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This page is entirely dedicated to the magnificent Valkyrie Fighter, the plane that made the fortune of the Macross anime in japan and of the Robotech saga later on in USA. The Valkyrie is one of the first and finest examples of "realistic" mecha design.

More sessions are available on this page, each covering a different aspect of VF-1S (the industrial codename for Valkyrie fighters) with particular emphasis on the Fighter version, which was clearly derived from the existing F14 Tomcat.

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3D Model
3D GAllery

Take a look at the 3D Valkyrie model, check out the texturing schemes and look at how it changed from the first version to the latest one.
Here you can find a serie of renderings of a 3D Valkyrie, these were produced on my Amiga A1200 with Imagine, and are available on Aminet.

PC Gallery
YF19 Gallery
This new gallery contains a collection of images rendered with my PII300 with a demo version of Imagine.The subject is obviously the Valkyrie.
From Macross Plus, the wonderful YF-19 Alpha One Valkyrie in a brand new gallery. Take a look at this new modeling effort.

Source Material
Regult Battlepod
A lot of books and modelkits were used as a base of information for the modeling of the fighter. Find out the best mediabooks and models here.
Can you think of Macross without Zentradi battlepods? Check it out in this brand new gallery.


Here is a collection of high resolution, high detail pictures ready to be set as wallpapers for your desktop.
Direct from Macross Plus the VF-11 Thunderbolt was an excellent replacement for the old, non transformable VF-4.

Avi/Mpeg Movies

A collection of Mpeg and Avi videos showing movements and transformations of various models from the page.

Gundam Weapons

Special 20000 Wallpaper

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