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Last update: 09/04/2005

Who am I!?

Who am I!? Read below!

Name: Stefano Bellotti, also known as Signo, my nickname was invented by two of my friends during math lessons at hight school. It's me!
Age: 28, at the time I'm writing this, anyway I was born in 1997 so you can find my up-to-date age.
Residence: I live in Villa Carcina, a small town about 10 Km north from Brescia, in northen Italy.
Work: I'm responsible for information technology infrastucture of Compes s.p.a..
Hobbies: As you could guess, I like computers and more specifically programming and networking, in the last years I was attracted by opensource movement and Linux.
Other my hobbies are manga, anime and generally all Japanese things, including Playstation and its videogames.

If you are interested my curriculum is online.

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