Al Bell's Bell Jar
Al Bell's site contains the CO'B bibliography, a New York City guide, fan fiction,
and a trove of...

Bell Jar
Provides days and weekends to develop your poetry writing skills, in poetic places
across the UK. The Bell Jar
Provides a detailed plot summary and analysis, examined by chapter. Also includes
information on the...

Sylvia Plath: Escaping the Bell Jar -
An introduction to The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath's novel about a young woman's
nervous breakdown and her inner journey to reclaim a self lost in a sea of ...


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Pegasos' Sylvia Plath
Brief biographical detail and career overview, selected bibliography of works
including titles published...

Depression Cure
A self-help guide for sufferers of depression by former sufferers.

Sylvia Plath Forum
Bibliography, photographs, sound files, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), relevant
links, analysis of selected poems, news and a moderated forum for posting ...

A Sample Journal
Summary of characters, setting, style, structure and themes in The Bell Jar and
a brief essay on dualitie...


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Sylvia Plath: The Feminist Poetess
Includes a timeline of Plath's life events, a biography, information on her
literary career, excerpt...

X-Ray WWW Server
This is the repository of the COREX bibliography and database, the Henke atomic
scattering factors,...

JustAdventure: Physicus Walkthrough
Detailed walkthrough with screenshots and puzzle solutions.

Oldielyrics: Bangles
Lyrics sorted by album.


Ringing Praise
Puns with a "bell" theme and other subjects.

Watch Your Garden Grow - Peppers
Information on all types of peppers and recipes in which to use them.

Porter Seal Company
Distributor and manufacturer of military specification "O" rings, gaskets and grommets.

Windows, Mac and Linux based RSS feed reader, which is designed to allow users
to easily manage and follow hundreds of feeds.

Physics Demonstrations - Introduction
Physics demonstrations, descriptions, discussions of the physics, and hazards to
avoid. Groupings...

Telephone History
The principles behind telephony, early development, major improvements, history
of the Bell and independe...

LMDC Catalogue: Vacuum Equipment Page
Equipment for vacuum coating and research including Pumps, Chambers, Magnetrons,
Power supplies, Sputter systems, Sputtering, Turbopumps, Osaka, Advanced Energy ...

E-zine full of movie reviews and showbiz news, with a humorous look at the culture
of celebrity. Rates the stars with unconventional methods.


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