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Last update: 05/06/2001


The story of 7colors began some years ago, in 1993 (or maybe 1994), wen I used to go with my friends to a computer shop near home, to play with the computer in exposition :-) One of the games we like was 7colors, but the dealer won't make us a copy (at that time there wasn't laws against software piracy), because he want us to buy the original (if I remember right, it costed about 10$ :-)), at the end I didn't buy it, but wen I learned C programming, i coded it myself.
7colors is a game for two players (you can also play alone against the computer), the players play on a game table diveded in random colored rhombs (the total colors are 7). Player 1 owns the rhomb in the lower left corner, and player 2 the upper right one, each turn the player choose one of the seven colors (excluding the own color or the opponent's one), which expands from the own rhomb to all the neighbours of the same color (it's like the fill tool of the drawing programs), the goal is to color the 50% plus one of the rhombs with the own color. The game mode is hard to explain but easy to play, if you look at the screenshots you'll understand with no problem how it works.


7colors for Linux is the only version currently under developement, and it is the first program i made for Linux. 7color is a Gnome game, you need to install gnome-devel package to compile it.

Version 0.80 - October 28 2000
Rewritten source code, now it's a Gnome game, added some options.

Version 0.10 - September 15 2000
Better graphic, apparently no bugs, good to play alone against the pc or in two players on the same computer.

Debian package, created by Bruno Boettcher (homepage).

Version 0.01 - July 7 2000
First version!!!


7colors95 was one of the firsts programs I coded in Visual Basic, and it made me understand the big limitations of this language.


7colors for DOS, the original, was a nice game for the long hours in the informatic lab at high school :-)
At last I was able to find all the files needed from the program to run! In the zip fle besides 7colors there is also 7komy, a special version I made for a colour-blind friend :-)

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