The first web site dedicated to an Albanian Football Club: past and present of SK Tirana and the magic white-and-blue dream.

2003-2004 Season


-Albanian League: Last week matches, results, comments.
-Next's week matches and referees.
-The 65-th championship's résumé.
-Albanian Cup


 What is Tirana


-Official name, foundation day, emblem, colours, uniforms, stadium, palmarés
-The greatest players over the years.
-Tirana's most famous coaches.


 SK Tirana today


- The team, the coach, the club's executives, currently holding office president. Learn more.


 Brief History


-When, how and by whom Tirana was founded, what was it's birthname, how many times it was changed and why.
-What kind of treatement did Tirana get from the comunist regime and how it survived.


 Facts & Figures


-National Championship and Albanian Cup.
-Europian Cups and Balkans' Cup.
-SK Tirana's players in the Albanian Representative.


 Photo Album


-The first albanian champions, the famous sixties and seventies Tirana team, the current team and many more




-Sign guestbook.
-Read guestbook.


This site is not the author's brain and hands product only. As far as SK Tirana history and the statistics are concerned, I was based on the book "1920-1995: 75 vjet SK Tirana" (Hydro-metereological Institute Printing, Tirana 1995) by Bektash POJANI, the only one of this kind to my knowledge. The majority of pictures are taken from the "Albanian Football" web site by Giovanni ARMILLOTA, an italian free-lance journalist particularly interested on Albanian history and sports, and certainly more philoalbanian than many albanians. The overall table of the Albanian League is built with data from Riku SOININEN's "International Soccer Server's" and from "The Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation"

A valuable contribution was given by Sulejman MEMA (former unforgettable number 5 playmaker of SK Tirana, and then club's secretary) for the new version of this site to see the daylight, after numerous unfruitful attempts in the past. Most of the translation into english of this new version is due to Gens SHKODRA, who promptly and with pleasure accepted this job.

I would also like to thank the people at the Personnel Sector of the Albanian Education and Science Ministry for their continuous support: Ylli GJANÇI, Mustafa FANI and Ylber SHEHI. Last but not least, I can't thank enough who wrote down the first english version of this site, to demonstrate her my infinite respect and affection


Kjo faqe në shqip


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