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Database design and implementation articles, tips, tricks, code samples, FAQ's
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  • Website Last Updated: Thu 10/08/2006 (UK) New Microsoft Access Articles 10-08-2006 03-08-2006 02-08-2006 26-07-2006 04-07-2006 29-06-2006 Without doubt HTML Help Generator for Microsoft Access is the fastest and easiest way to add Help and documentation to your Access database

  • It generates all files (HTML, images, help project files) and automatically integrates the help with the database

  • Instructor led courses (never cancelled) in London or in your office anywhere in the UK Database Solutions for Microsoft Access | Database design and implementation tutorials, articles, tips, tricks, code samples, Microsoft Access Help and FAQ's and

  • Database Solutions for Microsoft Access has been designed to help & assist Microsoft Access 97, 2000, 2002 (XP) and 2003 database users and developers of database applications to find answers to some frequently asked questions and topics

  • There are articles, tutorials, code samples and help topics that may assist in database design, normalisation, Primary and Foreign Keys, queries, form design, reports and much, much more and are intended to cover Basic to Intermediate level Microsoft Access Database Development

    The Market Access Database
    Databases about barriers affecting trade with non-EU-members. Some databases are
    only available to...

    GPO Access Online Resources: AZ Resource List
    Provides links to numerous free databases of federal information.

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    GPO Access
    The Government Printing Office provides free public access to full-text federal
    documents, official...


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    MS Access, Excel Database Design Tutorials
    Well written and thorough explanations on creating and maintaining database
    through MS Access and Excel.

  • Database Tutorials The GeekGirls bring Database building down to the easy, nitty gritty facts

  • Two tutorials, one for those that need to read, one for those that want to jump right in Access Creating a Database, whether you want to use a Wizard or start from scratch, you can learn it here

  • From Zicklin School of Business - Baruch College City University of New York From Microsoft, based on Access 2002 Round up your CD's and learn how to create a database catelog Organize your contact list into a Microsoft Access database, no prior database knowledge needed Creating a form is a quite simple, pleasant experience Offer web users up-to-date information at the click of a mouse

  • Let's find out how to get data from the database Once you move data from an Excel type spreadsheet to Access, what next? Creating data relationships! Complete Create a Simple Query first If you’re searching for a more flexible data management system, a database might be just the salvation you’re looking for

  • Learn how to provide security to your Access Database Learn how to create professionally formatted reports automatically from our database information Okay, you've created your database, here's step by step instructions for getting it on the web Database Solutions for Microsoft Access

    Microsoft Access database help, repair, tips, training, developers
    Discussion boards, technical support service, training, database repair, and

  • Microsoft Access Help Cannot open your database? Getting errors? Is your database corrupted and needs recovery? Lost critical data? Lost your password? No backup? Need to repair that access database? We can help with our rapid response Access Recovery service

  • Discover how our team of programmers can help you create your very own, custom designed database

  • Learn how to use the most popular database of all time

  • (Online Video tutorial) Learn how to use your MS Access database using these inexpensive online tutorials

  • Check out these screenshots to see examples of good database design

    Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)
    Search a bibliographic database of more than 1.1 million citations on education
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  • Department of Education, produces the world's premier database of journal and non-journal education literature

  • Search the database Search: Search In: ERIC News My ERIC Login or to access My ERIC

    Bibliographic database of citations to the agricultural literature created by
    the National Agricultural...

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    Ad*Access Project
    Provides access to digital images print advertisements published primarily in
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  • The Ad*Access Project, funded by the Duke Endowment 'Library 2000' Fund, presents images and database information for over 7, 000 advertisements printed in U.S

    Microsoft Access Tutorial - Prof. Holowczak
    In this tutorial the four basic modules of Access are demonstrated: tables, forms,
    reports and queries...

  • A business example is discussed first which provides a background for developing a simple database

  • The tutorial begins with a brief overview of Relational Databases

  • The majority of database management systems in use today are based on what is called the relational database model

  • Access is a relational database management system

  • We then describe a business example and give an outline for the database and applications we wish to develop

  • 1.1 Intended Audience This tutorial is intended for students just getting started with the MS Access database management system

  • 2 Brief overview of Relational Databases and Database Applications The first databases implemented during the 1960s and 1970s were based upon either flat data files or the hierarchical or networked data models

  • In the late 1970s, the relational database model which originated in the academic research community became available in commercial implementations such as IBM DB2 and Oracle

  • In relational databases such as Sybase, Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server and MS Access, data is stored in tables made up of one or more columns (Access calls a column a field )

    Access Database Repair Center
    Database repair and recovery service.

  • Our Microsoft Access Repair specialists are waiting to fix your corrupt database! Let them examine your mdb file free of charge and provide you with a full analysis of the condition of your data and objects

  • Why use us for Microsoft Access Database Repair and Recovery? You get your database repaired FAST , usually in under an hour

  • Your data is secure - we delete all of your data from our hard drive once you have received the fixed database or have decided not to proceed

  • All Clients receive a FREE recovery report that answers the following questions: What causes corruption in a Microsoft Access database? How can you prevent it and what steps can you take for full data recovery? We have a large number of client testimonials who swear by our service and results

  • Why not read what they say so you can reasure yourself? Typical Corrupt Microsoft Access Database Symptoms The most common error messages indicating a corrupt mdb file are listed below

  • Unrecognized Database Format Enter database password - even though none was set up The Microsoft Jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time [database.mdb] isn't an Index in this table

    Access Database Tips
    MS Access tips for beginning users and VBA programmers.

  • Access Database Tips SPECIAL NOTE: I have been gradually moving all the pages from this site to a new site

  • If you have added my Access Database Tips site to your favourites, please delete that favourite and add the new one which is at

  • Web Note: This web site is an independent publication of Richard W

  • what's new on the Access database tips website Tables and the relationships between them are the foundation of any database

  • I have included some Access Database Tips for tables on this page

  • I have included some Access Database Tips for forms on this page

  • I have included some Access Database Tips for reports on this page

  • The Access Database Tips site also supplies samples of databases created using the Microsoft® Access program, complete with Access VBA, with many of the tips This page allows readers to subscribe to the newsletter, The Manxman's Database Tips Update

  • Contact Richard about the Access Database Tips website Contact me via this form if you need consulting services for your MS Access databases


    FunctionX Access Tutorial
    Introductory-level MS Access tutorial covers topics ranging from creating databases
    to beginning VBA...

  • MS Access Fundamentals Microsoft Access is a development environment used to create computer databases for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems

  • Controls Resources These are databases you may need to follow lessons on this site

  • Some sample databases we work on some time to time

  • We have also included the sample databases that shipped with Microsoft Access 97 but that were not found in MS Access >= 2000 These are the same Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) topics you can find on the

  • US Senate: Develop a database of the USE Senate

  • Examples Database Objects These are fundamental concepts you should know about databases in general and Microsoft Access in particular

    Access Database Design & Programming
    This second edition of the bestselling Access Database Design & Programming covers
    Access' new VBA...

  • Access Database Design and Programming, Second Edition By  Second Edition July 1999 Pages: 432 () () This book has been updated--the edition you're requesting is out of print

  • Book description This second edition of the bestselling Access Database Design & Programming covers the new VBA Integrated Development Environment used by Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; the VBA language itself; Microsoft's latest data access technology, Active Data Objects (ADO); plus Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)

  • This is particularly true of a powerful database product like Microsoft Access

  • Novice, and sometimes even experienced, programmers are so concerned with how something is done in Access that they often lose sight of the general principles that underlie their database applications

  • Access Database Design & Programming, 2nd Edition, an update to the bestselling first edition, features: A discussion of Access' new VBA Integrated Development Environment, which, for the first time, is the one used by Word, Excel, and PowerPoint An expansion of the discussion of the VBA language itself, in response to reader requests A discussion of Microsoft's latest data access technology, called Active Data Objects (or ADO), along with a discussion of Open Database Connectivity(ODBC), which is intimately connected with ADO Unlike other Access books that take the long, detailed approach to every topic of concern to Access programmers, this book focuses instead on the core concepts, enabling programmers to develop solid, effective database applications

    Access Database Design & Programming
    Provides experienced Access users who are novice programmers with frequently
    overlooked concepts and...

  • Access Database Design & Programming What You Really Need to Know to Develop with Access By  First Edition Pages: 270 () () This book has been updated--the edition you're requesting is out of print

  • Book description This book provides experienced Access users who are novice programers with frequently overlooked concepts and techniques necessary to create effective database applications

  • This is particularly true of a powerful database product like Microsoft Access

  • Novice, and sometimes even experienced programmers, are so concerned with how something is done in Access that they often lose sight of the general principles that underlie their database applications

  • Access Database Design & Programming takes the reader behind the details of the Access interface, focusing on the general knowledge necessary for Access users or developers to create effective database applications

  • In particular, the book focuses on three areas: Database design

  • Access makes it so easy -- and so visually attractive -- to create databases that users are strongly tempted to create the tables of a database without designing them beforehand

    PubMed Central
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    Using ASP to Connect to an Access Database
    Detailed tutorial including screen shots and the source code.

  • Lesson 17: Connecting to an Access database Lesson 17: Connecting to an Access database Author: Difficulty: Medium Requires: ASP, MS Access97 or 2000 Demo: n/a Download: Summary: Learn to connect an MS Access database to you ASP pages

  • Intro This is a long awaited lesson about connecting an Access database with ASP pages

  • I will also learn you how to create a database table in Access and how to retrieve it's content and display it through ASP

  • Creating a database table The first thing to do is creating a database table in Access

  • Choose 'Blank Database' and click OK

  • Now Access asks where you want to save the database file (the mdb file) and what to call it

  • Call it MyDatabase.mdb, and save it in My Documents folder

  • A window will now pop up, click New to make a new table in your database

  • Access will now display your new table: It looks a bit like an Excel spreadsheet, but it's a database table

  • Every database contains several tables which holds your information

  • I'm going to build a database over my friends' homepages

  • And voila! you have made your first database!! Making an ODBC connection Now we are going to make the connection that our ASP scripts are going to use when talking to the database we have created

    Social Science Research Network
    SSRN is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research.
    Site consists of...

    Microsoft Access Consultants/MS Access Programmer Tutorials
    Microsoft Access database consulting specializing in rapid prototyping, database
    conversion, connections...

  • Custom Access Database Development 100+ Programming Examples Extensive 3rd Party Product Listings Microsoft Access Programmer Experts Looking for Microsoft Access consultants to help create an Access database? Then you are at the right place! We are full-time Microsoft

  • Our programmers' goal is to , databases at a with unparalleled

  • We perform database design in Microsoft Access 2003/2002/2000/97 and support all versions above Access 95

  • We offer programming at reasonable and the best in the database consulting industry

  • Need help with a small Access database development problem? Just - we will help at no charge

  • We service Access database clients across America - from Maryland to Texas to California & many foreign countries (British Virgin Islands, Canada, Australia, etc.)

  • Our Developers Program Efficient Databases Is your database slow? Not ours! Our databases hold more data, and are more reliable than nearly all databases existing today

  • How: We use table, query and transaction processing techniques that create fast Access databases

  • Broad & In-Depth Industry Experience Concerned about our programmer's ability to understand your business functions? originated within large corporations working on databases (Oracle) with 100's of tables and a thousand + forms on Databases
    Articles, discussion forum and links covering a variety of database products.

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  • Sunday September 3, 2006 | The Array() function is used to create an array from a comma-delimited list of elements Sunday September 3, 2006 | Have you ever wanted to combine information from multiple tables in your database in an efficient manner? Microsoft Access offers a powerful query function with an easy-to-learn interface that makes it a snap to extract exactly the information you need from your database

  • Sunday September 3, 2006 | The ACID model is one of the oldest and most important concepts of database theory

  • It sets forward four goals that every database management system must strive to achieve: atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability

  • No database that fails to meet any of these four goals can be considered reliable

  • Sunday August 27, 2006 | After a long gap in the release of SQL Server databases, Microsoft recently released SQL Server 2005 (formerly code-named Yukon)

  • In this substantial upgrade, they've packed the new database engine full of features


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