Ongar railway station in 1980 Ongar 4 77 Ongar station, London Transport - geograph.org.uk - 616264 Ongar Station, with push-&-pull train to Epping geograph-2361941-by-Ben-Brooksbank

Blake Hall
  Chiusa il 1 Ottobre 1981 per scarsa affluenza (addirittura 17 persone al giorno!)
Blake Hall railway station 1828549 ee6f929d Blake Hall station

North Weald
1960-Red-North-Weald North Weald station - 125th anniversary day - geograph.org.uk - 1615606 North Weald stn look east2

Disused tracks beyond Epping - geograph.org.uk - 1213070 Epping station - 125th anniversary day - geograph.org.uk - 1615621 EPPING-1 010510 CPS (4575444826) Epping underground station (geograph 2910394) EPPING-04 050211 CPS (5422271284) Epping tube station MMB 01 1992 Stock

Theydon Bois
91305-TheydonBois-20090511 London Underground 1992 Stock at Theydon Bois by tompagenet Theydon Bois station - geograph.org.uk - 218616 Theydon Bois stn look south2

Debden station look high eastbound Debden station look westbound2 Debden stn east Debden station look eastbound

Loughton station centre platform north Loughton station centre platform south Loughton Station - geograph.org.uk - 1524872 Loughton station westnorth

Buckhurst Hill
Palmerston Road bridge - geograph.org.uk - 1214605 Looking south from Buckhurst Hill station - geograph.org.uk - 1214627 Buckhurst Hill stn look south2 Buckhurst Hill stn look north Buckhurst Hill Station 1932331 58b1bf75

Roding Valley
  Hainault Loop  
  1992 Stock Roding ValleyRoding Valley stn high westbound   Roding Valley stn high eastbound2Roding Valley stn east

  Woodford tube station MMB 02 1992 Stock Woodford station look north Woodford station look south2 Woodford station bay platform look north

  Hainault Loop  
  Chigwell railway station geograph-3106173-by-Ben-BrooksbankChigwell station look west
Chigwell station high eastboundChigwell stn west
    Grange Hill Tunnel west

South Woodford
  South Woodford stn high northbound South Woodford stn high southbound Central Line railway in South Woodford - geograph.org.uk - 555981 South Woodford stn south

Grange Hill
  Hainault Loop  
  1960-Grange-HillGrange Hill stn high southbound   Grange Hill stn look north Grange Hill stn look south2
  91193-Snaresbrook-20090511 Snaresbrook station high northbound Snaresbrook station look south Snaresbrook station south
  Hainault Loop  
  1960-Tube-White-3-car-&-1962-x2-at-HainaultHainault station - geograph.org.uk - 732687   Hainault tube station platforms 2&3 look northHainault station platform 2 look south2
  Hainault Loop  
  Fairlop northFairlop south   Fairlop station look north2GER bracketry Fairlop
  Hainault Loop  
  Barkingside Station - geograph.org.uk - 87642Barkingside station high northbound   Barkingside station high southboundBarkingside stn north
Newbury Park
  Hainault Loop  
  Integrated Transport - geograph.org.uk - 87636Newbury Park station high northbound
Newbury Park station high southboundCentral line train - geograph.org.uk - 1603144
Gants Hill
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  Gants Hill UndergroundGants Hill stn eastbound look west

  Gants Hill stn westbound look eastGants Hill station - geograph.org.uk - 831354
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  Redbridge station eastbound look eastRedbridge station eastbound look west

Redbridge tube station, westbound platform - geograph.org.uk - 911384Redbridge ticket hall
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  Wanstead station eastbound look westWanstead station westbound look east

  Wanstead London Underground station eastbound Wanstead station building

1962 stock Sandite train at Leytonstone 1962 stock Sandite train at Leytonstone1 1962 stock Sandite train at Leytonstone2 1992 Stock at Leytonstone (2) Leytonstone station eastbound east 1992 Stock at Leytonstone

Leyton tube east Leyton tube west Leyton station, London Underground geograph-3750073-by-Ben-Brooksbank Leyton stn building
Stratford station (6441062251) Stratford station 08 Stratford station MMB 13 1992-Stock 1992 stock st Stratford platform 3a Sept2010 Stratford main line Station b geograph-4020761-by-Ben-Brooksbank

Mile End
Mile End stn Central eastbound look west Mile End stn Central westbound look east Mile End tube stn westbound Central look east 2012 Mile End Platform, Central Line 2008 Mile End tube station MMB 04 1992 Stock

Bethnal Green
Bethnal Green stn eastbound look east Bethnal Green stn westbound look east Bethnal Green stn memorial plaque Bethnal Green Tube entrance Bethnal Green Tube entrance

Liverpool Street
LIVERPOOL ST 280808 CPS-1 (3998109007) LIVERPOOL ST 280808 CPS-2 (3998870326) LIVERPOOL ST 280808 CPS-3 (3998870904) LIVERPOOL STREET 281109-04 CPS (4143756356) Escalators at Liverpool Street tube station, London looking down 1090965 LIVERPOOL ST-04 050211 CPS (5421659893) LIVERPOOL STREET 281109-06 CPS (4142998201)

Central London Railway 1903 stock motor car Bank station Central line eastbound look west BANK-1 110813 CPS (11711216683) London Underground Central Line at Bank station 2005-12-10 02 London Underground Central Line at Bank station 2005-12-10 01 Cmglee Bank Underground platform Bank station MMB 11 1992 Stock Bank station Central eastbound look east

St. Paul's
St Paul's stn westbound look east St Pauls station eastbound look west refurb St Pauls stn eastbound look west St Pauls stn westbound look east ST PAULS-7 010510 CPS (4574814717) ST PAULS-9 010510 CPS (4575449306) St Pauls tube escalators ST PAULS-7 010510 CPS (4574814717)

Chancery Lane
Chancery Lane stn eastbound Chancery Lane stn westbound look east 92 Stock arriving at Chancery Lane (331628107) Chancery Lane tube station, Eastbound platform - geograph.org.uk - 670204 Chancery Lane Shortest escalator

HOLBORN-1 240710 CPS (4837787746) HOLBORN-2 230612 CPS (7567941648) HOLBORN-2 240710 CPS (4837176481) HOLBORN-3 230612 CPS (7567942144)

Tottenham Court Road
Tottenham Court Road stn Central westbound look east Tottenham Court Road stn eastbound Central look west TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD-2 CPS 190211 (5461810963) Tottenham Court Road tube Roundel TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD-1 CPS 190211 (5462412102) TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD-3 CPS 190211 (5461811733) TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD-4 CPS 190211 (5461812499) Tottenhamstation londonunderground

Oxford Circus
Oxford Circus stn Central eastbound look west Oxford Circus stn Central westbound look east Oxford Circus station - geograph.org.uk - 830534 Oxford Circus tube station - westbound Central Line platform - 2005-12-10 Oxford Circus tube station, Eastbound, Central line, platform 2 - geograph.org.uk - 1143598 Escalator at Oxford Circus Oxford Circus tube station MMB 01 1992-Stock Oxford Street tube Station (Bakerloo Building) - geograph.org.uk - 1269094

Bond Street
Bond Street Central line Westbound BOND STREET-01 240710 CPS (4837187455) BOND STREET-02 240710 CPS (4837799738) BOND STREET-03 240710 CPS (4837188735) Bond Street Underground Station - geograph.org.uk - 527328 Bond Street tube Westbound Platform 1 BOND STREET 281109-1 CPS (4142996779) Bond Street stn Central line westbound

Marble Arch
Marble Arch stn eastbound look west Marble Arch stn westbound look east MARBLE ARCH-01 240710 CPS (4837186185) Escalators at Marble Arch tube station, London London 1090978 Marble Arch station, W1 - geograph.org.uk - 831396

Lancaster Gate
Lancaster Gate stn eastbound look west Lancaster Gate stn westbound look east Lancaster gate station Lancaster Gate tube Lancaster Gate stn eastbound

Queensway station westbound look east Queensway stn eastbound look west London Underground circa 1900 Queensway stn and train Queensway tube station - geograph.org.uk - 1021928

Notting Hill Gate
Notting Hill Gate stn eastbound Central look west Notting Hill Gate stn westbound look east Notting Hill Gate Subway Entrance-1983

Holland Park
Holland Park stn eastbound look west Holland Park stn westbound look east Holland Park tube station 2007 - EPSN0320lr Holland Park LT station geograph-3683334-by-Ben-Brooksbank

Shepherd's Bush
Shepherd's Bush tube stn eastbound look east Shepherd's Bush tube stn westbound look east Central London Railway locomotive Shepherd's Bush tube station MMB 03 1992-Stock Shepherd's Bush tube stn eastbound look west Shepherds Bush tube station 040 Shepherds Bush tube station 045 Shepherds Bush tube station 047 Shepherds Bush tube station 041 Shepherds Bush tube station 043 Shepherds Bush tube station 042

White City
White City stn centre track look east White City stn centre track look west White City stn centre track look west 1992 stock London , White City Railway Station - geograph.org.uk - 1737928 White City station White City Tube Station at Central Line in London, spring 2013

East Acton
1992 Stock at East Acton East Acton stn eastbound East Acton stn westbound East Acton stn westbound East Acton tube station in London, spring 2013 (1) East Acton Underground Station - geograph.org.uk - 1145946
North Acton
Central line trains at North Acton station - geograph.org.uk - 934934 North Acton look east North Acton look west North Acton stn eastbound look west 1. North Acton 3 79 11317 copy North.Acton.Tube North Acton stn westbound



Hanger Lane
Hanger Lane stn eastbound Hanger Lane stn westbound Hanger Lane station geograph-3598362-by-Ben-Brooksbank Hanger Lane Station - geograph.org.uk - 316005

Perivale station eastbound Perivale station westbound Central Line London Underground departs Perivale station Perivale Underground Station, Central Line - geograph.org.uk - 1279886 Perivale station building

  E' stata l' ultima stazione dell' Underground a dotarsi di Scale Mobili in legno dopo il terribile Incendio di King's Cross del 1987: ma questa eccezione ormai stata soppiantata dalla sostituzione delle Scale Mobili con degli speciali ascensori inclinati aperti nel 2015
165128+CentralLine-Greenford-20090513 Greenford eastbound look west Greenford Mk 1 Greenford Station (6431086751) Greenford station bay platform Unit 165126 Going up wooden escalator at Greenford 16-06-06 165106 at Greenford station 2

Northolt station eastbound Northolt station westbound Northolt station look east2 Northolt station look west Au Morandarte Flickr IMG 6061 (14994550437)

South Ruislip
South Ruislip station 037 South Ruislip station 038 South Ruislip station 036 South Ruislip station MMB 08 1992-stock South Ruislip station MMB 06 1992-stock South Ruislip stn tube eastbound

Ruislip Gardens
Ruislip Gardens stn eastbound2 Ruislip Gardens stn westbound Ruislip Gardens tube station MMB 01 1992 Stock Ruislip Gardens stn look east Ruislip Gardens stn look east Ruislip Gardens station platform geograph-3986307-by-Ben-Brooksbank

West Ruislip
West Ruislip station 033 West Ruislip station MMB 07 1992-Stock West Ruislip station MMB 09 1992-Stock West Ruislip station MMB 15 1992-Stock West Ruislip station MMB 18 1992-Stock West Ruislip station MMB 16 1992-Stock West Ruislip station MMB 22 1992-Stock

West Acton
West Acton stn look east West Acton stn look west West Acton stn building

Ealing Broadway
Ealing Broadway station MMB 12 1992 Stock Ealing Broadway stn Central line look east Ealing Broadway stn Central line look west Ealing Broadway stn mainline slow look east2 Ealing Broadway stn mainline slow look east1