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Last update: 09/04/2005

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details
Name: Stefano Bellotti
Address: ### ##### ##, 25069 Villa Carcina (BS) Italy [Ask by email]
Telephone: 030-####### [Ask by email]
Home page:
Date of birth: July 27th 1977
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Italian
Driving license: In possession of a full and clean license
1991-1996 Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale (Statal Industrial Technical Institute) "B. Castelli" of Brescia. Diploma "perito industriale capotecnico" (industrial expert), specialization "Informatica Abacus" (computer science).
Final mark: 51/60.
1996-1998 University "Università degli studi di Brescia", Engineering faculty, degree course in eletronic engineering.
1998-2002 University "Politecnico di Milano", Engineering faculty, degree course in computer science engineering, branch "computer systems and applications". Final mark: 96/110.
Employment history
1997-1998 HTML designer and system administrator (Windows nt 4.0, IIS) for Century Holiday srl (
1999-2005 C/C++ and Visual Basic programmer for Compes spa (
2005-Today Responsible for information technology infrastucture of Compes spa (
Operating systems: DOS (usage and configuration), Windows 3.x (usage and configuration), Windows 95/98/Me (usage and configuration), Windows NT/2000/XP (useage, configuration, basic network administration), Unix/Linux (usage, configuration, network administration of all main services), MacOs (usage).
Applications: MS Office/StarOffice, Internet (MS IE, MS Outlook, Netscape, Opera, IRC, ICQ, FTP clients,...), Adobe Photoshop, HTML editors (Dreamweaver, Quanta+), utilities (antivirus, cd-burning), database (MySql, Microsoft sql server).
Programming: Assembler (DOS), C/C++ (DOS, Windows, Unix/Linux), Pascal, Basic, Visual Basic, Unix scripting (sh, sed, awk, perl), Java, CLIPS, LISP, PHP, HTML, SQL.
Networking: Good knowledge of TCP/IP protocols. Administration of Linux/Unix systems, configuration of Sendmail, Postfix, Apache, mysql, Samba. Basic knowledge of Windows NT/2000/XP network infrastructure and IIS. Knowledge of security management, firewalls and cripted protocols.
Spoken languages: Italian (first language), English (good level, very good for computer science technical speech), Japanese (beginner level).
Achievements: I received scholarships for scholastic merits in scholar years 92/93, 93/94 and 94/95.
7Colors, my Linux videogame (Gnome enviroment), is included on the Mandrake Linux CDs, starting from version 7.0.
Interests: Books, travels, films, videogames, Japanese animation movies and comics.
Personal Qualities: I am reliable, serius, I can work alone or as part of a team, I like to face new problems and spread my knoledge to new computer science branches.

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