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Last update: 05/12/2001



POV-Ray is a very good raytracer, it's free and available for all operating systems, its scenes are written in a C-like languange that all programmers should love.
These are the (little) images I made, if you want the source code, write me.

Dado Dado2

Oops... I found only one image... I made other images, but it seems they get lost...


I enjoyed playing with Fractint, fractals can be very beautiful and the program has a lot of options.

Blu b&w Frullato Infinito Isola
Isole Mandel2 Mandel Mare Montagna
Palle Sabbia Scacchi Spirale Stelle

Desktop backgrounds

Some desktop's backgrounds, the first is a drawing i made with Gimp, the other one a photo of my desktop.
Pinguino Scrivania

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