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Last update: 09/04/2005

Stefano Bellotti Home Page

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I'm sorry for the poor look of this site, I'll add graphics when I'll have some spare time and I'll feel like doing so, therefore it's likely I'll never do it.
Anyway I hope you come here for contents and not for flash animations (because there aren't).

This site collects lots of my works, I didn't like to see them lying in a remote directory on my hard disk, and then I thought to make them available for everyone.
In the Graphics section there are some images, mostly fractals and 3D images made with POV-Ray, plus other little things.
In Programming you can find some DOS demos coded in Assembler and C, some little games and other useless programs, but there is also 7colors, the super fantastic game I coded in all languges I know, at this time a Linux version is under developement.
Manga / Anime / Japan contains information about my second hobby (after computers), there are some pages about Masamune Shirow, that I wrote years ago and never ended.
For the curious ones there is Who am I? that tells you about me.
In the section Links there are links to the best sites I found in Internet.