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  • Bicycle to the store instead of driving

    The Green Line
    From the University of Illinois Extension, information on the food label dates
    such as the expiry date.

  • Store cubes in freezer in plastic bags

  • Save flower seeds from non-hybrids by allowing seeds to mature; spread seeds on newspaper, turn to dry and store in glass jars at 48-50 degrees F

  • Dig up caladium bulbs; let them dry and store in a warm, dry place

    The Green Line
    Short article on tea, its caffeine contents compared to coffee, and the various
    types which are commonly found on the market.

  • Cabbage is maturing and it will store in the garden for a week or two


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    Printing UK Online Printer Company Folders Folder Presentation ...
    Stationery, business and post cards, CDs, forms, promotional items and presentation

    Doing Business In (Insert Country Name Here)
    2004 report includes overview, political and economic environment, selling US
    products and services, leading sectors, trade regulations and standards, ...

    Whats Going On In Cuba?
    Article by Albert Weisbord analysing Agrarian Reform laws, economic results of
    the revolution, and political and social aspects of Castro's consolidation of ...

  • Did you want to run a store? Then periodically you had to pay for 'protection' so that your store could be run without too much trouble, etc., etc

  • They brought their necessities in company stores that mercilessly robbed and cheated them

    Nontoxic(non-toxic) tips for who have pets and little ones
    Frugal alternatives for households using vinegar, borax, baking soda, lemon,
    salt, artgum erasers, and botantical resources. Tips for pet owners on grooming and ...

  • Natural remedies which you can find at health food and other stores include Remifemin, plant based progesterone creams, Source Natural's 'Hot Flash', and many other excellent supplements

  • Benefits

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    down the avenue
    Blog that brings passion to technology, business and life from a woman's perspective.

    Gay and Lesbian Guide to Costa Rica, ...
    Information on the country, climate, gay life, and tourist activities.

    Gay and Lesbian Guide to Costa Rica, ...
    Information on the country, climate, gay life, and tourist activities.

    Cuba Tour: Main Page
    Michael Ayers' tour covered much of Cuba during his 30-day bike-and-camp trip in
    2002, with photos.

  • Here's how it went: walk with both bags 1/2 mile to the train station that I usually use to get to work; board the local Amtrak train; transfer to our local subway system after one stop; take the subway a few miles; exit and catch the shuttle bus to my workplace; walk to the building where my office is and store the gear there

  • Dollars are used in all tourist facilities, Casas, State-run stores and markets, Taxis, and to give to locals who "help" you in one way or another


    Stefano Dighero - Yemen
    No photos, but a detailed and sensitive description of a week in Yemen.

  • At first we walked a little bit along the walls, which have been recently restored by a UNESCO's project

  • The first floor rooms store household items and the second floor contains a reception room for guests

  • Bedrooms and the kitchen are located on the top two or three floors, with the kitchen usually equipped with a well, which passes through the lower storeys and into the ground

    Pidgin/English Dictionary
    An English to Tok Pisin glossary for the Tok Pisin variant spoken in Port Moresby.

    Greenbrier Mall - Home
    Contains gift guide information, mall hours, mall events, services, employment
    opportunities, and store promotions.

    Mail Handling in the age of Bioterrorism
    A security consultant who has been sterilizing mail fills the information void
    on handling and decontaminating anthrax tainted mail.

    das boot vefrit
    Monthly web publication that features the works of artists, designers, architects
    and writers.

    Cuban Stories and other Tales
    Collection of short stories by Joel Font about the Cuban and Cuban-American experience.

  • Slowly the Cuban stores started to get hit by petty Dominican criminals

  • But, few Dominicans frequented the store, which hurt business

    My own private Hellmouth
    This site offers a fun, growing look at both the life of a rabid 'Buffy' fan as
    well as the show itself.

    Genetic Engineering in Agriculture
    A virtual book about applications of genetic engineering in agriculture,and about
    the movement trying to discredit it.


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