Owls in the North Cheshire Area.

Information on Owls
Information on several owl species from The North Carolina Cooperative Extension

Greater Sooty Owl
Also called a Dusky Barn Owl, learn about its habitat, see a pair in their nest
and hear their call.

Owls of Harry Potter
Describes the birds owned by Harry, Ron and Draco in the films, including where
they can be found and what they normally eat.

Owls of the World
A simple checklist of the owls of the world.


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