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9push.gif (1016 bytes)In august the 16th 1920, the patriot P. Nika altogether with gentlemen A. Erebara, P. Jakova, A. Hoxha, A. Koja, P. Berisha, A. Zajmi, H. Fortuzi, B. Pazari, L. Berisha, S. Frasheri, H. Alizoti, A. Gjitomi and V. Fekeci founded "Agimi Sports Association". The association's favourite sport was football and therefore in october of that year its team played the first match against "Juventus" Shkodra. In 1925 the association's governing council was elected and its members were A. Zajmi, S. Stermasi, B. Toptani, I. Gjinali and A. Koja. The team also played its first international match against "Crnagorec" Cetina the same year. In 1927 on the initiative of Mr S. Stermasi, Mr A. Erebara, Mr A. Zajmi and Mr A. Koja, "Agimi" changed its name to Sportklub Tirana (SK Tirana). 
9push.gif (1016 bytes)During the period 1927-1930 SK Tirana played many friendly matches against other albanian teams. The onset of the albanian national football championship was on april the 6th, 1930. At the end of the first championship the white-and-blue team finished at the leading position, thus becoming the first albanian champions. Later on they won the championship six times out of seven during the pre-WW2 period, convincingly dominating the albanian football scene. SK Tirana were the first albanian football team to have introduced the permanent role of a regular coach and also the first to have secured the services of a foreign coach, the hungarian Samo Singer, in1934.
9push.gif (1016 bytes)After the war, SK Tirana made a good start reaching the second spot in 1945, after losing to "Vllaznia" Shkoder in the final. But soon the club would become a victim of the reigning comunist regime in Albania. At the beginning of march 1946, at the "Nacional" movie theater in Tirana, as a result of instructions coming from the highest power authorities, SK Tirana would change its name to "17 Nentori", thus denying the club its past tradition. The following decade would unroll in the same suffocating atmosphere, becoming even heavier after the foundation of two system-priviledged teams following the experiences of their sisters in the U.S.S.R. and the other eastern european countries: "Partizani", the Defense Ministry team and "Dinamo", the Internal Affairs Ministry team. Tens of Tirana’s talented players were "stolen" all over those years by these two albanian sports monsters. As a result "17 Nentori" struggled to stay at the top during the years 1947-1957 but managed to gain some of the lost groung during the second part of the decade after replacing in part some of the first choice players of its line up.
9push.gif (1016 bytes) From 1958 to 1964 Tirana kept on producing some good football and finishing the championship almost always at the third spot. These years were a prelude to what was about to happen later: Tirana reexperienced its pre-war glory spell under the services of the unforgettable Lym (Myslym) Alla. At the end of the 28th national championship Tirana became champions more than twenty years after their last title. They repeated the success the year after, but this was an obvious challenge to "Partizani"'s generals and "Dinamo" 's secret service bosses. After having practically won the 1966-1967 title three matches in advance, Tirana was banned from the competition and the title was assigned to "Dinamo". Although being a victim of disgusting manipulations and unjustice, Tirana won the championship two years in a row in some style, losing two matches in 1968-1969 and only one during the 1969-1970 season.
9push.gif (1016 bytes)During the seventies Tirana struggled hard to stay at the top, the best result being the second spot and the worst the thirteenth. Yet they won the national cup twice. The old players generation reaching its career sunset, this could only mark the end of a highly successful era. But the unsuccessful spell wouldn't last long this time. Tirana won the championship at the end of the 1981-1982 season, and they went on to win the title and the national cup three other times during the eighties. The club was also successful in the european clubs competitions and many of the team players made up the core of the best national team the country has ever had.
9push.gif (1016 bytes)During the first half of the nineties Tirana (which in august 1991 regained its old name), likewise the whole albanian society, went through a period of profound changes. Almost all the best albanian players left the country and went abroad looking for a richer team who could hire them. But it seems that the club simply can't stand being too long too far from the leading spots. Thus at the end of the 1994-1995 season Tirana once again won the championship five matches in advance, being 12 points ahead of the second placed team. But at this point it's not about history; it's about the present well  known to everyone in Albania. During the recent years Tirana has dominated the albanian football, thus giving a huge joy and satisfaction to all of their fans, to all those who think that white-and-blue it's not a mere passion, but faith and religion.


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