The first web site dedicated to an Albanian Football Club: past and present of SK Tirana and the magic white-and-blue dream.

 2003-2004 Season


-Albanian League: Last week matches, results, comments.
-Next's week matches and referees.
-The 65-th championship's résumé.
-Albanian Cup


 What is Tirana


-Official name, foundation day, emblem, colours, uniforms, stadium, palmarés
-The greatest players over the years.
-Tirana's most famous coaches.


 SK Tirana today


- The team, the coach, the club's executives, currently holding office president. Learn more.


 Facts & Figures


-National Championship and Albanian Cup.
-Europian Cups and Balkans' Cup.
-SK Tirana's players in the Albanian Representative.


 Brief History


-When, how and by whom Tirana was founded, what was it's birthname, how many times it was changed and why.
-What kind of treatement did Tirana get from the comunist regime and how it survived.


 Photo Album


-The first albanian champions, the famous sixties and seventies Tirana team, the current team and many more




-Sign guestbook.
-Read guestbook.


 Credits ...


... to those who helped building these pages.


This is an unofficial page of Sportklub Tirana and Tirana Football Club in particular. It constitutes the first modest attempt to present the magical white and blue colours on the internet, so there's enough room for improvement. In this venture the author of the page was simply driven by his love and passion for Tirana and what it stands for hundreds and thousands of its fans. Therefore, in order to improve its content quality, any remarks, suggestions or materials is welcome.

The positions and opinions expressed in these pages, unless otherwise stated, do not represent in any way official positions of SK Tirana, but simply the author's personal views.

Internet is nowadays the most democratic mean of information and it was intented to share it all over the world, so that anyone could speak out freely, no matter how absurd his or her opinions may seem. The author remaining stubbornly of the idea that the internet should remain a democratic media, no right is reserved concerning this site's content. Anyone should freely use this information for his or her own purposes. It's up to the user's consciousness to mention the source of the information, in compliance with the unwritten rules of the good behaviour on the net (Netiquette).


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