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halo effect ---> music as communication
A Minneapolis, Minnesota band influenced by artists such as Radiohead, Jeff
Buckley, U2, and Sonic Youth. With news, biography, show dates, artwork, lyrics, ...

  • Plus, we might just be showing our first ever music video! Please join us for a wonderful night of music and film

  • What do you think of the music? How do you feel about the government, politics, or pizza? Tell us what's on your mind..

    Halo 2 for Xbox - Halo 2 Xbox Game - Halo 2 Xbox Video Game
    "Despite a rather short campaign and a disappointing storyline, Halo 2 is an
    exceptional shooter that frequently delivers thrilling, memorable, ...

    MP3Lizard.com - Free artist promotion program!
    Artist promotion site, features MP3 files from independent Finnish and international

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  • info: HALO MUSIC

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    Edgen Animations - Justin R. Durban - Cinematic Film Composer, Web ...
    3D commercial animation, web design, music and effects.

  • 'Upliftingly dark' cinematic film/game music and the digital art gallery of Justin R

  • Durban Featured Music Streams: Featured Purchase: Music Scoring Projects: "If you know how to use a pencil to draw, you could probably draw anything

  • Durban which is comprised of Film, Game, and TV Music in mp3 format, 3D Animations, Web design, music tutorials and Traditional Artwork consisting of pen, pencil, and paintings

  • trailer music for ss:2845 starsiege All the music can be downloaded free of use and free of charge as long as proper credit is given back to the original owner

  • Film Music, Game Music, Free MP3s, 3d animation durban edgen lexington with the vocals of lindsay anne klemm

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    IGN: Halo 2
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  • - March 20, 2006 More music from the acclaimed game coming to you

  • - December 15, 2003 We've saved the best for last! - December 12, 2003 The second batch is here and they're HOT! - December 10, 2003 The first batch of high-res Halo 2 desktops! - November 25, 2003 Not just great game music, but Halo 2 vids as well

    IGN: Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack
    Previews, news, review, guide, screenshots, and videos.

    Blue Halo Productions, Inc :: A Music and Audio Production Company
    Duo Sanskrit performers. Biographies, song samples, performance schedules, and
    information about Sanskrit.

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    GameSpy: Halo 2
    Description, review, cheat codes, and links to related articles.

  • (11/04/04) - Bungie's resident music and sound man Marty O'Donnell takes on a trip through the aural aspects of the game

    Half A Halo
    Official site of this 4 piece hard rock band.

  • 07.26.06 Dave will be Musical Directing Leslie Carter from Aug 6th till Aug 12th, 2006 in L.A on the new House Of Carter's reality show to be seen on EChannel this October

  • 02.27.06 Dave Thompson and Marc Arcand from High Holy Days presented a Video Of The Year award to The Arcade Fire at the 6th Annual Independent Music Awards at Canadian Music Week in Toronto on March 1st

  • The music is hard and dark

  • May 25th 2005 Dave Thompson becomes a proud endorser of Music Man and Spector Basses

  • Dave will play the SUB line from Music Man and the Performer Series from Spector

  • Thanks to Derek at Music Man and PJ at Spector

  • Leslie's brothers are Nick and Aaron Carter, but her musical style is a little rockier than her siblings...It will be interesting to hear the results of this unlikely coupling..

  • Cheers March 5th, 2005 CMW, what a fuckin' blast!! Thanks to the lads in High Holy Days, we spent the past 4 days at the Royal York Fairmont in Toronto at this years 2005 Canadian Music Week...High Holy Days (Dave plays bass with HHD) was nominated for Best New Group in Rock at the Canadian Radio Music Awards and was beaten out by The Trews...Rightfully so too, The Trews rock!! We had much fun getting pissed and partying at shindigs hosted by Universal, Sony/BMG, Wind Up Canada and TVT records

    Luna Halo's Shimmer
    Review from RealMagazine.com by Jenie M.

  • > > > Buy Music (review writte n 05.17.00 ) Luna Halo Shimmer Sparrow Records 2000 Luna Halo's newest release on the Sparrow Records label, Shimmer , is a creative new masterpiece in Christian music

  • Shimmer was created using a variety of different creative techniques and elements to the music business

  • Also, Japanese seems to have a profound influence on the band and their music

    Inferno Nightclub :: Madison, WI
    Nightclub located in Madison. Includes calendar and description of nightly events,
    picture gallery, and forum.

  • [] [rock - Madison, WI] The ARGE sent a shockwave through the Madison music scene when they started playing the clubs

  • Music fans were awakened from their emo-induced apathy and began to have fun again! They play rock’n’roll the way it should be: loud, sweaty, heart on the sleeve and tongue in cheek

  • Tonight features a special line up of LIVE BANDS , with: [industrial / trance / electro - Philadelphia, PA] Cesium 137 is a perfect synthesis of classic pop song structures, emotive vocals, and hard dance music grafted into one form

  • Bastardized man-chines T-BOTTEN, SHMANDRUD, HOMENBORGN, and BORT struggle musically between their shared humanity and their inherent programming

  • In combination, Darling New Neighbors wield a DIY and undaunted approach to tune-crafting that propels them from their base of garage rock and classic pop idioms through a wide-ranging landscape of honkytonk, slow jams, Latin music and hair-metal


    Rolling Stone : The Halo Benders
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  • Beyond : The Halo Benders Related Influences No Influences Contemporaries No Contemporaries Followers No Followers Everything :The Halo Benders | : : The Halo Benders Special Offers Stay connected to Rolling Stone with: premium partners Subscribe! RS Music Store: Top 10 songs for 49¢ Rolling Stone Music Store The Rapture Bob Dylan Pharrell Nelly Furtado The Knife ©RealNetworks, Inc

    Jesusfreakhideout.com Interview: Luna Halo
    Interview with Nathan Barlowe and Jonny MacIntosh.

  • And we thought it was a cool name that fit our music

  • Jonny and I wanted to pursue different musical interests then the rest of the band in direction

  • (Amy joins in, So did you arrange the music-- how does that work?..

  • It just shows another way of looking at music

  • JFH: The Jesus freak Hideout website was started out of appreciation for good Christian music

  • We've set a goal to try to use the site to spread Christian music, as well as God's Word, & show others how good Christian music really is

  • Do you listen to Christian music? If so, what bands? Nathan: Yeah..

    Welcome to GameAxis.com
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    Hand Held Halo - independent electronic record label,mp3s,synthpop ...
    Record label based in England. Contains news, free MP3 files and online store.
    Artists include Gebrauche-Musik, Intervox, Seven Words and Phear.

  • quality electronic music from the new purveyors of the genre

    News (Sep 7th 06) | Sector 7 Halo
    Featuring news, downloads, articles, and image galleries.

  • News | Features Halo: CE Halo 2 Halo 3 Friends Best: Sector 7 → News (Aug 10th 06) Wednesday, June 7th 2006 Posted: 11:06 pm by - Bungie So as you can tell we are excited here, Bungie released a behind the scenes making of the Halo 3 describing all of their thinking on its creations, they spend alot of time talking about the graphics engine and then another good portion on the music

    Blood Star Halo << BLOODSTARHALO.COM
    Official site for the Los Angeles thrash metal band.


    Gameguru Mania - Gaming, Software, Hardware and Technology News

  • Music's very nice, story's generally good, character design ranges from dull to decent, but occasionally it all works really well

  • But it´s a masterpiece how the designers build up athmosphere with the sky-textures, leveldesign and music

    Halo Cheats
    Cheats for the xbox version as well as other games.

  • Halo Pages (Yes music from mortal combat

  • Did you realy think i'd have a page with out music?) This is a gamers page deicated to the tomboy side of me not only do I enjoy gore games, I live them.All information about other games that have not been listed can be found at www.cheatplanet.com and Gamewinners.com .I am a fan of xbox so all xbox information is here no ps or gamecube information will be on this page! SORRY! Our menu is located below!Menu loading....


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