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<Bar/None Records>
A Pop, Folk, and Rock indie that's been around since 1986. Based in Hoboken, New
Jersey, USA. Artists include 10000 Maniacs, Alex Chilton, Juliana Hatfield, ...

  • Like Frank Valish from Under The Radar , who in the mag's spring issue extolls the CD's 'string, piano, and horn brilliance' and 'classic balladry.' The Seven Autumn Flowers Trembling Blue Stars is a collaboration between London-based singer-songwriter Bobby Wratten (lead singer and songwriter of English cult faves the Field Mice, flagship group of the much-loved and very idiosyncratic indie label Sarah Records) and Los Angeles native Beth Arzy (from Sarah label mates Aberdeen)

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    Rolling Stone : Blondie
    Includes biography, discography, photographs, articles, video, links and message board.

  • For once, the hype was correct, though lead singer and focal point Deborah Harry certainly had the ability to steal..

    Rolling Stone : Depeche Mode
    Includes a biography, discography, photos, articles, video, links and message board.

  • Advertisement Welcome | Depeche Mode Main page | Shortcut: Articles May 1, 2006 Tool, Depeche Mode, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more also dominate desert fest March 1, 2006 Veteran synth-rockers launch second North American trek this spring March 1, 2006 Singer will make her first-ever festival performance in April January 31, 2006 Franz Ferdinand, My Morning Jacket, Bloc Party also make the bill Recordings and Reviews 2005 RS: 2.5of 5 Stars 2001 1997 1993 1990 1989 Photos Videos Links Advertisement Key Tracks Most Popular Songs on Discography Radio Trivia Who knows more about Depeche Mode than you? Show what you know

    Rivative Review - The White Stripes
    Review of an early 2001 New York City concert by Tony Leonardo.

  • The man pumps into the microphone and fists the guitar like Marc Bolan crossed with the lead singer of the Three Kingsmen

  • Also the lead singer of Six Finger Satellite

    J-ROD's Home Page Hot Sheet
    His life, likes, dislikes, and music links.

  • We also got to see, a singer who used to live in Phoenix, but now lives in Portland, OR

  • Remember last December when Jack White from the White Stripes beat the hell outta some guy? That guy was the lead singer for....The Von Bondies

  • They sounded like an 80's band with an asian lead singer who sounds a LOT like Robert Smith from The Cure

  • This comes two days after their lead singer Wes was arrested in Toledo

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    Interpol's Antics - Elvis Costello's The Delivery Man - New York ...
    Review by Ethan Brown, "during a cultural moment that demands not necessarily
    protest music but some kind of relevance or engagement with the world, ...

  • In fact, Joy Division’s tetchy, paranoid, percussive aesthetic stands in stark contrast to Interpol’s lush, echoing guitar sound and melodramatic lyrics, exemplified by lead singer Paul Banks’s moaning “Stella! Stella-uh!” on the band’s 2002 debut, Turn On the Bright Lights

  • Lead singer Banks has traded his toneless, dark singing style for a scratchy, emotive whisper, and the band’s sound is more open and melodic, a welcome change over the forced, fitful stops and starts of Turn On > Find Music from TV Commercials, Film Trailer Music ...
    Find information on music used in television commercials, TV shows, movie trailers,
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  • Donate via Cashing In Since the award winning 2005 bio-pic '', the music of singer Johnny Cash has had a resurgence in recent years

  • In the female version of the ad, the song is performed by singer Megan Wyler

  • The male ad features the vocals by singer Adem Ilhan of British band Fridge

  • You can see the for the album's first single, '' featuring Dann P, lead singer of the UK rock band : Umvd Import Globus Amazon Music Price: &deg; Posted 06.07.2006 - 11:47 AM CST ..

  • 'It had to be the worst product you could give a song to, ' lead singer Hutch Harris (of ) says

    A music magazine that includes interviews and band profiles, reviews and hype.
    The focus is on the indie music scene (but not restricted to) in Omaha.

  • &quot;We're an independent band, but you wouldn't call what I do indie music.&quot; If she had to be categorized as anything, Benck said it would be as a singer/songwriter

  • So I won't go into detail about the conversation I had with the guy leaning along the rail next to me about how the lead singer's pained (in a good way) howl reminded me of a certain blond lead singer of a seminal '90s grunge band (my cohort thought his howl reminded him of Greg Dulli, and that was right on as well) or how their songs had an essence of '90s alt-pop rock a la Buffalo Tom and, for me anyway, laid-back Nirvana as in their classic MTV Unplugged album (and a band out of Kansas called Vitreous Humor, who my cohort knew all too well but didn't recognize in their sound)

  • That acoustic guitar, however, was the essence of the ensemble, along with the singer's tweedy, earthy rasp

  • Ladyfinger -- now known as Ladyfinger (ne) -- has outgrown O'Leaver's tiny room even if their lead singer still tends bar there

    A History of Punk
    An accurate two part statement on punk rock and the subculture.

  • Paul Morrissey felt that Lou Reed was an uncomfortable performer, and they needed another singer.  He thought of Nico, whom he had met in Paris, and had cut a record with the Rolling Stones' manager, Andrew Loog Oldham.  She added a lot of celebrity cache, as she had had a substantial part in Fellini's La Dolce Vita, and had supposedly dated Brian Jones and Bob Dylan, who's &quot;I'll Keep It With Mine&quot; was supposedly written for her.  Reed was reluctant, but Cale talked him into accepting her.  He ended up letting her sing only three songs, however

  • Singer Vincent Furnier, who acquired the name &quot;Alice Cooper&quot; from a Ouija board, expanded upon the theatrics of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable and Iggy Pop's brand of Theatre of the Possessed with his own style of shock-rock


    euRoClAsh: the gr8 encyclopedia of ELECTRO NU WAVE
    Lists electroclash artists worldwide. Also features MP3s, videos, radio, mailing
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  • the name of the band is quaint, because the famous italian singer of the 70s, mina, is still active at the top of the charts in italy

  • singer elke is staying with * now, which sound surprisingly similar (wow what a great concert!), but why then does she say the boys do all the songwriting? can the boys have the same taste in elaborate choice of chords? the boys are very nice chaps, by the way

    The Modern Age
    Rock photography from the New York scene.

    Seattle Music Network
    Promoting and supporting local artists and musicians.

  • 148 views Location: Seattle Sunday, August 13, 2006 - 8:00 PM 'Twenty-year-old Cali cutie Anna Nalick has a strong voice that summons comparisons to Fiona Apple and Alanis Morissette, and her songwriting has enough depth to be taken seriously but is light enough to make it on the radio…'&#xD; -- ROLLING STONE&#xD; &#xD; ANNA NALICK's love of the Cranberries, John Mayer and Fiona Apple is easy to hear when one listens to the poignant music of the singer/songwriter

  • When it does, the music turns forest-thick and dreamy -- influences run the Tori Amos indie singer-songwriter gamut, with streaks of Jewel and Alanis Morissette spiking out -- but there's a naturalness and urgency to her singing that saves every chorus and verse from clouding over

    Glorious Noise - The Libertines: Wet Work
    Review of The Libertines with the Living Things at the Empty Bottle in Chicago
    on August 10, 2003.

  • With the NME already mad for the young lads' herky-jerky jumble of Clashing Buzzcockian modternative, things got even better when co-frontman Pete Doherty was kicked out on his arse by supposed pal and fellow singer Carl Barat

    Prindle Record Reviews - Pixies
    Short reviews of all the band's work, including readers' comments.

  • The combined talents of bassist Kim Deal, lead guitarist Joey Santiago, drummer David Lovering, and crazyguitarmonkeysinger Black Francis are really mindblowing

    ChartAttack's Live Reviews & Photographs
    Reviews of new albums, live shows and other entertainment, with photos.

    Pop Culture Gadabout
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  • | ( 8/08/2006 06:55:00 AM ) Bill 'FOR THE TIME THAT I'VE BEEN GIVEN: SUCH A LITTLE WHILE!' – While driving home last night, I heard rock historian Ed Ward do a to singer/songwriter Arthur Lee on 'Fresh Air.' Lee, reportedly, from acute myelogenous leukemia last week, an ailment that the former Love frontman had been suffering from for some time

  • Befitting their frontman's role as a sometime singer of trad blues with the Harry Smiths, the new disc has a more upfront emphasis on Stones-y blues growl, though Johansen's near all-encompassing love for old rock 'n' roll trickery pops up, too (the speedy sock hop rhythms to 'Rainbow Store, ' the Bo Diddley beat on 'Dance Like A Monkey, ' even the swatch of Harvest honed harmonica in 'I Ain't Got Nothing.') A few of the slower tracks ('Plenty of Music, ' 'Dancing on The Edge of A Volcano') sound like they could've appeared on an 80's solo Johansen disc, though then you wouldn't have gotten a Michael Stipe singing back-up to 'Volcano, ' of course

    :::::DARLA.COM v3.0...darla records:::::
    San Francisco based indie Pop, Electro-ambient and Drum 'n Bliss label. Home of
    the "Bliss Out" and "Little Darla Has a Treat For You" compilation series.

  • We're pleased to announce that our favorite singer on Earth, Argentinean Singer/Artist Isol has joined Alsace Lorraine to sing on four of the album's 14 tracks too

  • Caitlin Brice, the lead singer from the previous album, sings excellent backup on two songs here

  • SPRITES - Modern Gameplay CD (Darla: DRL179: 708527017920) $12.00 SPRITES is Jason Korzen (formerly singer/songwriter of BARCELONA) with his wife Amy Korzen sharing vocals

  • BEATNIK FILMSTARS “I am a Soul Singer” (555) 3:09 Exclusive track


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